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The Passenger
Anonymous Submitted:

I have always seen things. Its run in my family as far back as my grandmother can remember. My family and I attract all kinds of paranormal activity. As I’ve grown the things I’ve seen and felt have become progressively more extreme. In this story I am 18. After a recent phone argument with my boyfriend one night I had one of the most frightening experiences of my life. I was driving to my boyfriend’s house fuming about how things had gone on the phone. Oh he was going to get a piece of my mind when I got there. I was so angry I threw my phone across the car. As I crossed under a bridge that I had driven under hundreds of times before something began to change, the whole atmosphere in my car changed. It was completely out of nowhere. The change blindsided me. Then I had what I can only describe as a vision. In the vision I saw myself as I sped my car straight into the side of the bridge without a second thought. It would be so easy to rid myself of all my problems. I was able to snap myself out of it a little as I continued driving. That wasn’t me, suicide was the last thing I would ever think about. The fight I had with my boyfriend was actually pretty minuscule and I knew that. I couldn’t figure out what would have triggered me to see or imagine that. I was stopped at a stop light when a huge wave of emotion flooded me. I felt grief, anxiety, fear, anger and something that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up but before I could process anything I was sobbing. The kind of sobs that one lets out when they’ve lost everything. When there is no hope left and all there is is sadness. I’ve never been depressed before but in that moment I felt as though I was. I felt like I had lost a child. I was so lost and so alone. As the light turned green and I continued to drive I had even scarier visions. I saw myself doing things I would never do. I saw myself getting violent with my boyfriend out of sheer anger. I saw myself hurting him. I hated it. I’d never experienced anything like it before. I was so close to hysterics by the time I got to my boyfriend’s house that all I wanted was to get out of the car. I cried while clutching to him, telling him that I felt like I was losing my mind. The feeling of emptiness and total complete loss of hope still consumed me even as he tried to comfort me. He eventually got me to the couch and then as soon as all the sadness and misery had come, it was gone. The hair on the back of my neck stood up again. I felt an eerie kind of calm like the calm after a tornado has ransacked a town and left nothing but rubble behind it. After my head had cleared I tried to recall my experience to him. It was only then that I remembered something, a girl in the back seat. I had seen her out of the corner of my eye in the rear view mirror as nothing more than a shadow in the back seat but when I looked directly at her she wasn’t there. I had brushed it off as a figment of my imagination before but I was beginning to understand.
My Grandmother had told me before that certain entities feed off negative energies when we are weak emotionally. I don’t know who the woman in my backseat was but I don’t ever want her back, she had a hold over me when I was in the car. She made me feel things I didn’t understand. She made me feel her grief and her depression. My Grandmother taught me that the best way to deal with any kind of entity is to tell it very firmly and with no fear to leave. So I claimed the space in my car telling her she had to leave. For a few weeks after I still saw the shadow in my back seat, but I began to see her less and less frequently over time. I haven’t had another experience like that since then.

FuckYeah Nightmares Mod Gracie: 8/10 What a freighting experience! I’m glad you are safe and nothing bad happened to you because of the entity. Thanks for the chills and scares!

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☏ from the swtor ask meme?

@grawwbear also requested this one. Enjoy….?

My dearest,

Today marks the third anniversary of your disappearance. I say disappearance specifically, because though our bond was severed that horrible day, I know you live. I feel you in my bones, and sometimes, fleetingly, in the Force. I should have been with you; if only my cursed pregnancy hadn’t prevented me from accompanying the fleet. Wherever you are, we would be together and the enemy would tremble.

Stasze will be three years old next week. Malavai, her eyes are blue, like yours, and her personality… she is so like you. I have never felt such love and pain at once as I feel when I look at her. I know your mother feels the same. We try, both of us, to make sure she knows she is loved, but she’s as strong in the Force as I was at that age, and though she doesn’t have words to describe it yet, I know she can’t help but feel the ambivalence with which her mother and granny regard her. No child should have to experience such a thing, but I can’t change how I feel. Fortunately Heulwen and my other cousins provide ample companionship and adoration; it’s no substitute but it helps.

