emotional orphan


at the bar, on TV
they were talking about the casualties
four hundred and counting, and my only question was, how would you feel if one was me?
would you wish we made love again?
would you want to revisit the marks on my skin?

everything’s about you to me
everything’s about you

Let’s talk about the double birth scene that goes back and forth between Helena giving birth with Sarah and Art coaching and a flashback to Sarah giving birth to Kira with Mrs. S coaching her through it, because there was a lot of raw emotion in that and I guess you’re acting three different parts coming at it from three different places. Tell me about that experience of what really is the climax of the entire series.

That moment felt so visceral doing it. The Helena-Sarah birth scene was the last day of shooting, so there was a lot going on in terms of the cast and crew feeling very raw and feeling lots of big emotions. It kind of fit to be doing that sort of work. And then also it’s this culmination of this love between these two sisters, and Art, and Mrs. S, who have been there since the beginning. And they have fought so hard for that relationship, and the whole arc of the show has been the fight for it. So to get to express it in the most raw visceral way — which is very true of both of these characters since Sarah and Helena are both very animalistic and very raw — to have them screaming into each other’s faces felt right.


I know that Cophine is for Cosima and Delphine but I’ve been see the last promos all the damn day wondering why I love so much these couple. And I got Three reasons:

  1. Delphine Cormier as character: After all that I’ve seen from her, the fact that she is the Puppy is a big reason, despite how complex is the character herself.
  2. Tatiana Maslany and Évelyne Brochu chemistry: We all  know the amazing chemistry that these actresses have on screen. Of that magic we can’t doubt, ever. That is a real fact that we all can see always. Only magic.
  3. Évelyne Brochu: I don’t know if I’m wrong but despite of how much I love Cosima and Tatiana Maslany, I think that the big reason of my love for Cophine is because Évelyne Brochu. She has something that I can’t describe with words that we can see reflected on screen when Delphine is on it. The tremendous love and adoration, devotion in her face when Delphine looks at Cosima is so intense that always melt my heart into a puddle.   

And I can fill my entire post with examples of my words but that’s it. Everything. Évelyne is the only guilty of all my sigh during this day, all my emotions, all my happiness. And is crazy how many time has passed without enjoy so much with a tv show, but more with a lovely couple like Cosima and Delphine.

Long live to our couple,

long live to our fandom,

Long live to


now everyone likes to go the loudmouth childbeater route for humanstuck aus with dualscar the Worlds Worst Father and i respect that yknow, sometimes im in the mood for that but

i raise you PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE FUCK dadscar

he doesnt talk a lot, but when he does its either a backhanded compliment or a flat out insult delivered with a complete deadpan. but its WAY worse when hes actually mad at one of his kids (usually cronus. eridan is the Golden Child for now) because he just………pretends they dont exist

not even in the ‘will the NON-ENTITY that is NOT SITTING NEXT TO ERIDAN please LEAVE THE BUTTER WHERE IT IS’ way, in the ‘pass the butter, eridan’ way even though eridan is two chairs away from the butter and engrossed in war and peace

hes never laid a hand on either of his kids (in fact, he doesnt touch them much in general) and should either of them complain enough about being ignored that someone comes to investigate, hes so charming and apologetic that the kid just looks like a spoiled brat in comparison (it does not help that at least cronus IS a spoiled brat with a tendency for pulling victim complexes out of his ass)

fucks eridan & cronus up real good but in dif ways

bc eridan is the Golden Child he keeps on dualscars good side by being generally talented and hardworking

cronus steals a bmw in a desperate bid to break the Attention Dry Spell

aright so last ever orphan black episode, I think it’s about time for my emotional post….. 

I am reading lots of people’s stories about how orphan black has changed their life an immeasurable amount, and each and one of those stories is SO special - a work of fiction providing such a positive force in people’s lives, when everything else seems to be going against us in the world. 

 Orphan black has done the same for me. When I first watched it, it dragged me out of a place of self-loathing, and even help me understand about my own identity!!! I feel so lucky that a tv show could help me discover things about myself that I shut away for so long. 

This is a large part down to Tatiana and Evelyne for their beautiful portrayal of these women, and their intelligent and socially conscious words about the community. You can always see how proud they are that their story has affected us in the positive way I am talking about in this post. They really care. and it’s not just about cophine. many of the other clones and characters have helped people in individual and powerful af ways. 

Thank you Tatiana for being so kind to me when we met. I never ever expected to see her where I did, and am ever grateful for taking out such a long time to chat to me. It was after season 3, which was a particularly hard time along my orphan black journey, but Tatiana was so respectful and kind. It’s funny because when I look at that moment in my sexuality journey, I still made sure I met Tatiana away from my friends, so I could talk about my sexuality openly, without my friends listening into this revealing conversation. I could be more open with a woman I have never met than my closest friends. Two years on and I am far more confident with this side of me, and I really feel like I grew with orphan black, it was a part of that. (HAHA couldnt not go a day without mentioning it)

But most of all, id like to thank the people who I have experienced this journey with. Those alongside me.

  @cosimaaf - already sent u an emotional message lmao and u dont use this site anymore. 

  @jossicat - So kind, so passionate, such a bright presence. You are a wonderful person, and I am so happy our paths have crossed in the most unlikely of ways. 

Also all my thanks to those beautiful people, every single one of you. 

@delphinecorniehaus @diver5ion (ur gifs r everything), @1footfronttheeother (ur gifs are also everything!), @orphanbeige @regalclone @delphines @tatclone @sestragif @propertyofdyad @lost-in-bethchilds @dreamdelphine @dark-delphine @alfred-cormier @orphanblackismylife @starconfetti @ebrolutionary @corporateclone @motherofscorpions @valiantprincess @orphanblack@orphanblackzone @ladycanuck (ur stories <3) @ I WANT TO KEEP GOING BUT I AM ON THE TRAIN HOME AND HAVE BAD MEMORY 

there are more and i love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the cheesiest thing I have ever written, and if you /know/ me, you know I’m not usually this sentimental, but it’s a testament to the power of orphan black. 

This is a hard goodbye, but it feels right. I’m ready. My life is moving onto the next chapter, and I tell the nervous gay (fucking loser) teenager with a lot of self hate that you’ll find something unexpected soon that might just help you on your way to something like happiness and acceptance very soon.

I love you all very much, thank you for everything, and let’s enjoy this final trip with our favourite people.

can we talk about “I love her, and if you let her die without me it is personal”? bc i’m editing a video and this line and the delivery of it keeps hitting me right in the feels. For me, Delphine had fallen for Cosima the moment she saw her. She was infatuated with this girl, this girl for whom she’d risk everything for. And then this line. She thought Cosima was going to die and she wasn’t going to be there to hold her. She was begging Rachel, to at least let her have that, be there for the love of her life while she slipped away. And it takes guts and so much love to be that person for someone, you know? All she wanted was for Cosima to feel like someone who loved her more than anything in the world was going to be there to hold her hand. And then to have that taken away? She couldn’t care less about herself, where she was being shipped off to, all that mattered was Cosima. All that ever mattered was Cosima and i can’t believe people ever doubted her intentions.