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[07012014] It was exactly three years ago, this date, that I attracted to a boy named Choi Youngjae. I never knew that this boy would change my life forever.  He brought me to the world of GOT7 and he was also the reason I’m a part of IGOT7 family today. He’s my first bias in GOT7 and will always be my 1st in GOT7 and my heart. Over the course of 3 years, there’s no bias ruiner for me. I’ve been with Youngjae for the past 3 years and I can say my love for him is getting stronger each day. Most importantly, because of the love I have for him has led me to create this blog which I dedicated for him.  I love Choi Youngaje with all my heart. ❤

Pablo basically said on Twitter that Rey would recognize her parents, and now anti-ReySkys are going, “ANOTHER STRIKE AGAINST REY SKYWALKER!”


What are you talking about? How do you know Rey didn’t recognize Luke at the end of TFA? 



So, well, wow?? I have no idea what to say————— This really means a lot to me; you peeps mean a lot to me. Thank you, all 1600+ of you, so much for being here! I’d like to thank each and every one of you that had decided to stick by this blog for the past few years, and all of you that has joined in during this adventure. Thank you for being here, thank you for being absolutely wonderful and making this experience a very enjoyable one, and thank you for essentially making this blog what it is right now and for helping it grow. Looker was my first attempt at roleplaying in the tumblr community, and when I started the blog I was terrified. Terrified that I wouldn’t find any writing parters and friends, terrified that I’d do something wrong, and terrified over the sheer fact that I was booting up this blog. But here we are, a few years later, and that gut feeling I had back in the day was proven to be completely wrong. I’ve been fortunate to meet so many amazing people and gone through wonderful experiences with all of you. You’ve inspired me and helped me grow; both as a writer and as a person. For all of you, I hope to grow as a writer and roleplayer to keep you entertained! I’m so grateful that I’ve had the chance to contribute something to this community, together with so many amazing writer. Thank you guys for being around, I wish you all the best and love all of you.

I’m 500 % that I’ve managed to forget some absolutely amazing blogs in this list, and by no means is this list exclusive. I adore absolutely every single one of you, and seeing you around is a blessing.
Thank you for being you, and for sticking around!

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i’ve been here not even 3 weeks n i gotta say you guys have been an absolute blessing to me. you welcomed me and hancock with open arms. you made me feel accepted and loved and i honestly am still struggling to comprehend it. never in a million YEARS would i have expected for people to take such a fast liking to my portrayal of such a phenomenal character, and yet here we are. the unique relationships he’s built with so many muses and the support i’ve received when feeling awful has just. been so wonderful. i’ve never felt so at home with a group of people, i’ve always grown to doubt my writing or my attitude and in the end i’ve just despised so much as turning up onto the dash. and that was with an oc!! nevermind feeling this way with one who’s canon! and yet, we thrive (it feels like anyway). i couldn’t have done it without the overwhelming support from all of you. i’m so, so grateful.

                                             cheers to a positive and successful 2017!

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Dating Donghyuck

- It’d be like dating a best friend
- A lot of hugs
- Cuddling
- Hand holding
- Sweet kisses
- but simultaneously
- the both of you constantly roasting
the shit out of each other
- you always calling his memes weak
- him pretending to be offended
when you insult his memes
- Helping him prank his hyungs
- Falling asleep on the couch with
your head in his lap while watching
- Him thinking you were adorable
when you couldn’t keep from
dozing off to sleep
- him playing with your hair
and tucking it behind your ears
- him thinking you were best thing
that ever happened to him
- Squishing his cheeks
- Making sure he knew how
proud of him you were
- And making sure he knew exactly
how much you cared about him
- Being there when he needed
someone to talk to
- Offering a shoulder to cry
on whenever he needed
- Him doing the same for you when
life just got to be a little too much
- Sitting up until late just talking
about whatever came to mind
- Sometimes just sitting together
in silence with your head on his
shoulder with his arms wrapped
around you

I don’t know how to end this but I’m having hella Donghyuck feels recently so here’s this, I might write these for the other guys too if anyone wants. Hope y'all are having a good day/ night :))

Okay but does Jinki know how loved he is? Does he know how pretty, beautiful, and just plain gorgeous he is? Does he know the beauty and power of his smile in curing people’s bad times and bad days? Does he know how warm and comforting his voice is? Does he know how much he is appreciated? Does he know his puns are dorky, but are always wanted? Like I just need him to know how special his little self is. 

Kpop has changed my life.

edwardsnowden-suggestion  asked:

who takes on the roll of child protective services in an anarchist society, if anyone?

Man oh man this one was longer than I thought it would be.

So, I partially answered this one in a past exchange with @runningrepublican. Stefan Molyneaux also tackles it starting on page 130 of Practical Anarchy. I think both are sufficient, but let’s see if I can make it better. First, my original response (or the relevant, non-flavor bits):

First, violently abusing your child is a NAP violation. Possibly the most grievous of NAP violations. So right off the bat, any individual in an anarchist society would have the right (though not the obligation) to interfere, even with violence, if they were reasonably sure that such abuse was occurring.

Now, going by Murray Rothbard’s view (which seems iffy to me though it’s possible but not likely that I may have some emotional bias clouding my logic), “neglect” isn’t a NAP violation unless you take the stance that the child somehow entered into a voluntary contract with their parents wherein they would receive food, shelter, care, etc. and in turn provide […] care for the parents when they get old? For the purpose of moving the discussion along in a constructive manner, we will assume that this is indeed the case and that Rothbard was wrong.