You would not recognize the Empire in its current state. We lost. We are an occupied people. I argued against, of course, or that a prisoner exchange at least be part of the deal, but Arcann’s boot is heavy upon our collective neck. My advice was attributed to irrational grief and I was shut out of the Citadel for my trouble. It has been a blessing, for I found myself with ample time and Thrask’s resources (depleted, but still substantial) at my disposal. Lana has been invaluable; between her network and my resources, we have been chasing down every possible lead.

Take heart, my love; I’m coming for you. I will raze all of Zakuul to the ground if necessary, but I will be in your arms again, and our daughter will know her father.

Yours eternally,

Sagittarius & Aquarius
Sisters of the Spirit ~

Two friends are riding the tail of a bow and arrow toward the heavens. One is sparking through the air like a fiery unicorn, deliriously laughing and free, the Sagittarius. The other flies like the is flying a spaceship, a Goddess pouring the pail of wisdom across the sky as she transmits between galaxies, the Aquarius. There is so much emphasis of the mind with these two. Aquarius is an air sign, so the energies circulate mentally. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and relates to the expansion of the higher mind. Uranus rules Aquarius and Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. This is ascending beyond the lower mind and into the signal of higher mental altitudes. These friends are constantly analyzing each other, their convictions, and the world. The Sagittarius friend generalizes and explores psychology out of curiosity and meaning. The Aquarius has an incredible glassy detachment that can make people appear as abstract entities, without emotional dilution, people can be read like science books. Both signs relate to the study of the mind - including psychiatry, psychology, and psychoanalysis. There is a scientific and exploring theme here, as Sagittarius travels through the physical and the mental plane to fuse intellect with imagination and attempts to sketch the bigger picture. Airy Aquarius floats above and beyond the details in powerful Fixed thoughts and infinite curiosity in search for answers. Aquarian intelligence is out of the ordinary and fantastical, like the pioneering mind of Sagittarius. Both signs are searching for meaning, and this is what makes their adventures together so rich and philosophical and playful. Intellect is fused with activity and enthusiastic voyage. There is a reticence to accept new ideas and opinions without extensive physical and mental probing and in depth logic. Sagittarius perceives the hidden laws of the universe and the Aquarian is intimate with symbolism after the feats of discovery garnered in Capricorn. There is the need to swell the mind, quell inquisitiveness, and understand on a physical and spiritual level the command of the universe. Ideas burst into consciousness in fiey spontaneity for Sagittarius, and Uranus transmits sudden ‘aha!’ and lightbulb moments in Aquarius. Uranus and Jupiter are both concerned with ascertaining the bigger picture and merging the ethereal with the material. Esoterically, Jupiter rules Aquarius. Sagittarius is the half man-half spirit archer who quivers his bow and arrow to the airy, transcendent Aquarian world, each seeking truth, wisdom and knowledge. With a ride ranging mental curiosity and compulsion to explore, Aquarius and Sagittarius are crystallized in detachment and compelled to release insights out of pure love for humanity. Capricorn symbolizes ‘the door’ to meeting God, walking in as Sagittarius and out as the following Aquarius. Like melting snow, these signs slip right through your hands, their indwelling universes filled with riches so blinding it is impossible for them to communicate all they know.


[art: valfre]

