emotional eponine text posts

feeling sad about éponine: the saga

what makes her so interesting is the double progress arcs that she drags along with her. her love for marius redeems her, but it also pretty much delivers the death blow to her remaining mental faculties. she’s simultaneously decrepit and dilapidated and tattered, yet graceful and haughty and refined. her feet are firmly on the (do not make a taylor swift reference don’t make a taylor swift reference) cold hard ground but her head is on the nice carpeted floor of her former glory, the little bit shitty inn. she was so strong but could be felled by a shitty coin. she wanted so much but could be satisfied with a kiss on the forehead.

a double progress towards light and distress, indeed. i guess it’s just hugo showing the fickleness of wealth, and the inescapability of poverty in a skirt. to which i can only say OH OH MR HUGO. it makes for a really great character, and what’s more a really great personality.