emotional cleaning

Hi, Taylor my name is Will and I am 16 from Sydney, Australia. I’ve been through some rough times over the past 2 years, from agruments to break-ups and disgusting people calling me idoitic names for loving you including people constantly pushing me down and calling me “gay” for loving you and your music just because I am a guy Swiftie. I swear I would not be here today if it wasn’t for you and your amazing music.
Just thinking about you or looking at the picture of you on my lockscreen instantly makes me feel better, you’ve helped me climb above and beyond everything. Even though sometimes I get kicked hard onto the ground I still rise and succed just like you have. I love you so so much and i am so grateful for you.
These are some pictures of me and my friend Ella at the 1989 tour Sydney. I strained my voice from screaming and singing everysingle word to your truely amazing voice and also I cried during one of the most emotional Clean Speeches I have ever witnessed. Thank you for helping me because if it wasnt for you I would not be here today writing this or walking on this planet.

Thank you thank you thank you!

So Taylor thank you so very much for being there when no-one else has, you’ve done so much for me without even knowing it. Thank you for writing such incredible lyrics that connect so deeply with not just myself but so many people around the world. I wish more than anything else that my ultimate dream to be able to tell you all of my story in person to you in person will come true, but until then this will have to do.
I love you so much with all my heart.

Love Will @fightdragonsfortay ❤😚💕


Ereri/Riren Headcanon: Eren's First Lesson
  • Levi: Since you will be under my watch I'll let you in on something.
  • Eren: ....
  • Levi: I happen to have three emotions: Clean, Hungry, and Horny.
  • Eren: .......Meaning?
  • Levi: If I don't have a got damn Erection you make me a sandwich.
  • Eren: A-and if you do have an Erection?
  • Levi: It isn't gonna suck itself.
  • Eren: ...........
  • Levi: ..................
  • Eren: Are you Gay?
  • Levi: Bitch I might be.

I’ve been thinking about Kevin (as usual) and I really wanted to write the coversation in The King’s Men between Wymack and Kevin when Kevin gives him the letter. So hopefully this does it justice and explores what I think is potentially a very interesting dynamic in the books.

Kevin steeled himself against the doorframe, swallowing around his growing nausea at the prospect of this conversation. He couldn’t wait long; the door was open and just standing there would seem creepy and suspicious. He ran his thumb over the worn letter he held in his palm, trying to draw strength from it the same way he had the night he left Evermore for good. Unfortunately, today it wasn’t doing much for his nerves.

“What do you need, kid?”

He shook himself out of his reverie and thought he was successful wiping his face clean of emotion, but clearly he wasn’t from the way Coach’s face fell.

“What is it? Which idiot do I have to kill?”

“No one. I just need to talk to you.”

Wymack gestured to the chair by his desk while Kevin closed the door.

Once he was in the office, they sat there in silence for almost a whole minute before Wymack finally broke it with, “Look, whatever happened, it’ll be worse if you don’t tell me. And if it’s Riko, I need to know.”

“It’s not Riko.”

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Teach your daughters how to fix cars, survive a week in the wilderness, repair a pipe that burst, and love themselves without the frill. 

Teach your sons how to braid hair, bake a homemade pie, sew a hem, communicate raw emotion, and clean a house.

Then teach your daughters to braid and bake and sew and communicate and clean. And your sons to fix cars and survive and repair and love themselves.

And while you do all of that realize that if you choose to confine your child within their gender, you will degrade their potential by 50%.

—  On raising children without gender standards // March 2016
OQ Fic Rec and Review Week

Day 6:  A favorite one-shot

Windmills of Your Mind @repellomuggletum15  I have no words for how much I love this Thomas Crown Affair AU. It’s truly practically perfect in every way, and if Bea ever wanted to add on to it, I WOULDN’T MIND AT ALL!!!!!

WWII by @qqueenofhades  I love, love, love this, and this lady is a master at writing historical fiction. A short but powerful read I want to linger in after it’s over.

Misrule by @black-throatedblue  This story is heavy on atmosphere, emotion, sensuality and longing, and is as exquisitely woven together as a medieval tapestry. 

Blood by @ninzied  Raw, emotional, and so, so good with that clean yet emotional style that is Nina’s trademark. 

Let the Silver Voices Guide You by @idoltina  It’s a novel in a one-shot, and it’s brilliant beyond measure. So creative and well-written that it sucks you into this imaginary world you never want to leave. 

Operation Christmas by @onhowtobecrazy  Just a perfect one-shot I’d love to be expanded, even though it is absolutely complete as it is. I absolutely love Manon’s writing, and this story does not disappoint. 

Seduction by @brookeap3  So hot yet so cool, and um–ummm, so delicious! Brooke–this one has me all hot and bothered, I’ll have you know!

Inappropriate Workplace Relations by Call-Me-Crazy.Cuz-I-Am:  A perfect modern day love story between teachers told in a one-shot that will make you smile all over.