I remember Jack saying that he wanted jade and here’s why and some properties that come with it that I thought were significant. Jade brings a wave of calmness and peace over its beholder. People drawn to jade are people with water associated astrology signs like Jack here, an Aquarius. The calming stone relieves any anxiety and negative emotions brought on from f̲̝̰͈͈̗e͎͉͇̹̥͍a̟͕͖̭̺̬̬̕r̺͔̺͇̺͓̥͟. The gem doesn’t let any negative entities or emotions near or around the wearer. A jade necklace that protects against d̘̭̦̭͙̞͚e͙̭͚͔͉̘c̼e̟̹̬̤̮ͅp̝͖̯͔̻̬t̼̘̞̠̱͇̫̕i̪̲o̹͕̬̳n̨͓̩̝͔̗̬. The healing properties of this gem helps stitches bind and close an open wound. The user may feel like their t͟h̩̯̦͖e̱̠͕͍̬ ̖̣̼̲͇̀ͅc̣̣͚̖a͏̼̼͎̙l̟̺̱͞m ̬̝͍͘i͈͈͠n͎̖͍͍͍ ̞̰̩̟͎̩͙͡t̥͓̜͎̘̱h͎̟̬̭̥͟ͅe ̡̣̬̯̗m͏̥̻̣̬̖̲ͅi͍̹̹̮̩͎͟d͍̪̳́ͅș͈̙̤̺̠̦͘t̰͟ ̥͜o̹̲̹̙̤̻͝f̴̼̳͈͚̳̼ͅ ͈̙͙̤̙̠͢ͅt͏̰̯̮̺̖h҉̳̠͖̥̬é͚ ̳͍̠̼̫͕͇s̢̭̥ͅͅtǫr̬̻̥m̷̱̲.


Alright, so here’s the problem…

Few nights ago, I saw a sigil drawn onto the floor of my apartments living room…My roommate saw it too and started to worry, since it’s the second time she’d seen it, having cleaned it up the first time. Now, Shit’s going down in the apartment. I drew the sigil for the Archangel Raphael to try and ward off the demon that owns this sigil, which probably pissed him off…Since Raphael’s sigil faded this morning, activity spiked in the apartment. One of my roommates came home (already drunk, but happy) and he stepped into the living room and immediately, his mood changed. I’m fairly certain that with the coming hurricane, the full moon, and the negative emotions from today, this entity is going to be extremely powerful…I need help, and it’s not easy for me to admit this. I need to get this thing out of my home before anything worse happens…Because right now, it feels like I’m sitting on a powder keg smoking a cigarette.

Just A Little Explanation

Ok! Hey guys! So I wrote this as a continuation of the lovely @justwritingscibbles fan-fics called Just a Little Anger and Just A Little Evil. Please, please go check her out and read those fanfics before reading this one! Not only will it be easier to understand but her writing is amazing and it will bless your life!
Alright! Here we go! (P.s, I changed it to present tense just cause it seemed to flow a bit more the way I wanted it to) I really hope you enjoy it! Please let me know if you want another section!
That night you feel as if your body was torn apart from the inside out. Absolutely everything hurts, even as you lie still on the couch. Most of the pain emanates from the gash across your stomach, which Anti still hasn’t explained; sure, the image of bloodied shards of glass scattered across the grocery store bathroom gives you an idea, but you still can’t put together anything between that major headache and waking up exhausted in Anti’s arms.

It’s still surprising that the two of you weren’t charged with destruction of property with all of the chaos you left in your wake. The manager seemed furious when he was called to the scene, but you also know how good Anti is at manipulation… On second thought, you know exactly how you got out of that mess.

But another mystery rises to the front of your mind.

What was Anti talking about earlier? He had said something like, “I won’t let her take you again.”

A sharp pain snaps you from your thoughts.

You shift your head to look over to where Anti sits on the ground. He is at your side, his eyes closed and his eyebrows furrowed in concentration as his hands hover above your wound glowing with a warm green light.

He had told you earlier to “Stay as relaxed as possible" even though “it may hurt.”

You sigh and allow your eyes to slide up his arms. His cuts are already healed from a few hours ago but the blood still stains his torn shirt.

He opens his eyes, as if feeling your stare and turns his attention to you. His emerald eyes are soft but there is no way he could hide his worry in them, not even with a smile.

“Hey, how are you feeling, babe?” He inquires gently as he moves his hands to yours and runs his thumbs gently over your knuckles. You wince as you suck in a breath.

“I feel…like shit. What the hell happened to me? Just tell me already.”

Your voice is frail but you manage to keep some of your conviction. Not knowing was getting annoying, and the longer he kept it to himself, the more anxiety it gave you.

