emotional love quotes

Everything in this realm is fading,
shades replace shapes
and faces;
the construct of tangibility is lost –
I can’t feel    //    I can’t     f  e  e  l
       past the sense of touch
                  any longer.
Lost –
                           the anger, the rage;
                          the wars I’ve waged
            and the walls I’ve breached
            in order to
Lost –
                         the fear, the anxiety;
                    the necessity of footing
      under jittery footsteps, applied
      in an effort to
                                                   to you.
Lost –
                         the love, the passion;
                         the undying energy
which created this world around us;
which allowed me to
                            your face,
                                    your lips,
 and hold you
            in an embrace
                     that would last a
All is lost – and as I wake I realize
my dreams now resemble
the hollow shell of
the man that
I am
                         after slaughtering
              every single emotion
                 in order to let go
                           of you.
It’s cruel to find that all that made me
         human only ever wanted
                     to love you.
—  “The hollowing”, by M.A. Tempels © 2017

Our First Night

Please forgive me if I hesitate

Forgive me if my hands do not know where they belong

Forgive me if I cannot find the strength to continue on

If I cry just know that it is not you

It is me

It is what happened to me

It is not you

I love you

I love your gentle hands and loud heartbeat

I love your smile and the taste of your lips on mine

I love those eyes that speak even when your mouth has yet to move

I love your shaggy hair and scruffy face

I want to bury my head in your chest and finally be at peace

I know you and I know your intentions

I know you are kind

I know you would never hurt me

I know this and yet my mind continues to torture me

So please


Forgive me if I do not know how to make your body sing

For all of my life I have only known screams

Forgive me if I cannot make you weak at the knees

I have been repremanded for being too eager to please

But all I want tonight is to please you

To release these butterflies and finally be free

With you

You and me

I want our first night to be spent only thinking about eachother

Only feeling

Raw emotion

You and me and this passion

Love will always be our potion

In this moment let us forget the hurt

No hurt

And yes we know hurt

I know

But we also know love

So teach me

Teach me

I want to learn

I want to feel

And forgive me for hesitating

In the end I just hope my love is enough to satisfy

You are all the satisfaction I could ever ask for

My one and only truest of loves

You have healed my heart with simple words like “love”

You are truly… my love.

With You everything seems..

  • so perfect
  • so smooth
  • so nice
  • so blissful
  • so happy
  • so blessed
  • so adventurous
  • so peaceful
  • so homely
  • so new
  • so amazing
  • so wonderful
  • so certain
  • so charming
  • so romantic
  • so enjoyable
  • so carefree
  • so wowed
  • so musical
  • so daring
  • so beautiful
  • so lovely
  • so surprising
  • so laughable
  • so exciting
  • so lively
  • so fancy
  • so mischievous
  • so sunny
  • so adorable
  • so fine
  • so bright
  • so clear
  • so focused
  • so mesmerising
  • so fantastic
  • so bindblowing
  • so shiny
  • so brilliant
  • so creative
  • so artistic
  • so melodious
  • so marvellous
  • so realistic
  • so achieving
  • so glorious
  • so prestigious
  • so familiar
  • so colourful
  • so dramatic
  • so friendly
  • so memorable
  • so nostalgic
  • so relieved
  • so playful
  • so innocent
  • so satisfying
  • so good
  • so sweet
  • so delightful
  • so interesting
  • so good
  • so calm
  • so jovial
  • so best
  • so joyful
  • so happening
  • so meaningful

..because You dear are my Lucky charm.

I gave him my fragile heart

But trusted him not to break it

That’s love isn’t it?

I gave him all that I had to offer

But I trusted him not to use me

That’s love isn’t it?

I gave him the power to destroy me

But I trusted him not to

If that’s not love, I wonder what is

- when your depression becomes an anchor - 🌻 I want to travel. build fires. learn a new language. read every book twice. drink milky tea. play scrabble. hear my sister laugh. watch the sun rise like an offering. sing in the car. walk through museums and galleries. look in mirrors and not turn them around. I want to forgive the world. And then forgive myself.

“My biggest mistake was allowing you to get so close to me.”

- D.N. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #190