emotional entity


so in the au ever since the LOL cult incident every time Mob goes to 100% then once he calms down a part of his power (not ???%, it’s the same in this au) splits off into its own separate entity, who looks like how Mob did when he last reached 100% for that particular emotion (he does not lose the ability to feel this emotion or go to 100% for that emotion either, the entity simply returns to Mob whenever this happens but will re-emerge once he relaxes again) and will act similar to him but in a way as if he was constantly feeling that emotion. Each entity is like a ghost in the way that they can choose whether or not to show themselves with their auras still able to be detected, but only other Espers or ghosts/spirits, as well as people Mob trusts, see them when they’re visible. Every time a new entity is created, Mob loses a small fraction of his own power. If all of the entities return to Mob at the same time, then his power returns to its peak. This often happens during more heated battles. The power level of one entity is about equal to the power that Security Guard Dimple had. They can fight on their own, but if they are defeated, they return to Mob for several days before reappearing.


Sagittarius & Aquarius
Sisters of the Spirit ~

Two friends are riding the tail of a bow and arrow toward the heavens. One is sparking through the air like a fiery unicorn, deliriously laughing and free, the Sagittarius. The other flies like the is flying a spaceship, a Goddess pouring the pail of wisdom across the sky as she transmits between galaxies, the Aquarius. There is so much emphasis of the mind with these two. Aquarius is an air sign, so the energies circulate mentally. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and relates to the expansion of the higher mind. Uranus rules Aquarius and Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. This is ascending beyond the lower mind and into the signal of higher mental altitudes. These friends are constantly analyzing each other, their convictions, and the world. The Sagittarius friend generalizes and explores psychology out of curiosity and meaning. The Aquarius has an incredible glassy detachment that can make people appear as abstract entities, without emotional dilution, people can be read like science books. Both signs relate to the study of the mind - including psychiatry, psychology, and psychoanalysis. There is a scientific and exploring theme here, as Sagittarius travels through the physical and the mental plane to fuse intellect with imagination and attempts to sketch the bigger picture. Airy Aquarius floats above and beyond the details in powerful Fixed thoughts and infinite curiosity in search for answers. Aquarian intelligence is out of the ordinary and fantastical, like the pioneering mind of Sagittarius. Both signs are searching for meaning, and this is what makes their adventures together so rich and philosophical and playful. Intellect is fused with activity and enthusiastic voyage. There is a reticence to accept new ideas and opinions without extensive physical and mental probing and in depth logic. Sagittarius perceives the hidden laws of the universe and the Aquarian is intimate with symbolism after the feats of discovery garnered in Capricorn. There is the need to swell the mind, quell inquisitiveness, and understand on a physical and spiritual level the command of the universe. Ideas burst into consciousness in fiey spontaneity for Sagittarius, and Uranus transmits sudden ‘aha!’ and lightbulb moments in Aquarius. Uranus and Jupiter are both concerned with ascertaining the bigger picture and merging the ethereal with the material. Esoterically, Jupiter rules Aquarius. Sagittarius is the half man-half spirit archer who quivers his bow and arrow to the airy, transcendent Aquarian world, each seeking truth, wisdom and knowledge. With a ride ranging mental curiosity and compulsion to explore, Aquarius and Sagittarius are crystallized in detachment and compelled to release insights out of pure love for humanity. Capricorn symbolizes ‘the door’ to meeting God, walking in as Sagittarius and out as the following Aquarius. Like melting snow, these signs slip right through your hands, their indwelling universes filled with riches so blinding it is impossible for them to communicate all they know.


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Zestiria Personality Types (1)

I love these personality type thingies, and decided to analyze a few characters.  Maybe more if I’m not so sleepy later.

Sorey - ENFP (A)
“Campaigner.”  A passionate and driven idealist.  A wide variety of people are attracted to this type’s qualities.  As a result, they often become a leader without trying, and may feel uncomfortable or restless in the role.  To them, the world is a complex entity of emotion and mysticism.  This type can flip from their focused and driven side to their free-spirited and wild side suddenly, which might frustrate the more methodical planning of other types.  They are sensitive to hurting the feelings of others and feel other’s pain acutely.  

Mikleo - INFJ (T)
“Advocate.”  A rare type with traits that seemingly exist in conflict, but work in harmony.  Soft spoken, but opinionated.  A dreamer, but realistic about achieving his goals.  Is good at talking to others in a kind and gentle matter, but gets overwhelmed easily and needs quiet time alone to “recharge.”  Spends a lot of time taking care of others, sometimes to his own detriment.  Gets irrational when under personal attack.

Lailah - ENFJ (T)
“Protagonist.”  A natural-born leader with passion and charisma.  Often a coach or a teacher who motivates with infectious enthusiasm.  They believe in other people, and are drawn to strong personalities, sometimes to a fault.  They can get lost in the emotions and problems of others.  They work at leading others for a brighter future.

Rose - ESTP
“Entrepreneur.”   They lead a risky lifestyle, but not for emotional thrill.  They are logic-minded and would rather dive in and take action, making decisions based on their immediate reality.  Following their own moral compass, they have issues with lawful authority.  They are highly observant, humorous, and great entertainers, great in business.  Unfortunately, they have a tendency to ride roughshot over more senstive people if they aren’t careful.

What’s interesting about Sorey and Mikleo is that their types are very different (Sorey is extroverted, Mikleo is introverted), but they are both diplomat types that would gladly work towards covering each other’s weaknesses. 

Lailah is another diplomat type.  The teacher and leader role suits her perfectly.

I had to test Rose twice before I got one that really felt like her.  I like this type because it addresses her ability as a merchant, and it also predicts her rocky relationship with the more sensitive and lawful Alisha.

Anyway, if you have your own ideas about what types they’d be, I’m happy to hear it.

Super Moon Eclipse

As I was explaining to aph-gutters-fanatic, since the spirits are very emotional entities, the Super Moon is when Nor is extremely excited about something. Whether it be positive or negative (mostly positive) he is just so amped up.

With the eclipse though I like to think it’s just a personal ritual tjat the Moon and Sun have together where they can just be a bit closer to each other. For both lunar and solar eclipse.

So maybe Nor is just hella pumped to be close to the Earth and Moon and thats why he’s a super moon tonight ‘u’