The corners of his lips fall slightly but he continues to caress your hands while he replies, “I’ll tell you after the healing process is done, alright?” A brief moment of relief washes over you. “As of right now, I really need you to stay as still as possible. Like I said before, this is gonna hurt, a lot, but only for a minute. The damage isn’t too bad but it’s bad enough.“

You nod and roll your head back against the pillow and try and steady your breathing. Anti’s hands release yours and hover over your wound again.

“Are you ready?” He asks, shutting his eyes once again.

“I’m guessing I have to be, so yes.”

You exhale and watch as his hands radiate a visible energy, bathing the both of you and the surrounding furniture in a luminous neon green light.

You gasp at the searing pain that starts at the edges of the gash and grows in intensity as the skin begins to pull together. You choke back a scream and spots gather in your eyes, a byproduct of the restraint it takes not to writhe in agony.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. We’re halfway there.” His voice sounds distant as another rings in your ears, talking over him.

“Let the pain consume you Y/N.”

The voice pierces your mind, making you feel as though your skull was being cracked open.

“Just give into me, I can help you, I can take it all away. Just fall back into the darkness.”

The pain and confusion is too much to bare any longer and a scream rips from your throat.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N…” Anti’s voice starts to penetrate through the chaos, “just 10 more seconds, you can hold on.”

The voice in your head fades, but you can make out one last sentence, “That’s right, scream.”

A cold shock runs through you as those words ache in your mind, but soon enough you feel Anti’s light dim to a peaceful glow and the pain you had disperses into warmth, exhaustion and relief.


Your breaths are labored and sweat runs down your forehead. Anti slowly brings his hand to your face to brush away the hair that was sticking to you.

“There,” he says, fingers grazing your skin, “You’re all patched up, let’s get you to b…” You sit up quickly, ignoring the dizziness that ensues, “Oh no, you’re not gonna send me to bed and get outa telling me what the hell happened today!” Your voice is shaking from the intensity of what your body just went through, but you’re too frustrated to care. You feel a small twinge in the back of your head when you think about that voice…what was that? Your glare grows weak and you transfer your gaze to your hands lying in your lap.

“Anti, I’m scared.” He opens his mouth to say something, but you continue on, “When you were healing me, my head hurt… bad. It was almost exactly as it had been back in the isle at the grocery store before I blacked out.”

Anti’s eyes narrow. It’s clear that he’s listening intently.

“I would’ve thought it was just a part of the pain you were saying I was going to feel during the process,” you continue, “but I…I heard a voice. It wasn’t my voice. It was telling me to give into the pain and,” your voice falters, “to fall back into darkness.”

Tears well in your eyes as you look up at Anti, pleading for confirmation that you weren’t going insane. His face is almost too calm. It almost upsets you that he isn’t reacting. 

But then you see his eyes.

They’re sparking with animosity and his hands, clenched into fists, shiver and glitch.

“Anti…please…tell me what’s happening to me.”

Anti shakes his head and inhales deeply.

The glitching stops just as he’s opening his mouth to speak.

“I’m going to try and explain this in the best way I can, Y/N. Just know, I will fix this.” He pauses and waits for your nod. “Ok. You may not fully understand what I am, but you know what happened. You know I gained control over your friend Sean…how I’m not him, but I live in and through his body.”

Your eyes remain locked on his as you try to ignore the throbbing ache in your heart when he says his actual name. You haven’t heard it in so long; you see his face and hear his voice everyday, but you’re just so used to how he’s changed into Anti that you forgot he was once completely human…

You try to push the memory out of your mind and concentrate on what he is saying but it’s hard to understand where he’s going with this.

“There are more, entities, like me. Constantly searching for a host body easy enough for them to overpower. Y/N…” his words slowed down. “One has found you and has begun to weave itself into your being. It was strong enough to gain full control today.” Your eyes widen in horror. “it hurt you…to get to me.”

Your mind goes blank at first, and then fills with endless questions.

“How did it get inside me? Why me? What does it want with you?”

“It found you while you were weak. Those few rough days at work made you an easy emotional target. Entities like us thrive on anger, pain and sadness. Remember how you got so fed up you punched your manager in the face and you said that you basically blacked out as you did it? That was it, it was her influencing your mind and blinding you with fury.”

This is all so much more than you expected. All you can do is blink and wait for what he has to say next.

“While she had your body, she spoke with me. She brought up something I thought I had only said to you.” He paused, “Remember that same night you had gotten fired and your rage had fueled my lust for you? Well, after we had..finished, I had half joked saying something like ‘I hope you don’t become fully dark. But if you did, you’d definitely get more of this.’ I’m guessing she took that as an invitation. She saw it as me acknowledging her power and therefore saw it as if my lust was for her. Now she craves that feeling and is more than willing to drown you in darkness to get it again.”

Anti watches you slowly process this.

Your face doesn’t move and your voice comes out as a whisper as tears stain your cheeks, “Am…am I going to lose myself…like Seán?”
Again, this is just my own continuation of what @justwritingscibbles has started. I was merely inspired by her wonderful writing and I did ask her permission to create this before-hand! Thank you all so so much for reading!

Zestiria Personality Types (1)

I love these personality type thingies, and decided to analyze a few characters.  Maybe more if I’m not so sleepy later.

Sorey - ENFP (A)
“Campaigner.”  A passionate and driven idealist.  A wide variety of people are attracted to this type’s qualities.  As a result, they often become a leader without trying, and may feel uncomfortable or restless in the role.  To them, the world is a complex entity of emotion and mysticism.  This type can flip from their focused and driven side to their free-spirited and wild side suddenly, which might frustrate the more methodical planning of other types.  They are sensitive to hurting the feelings of others and feel other’s pain acutely.  

Mikleo - INFJ (T)
“Advocate.”  A rare type with traits that seemingly exist in conflict, but work in harmony.  Soft spoken, but opinionated.  A dreamer, but realistic about achieving his goals.  Is good at talking to others in a kind and gentle matter, but gets overwhelmed easily and needs quiet time alone to “recharge.”  Spends a lot of time taking care of others, sometimes to his own detriment.  Gets irrational when under personal attack.

Lailah - ENFJ (T)
“Protagonist.”  A natural-born leader with passion and charisma.  Often a coach or a teacher who motivates with infectious enthusiasm.  They believe in other people, and are drawn to strong personalities, sometimes to a fault.  They can get lost in the emotions and problems of others.  They work at leading others for a brighter future.

Rose - ESTP
“Entrepreneur.”   They lead a risky lifestyle, but not for emotional thrill.  They are logic-minded and would rather dive in and take action, making decisions based on their immediate reality.  Following their own moral compass, they have issues with lawful authority.  They are highly observant, humorous, and great entertainers, great in business.  Unfortunately, they have a tendency to ride roughshot over more senstive people if they aren’t careful.

What’s interesting about Sorey and Mikleo is that their types are very different (Sorey is extroverted, Mikleo is introverted), but they are both diplomat types that would gladly work towards covering each other’s weaknesses. 

Lailah is another diplomat type.  The teacher and leader role suits her perfectly.

I had to test Rose twice before I got one that really felt like her.  I like this type because it addresses her ability as a merchant, and it also predicts her rocky relationship with the more sensitive and lawful Alisha.

Anyway, if you have your own ideas about what types they’d be, I’m happy to hear it.

A Nasty Piece of Work - A complete guide to GLaDOS

So, here we are again, dear Portal fandom. Today I am here to bring you something nobody asked for – a good, long chat about our favourite sassmaster AI.

If there is such a thing as fighting for a character’s reputation in a fandom, that is what I have been doing for GLaDOS since the day I completed my first playthrough. She is one of the most misunderstood characters I know, if not the most misunderstood. What may the reason for that be?

Well, it is not hard to understand. Such is the fate of complex characters, aka those characters whose story and personality naturally include contradictions, doubts, morally grey areas. For audiences made by people like us, sadly used to clichés due to a ridiculous overexposure, it is just too easy to grab a character with so many layers and shove their whole existence in just one of them.

That is how supervillain!GLaDOS, offensively-clichéd-mental-illness!GLaDOS, omnipotent-evil-goddess!GLaDOS and many, many more were born. Now, let us all be honest with ourselves, and take a long, hard look at the character they came from. 

Obvious, isn’t it? They suck. No surprise in that.

The true story of this character, the one that exists under a pile of gross generalizations, is beyond ethical and emotional judgement. It is told in the background, and it nearly passes unnoticed; despite this, it involves most of the strongest human conditions, such as death, revenge, hatred, misunderstanding, fate, irony, love.

It is a tale that I, for one, deem worthy of a different kind of attention. The post you are about to read is the result of over three years of speculation, thoughts and writing – I will try to write, as concisely as possible, the ideas I experimented with in several meta posts and about one hundred stories.

Without further ado, esteemed test subjects, here is everything I will ever have to say about GLaDOS.

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aesthetics –> guardian angels 

He is a protector by trade and you are what he has chosen to protect. There is no war, you want to tell him. Don’t. Allow him the small triumph of keeping you safe. Let him lock the doors and windows for you. Let him look over his shoulder when you walk together. It will help him to have something to protect.(via)

Curses n Hexes

I must admit that I don’t understand hexing, and by that I mean the mechanics of how it works. 

At its base, we are talking about focusing magical energy onto a person so that it harms them (or beseeching a spiritual entity to cause the harm)
I suppose I inquiring more about the focusing of energy rather than the beseeching of an entity. Entities do what they want for their own agendas. 

If we accept that magical energy can be used o harm other people, what stops it from being used for to harm for frivolous reasons? Take this website for example. Say someone posts something another really doesn’t like, so that person hexes the author.  Perhaps there is a reader now that believes you deserve a hex for your belief that you can be the judge, jury and hexer of who ever you think deserves it. Perhaps I think you deserve a hex, perhaps I think the other people in the debate deserve a hex. Perhaps I think you all deserve a hex. 

What I am getting at is…

a.) if energy can be sent to harm others

B.) if right/wrong are subjective and there is not control over the flows of magical energy..

Then in my mind there should be hexes flying everywhere. People on the internet downright hate each other over an endless myriad of things, particularly social issues. 

Yet I just don’t see much evidence for any action that stands out from the normal range of random probability. This tells me that there is some control on hexing. it could be that perhaps it isn’t really very easy at all to focus magical energy in general and that a high percentage of the magic being done isn’t amounting to a lot of effect, it could be that the energies being used are resistant to being moved by certain emotions, perhaps those entities referred to above are not allowing much hexing to go through…
There just must be something that is keeping the level low.
And shouldn’t there be? Shouldn’t there be some regulation on people’s ability to use magic to harm others

Super Moon Eclipse

As I was explaining to aph-gutters-fanatic, since the spirits are very emotional entities, the Super Moon is when Nor is extremely excited about something. Whether it be positive or negative (mostly positive) he is just so amped up.

With the eclipse though I like to think it’s just a personal ritual tjat the Moon and Sun have together where they can just be a bit closer to each other. For both lunar and solar eclipse.

So maybe Nor is just hella pumped to be close to the Earth and Moon and thats why he’s a super moon tonight ‘u’

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(Yay!) There was a knock on the door as the sun was setting, a girl looking to be in her early twenties/20s stood there with arrows sticking out of her back along with scratches, cuts and bruises covering her body. She held a pic on her shoulder as she mumbled "I really need to stop meeting people like this."

A female with purple periwinkle eyes,red short boy length hair,a green long sleeve ,blue pants,and boots.Her face didn’t really show much emotion but yeah a entity!

“Hello..”she said

Regina Inside Out

I just watched a commercial for the new Disney Pixar animated movie called Inside out where emotions exist like little entities in people: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust.

I thought of Regina and entertained the idea of HER Anger and Disgust playing pranks on the other emotions, tying them up and “ruling the roost” every now and then.

ANGER:  (points to Joy’s chest)  Joy!  Joy!  What is that?

JOY: What? (looks down)

ANGER:  (flips finger up and flicks Joy’s nose)  HAAAAH!

JOY:  You’re an asshole.