Next, I could answer your question of “but who would take care of ‘The Children’?” in two ways. I’ll get the condescending one out of the way first:

Why, good people like you and me, of course. People who claim they care oh so much about the poor, defenseless children. Each individual would carry the burden, if the welfare of the children is so valuable to them that they would condemn humanity to live under a coercive state just for the mere promise that they will be protected, of intervening in cases of child abuse. Just as you or I (and I imagine many others) would intervene if we saw a mugging or a robbery or some dude beating his wife, it would be on the individual (or, in the worst case scenario, the lynch mob) to put their money where their mouth is.

The other, more practical answer, would be that, as a condition of taking on the services of many a DRO, or maybe health insurance company, you would stipulate that in the event that you had children, you would not beat them. Just one solution off the top of my head.

So, let’s take this first in a world without DRO Let us imagine that we live in a suburban neighborhood, and down the street, there is a house. In this house, we are reasonably sure that there is a young boy, aged 11, who is regularly physically assaulted, undernourished, and overall incontrovertibly abused to an extent that there is consensus that his rights have been violated, to the point that he spends most of his days locked in a closet under the stairs by the people who were supposed to protect him, and that all alternative guardians are deceased, incarcerated, incompetent, or otherwise disabled.

We will call this boy Harry.

So. The first, most obvious option is, as I said before, for good men to simply remove the child from the hostile environment. Kick the door down on the kid’s birthday, bend the owner’s shotgun with your bare hands, and (with the kid’s consent) remove him from the house. If you lacked all discretion or were sufficiently enraged at the sight of the boy’s forehead scar, you might find it in you to, in defense of this child, kill every adult in the house responsible for said abuse.

You can see, how this presents several issues, especially as we add more complexity here. The question of who would take care of our young boy-who-lived in the absence of his “guardians” first and foremost. Well, Hagrid, you rescued him. You could do it. Raise him on your own and send him to wizard school. OK. Not possible.

The second option would be to send him to a private foster care facility or orphanage. These would be funded either through private charity or by those who had some economic interest in a lack of street urchins and juvenile delinquents in their community. This example still takes place in the modern west and not a Charles Dickens acid trip, though I suppose that there is a chance that, as a condition of living in these facilities, children could be made to work to pay for room and board (though they would of course be free to leave and find alternative employment and living if all else failed, otherwise this is simply prison for abused children and a repeat of the original issue). We can safely assume that such an option would be immensely distasteful to all of us, so it would once again fall on private charity to provide for these children so that it does not come to that, if alternative guardians could not be found.

Now at the end of this you are no doubt thinking “Now wait just a minute, this sounds like an awful lot of hassle, and I may care about this children, but if I’m being honest, I don’t want to go through all that trouble and undertake all of that risk. Why can’t we just have an organization that can kidnap children from their families with little to no evidence, and put them in foster homes that are incentivized to take in as many children as possible with little regard for the quality of their care?

I would say of course that that is a very strange way to put things, Albus, but luckily it need not be so, particularly when we have DROs.

Stefan Molyneaux, if it was not obvious, abhors violence in all its forms. This sometimes leads to him bending over backwards to find non-violent solutions even to violent problems, to the point of impracticality, but the fact that he was able to find such solutions in the end means that slightly less obtuse solutions could be derived from them.

So, for example, Stefan suggests that in a free society, parents would be held responsible for any of the violent behavior exhibited by their offspring, and this would deter parents from raising aggressive children. It would be a bad idea to be a drunkard who beats his son, he reasons, if you must pay the cost when your son takes out his rage on another child and, say, smashes their teeth. Therefore parents will be inclined to drunkenly beat their children less.

I will leave it to you to see the glaring flaw in that plan.

But it does stand to reason that DROs could simply impose additional costs to insure and protect children of parents who engaged in “risk behaviors” that would increase the chances of that child becoming a problem later. At a certain point, looking for a DRO that doesn’t impose such costs becomes like looking for a health insurance company that doesn’t penalize smoking.

If these price adjustments fail, there are more active measures. A DRO could offer incentives to attend some form of counseling or take parenting classes.

If the child continues to exhibit antisocial behavior (and short of regularly monitoring the inside of people’s homes, that is the only way to tell if a child is being abused), DRO may decide, having exhausted all other options, to simply offer to take custody of the child and have the parents pay some form of child support so that the child can continue to go to school and not need to go to some sort of Dickensian workhouse.

The parents may decide, being sufficiently insulted at this point, may just decide to go to a different DRO that will “mind its own fucking business”, but while another DRO may be incentivized to offer their services for slightly cheaper than the previous one, the new DRO will find out, one way or another, even if the previous DRO has to straight up tell them, that this family is engaged in child abuse and presents a significant financial risk.

“Ah,” you might say, “but what if they simply choose to go without DRO protection at all?”

To which I would raise an eyebrow, scoff, and say “then I wish them luck.” I would also note that the Dursleys are now at this point going through an awful lot of trouble to safely abuse their child, which should set some alarm bells ringing for others in the community to solve this the old-fashioned way.

I am of the belief that at the end of the day, even the most abusive of parents love their children deep down, and would try not to let things get to this point, in defiance of all reason and financial incentive. And those parents that truly do detest their children to this extent would be happy to be rid of them, unless they hate this child so much that they are committed to abusing them no matter the cost. My father is a school psychologist in the city, and I would have to ask him if he has ever encountered such a thing, because I am hard pressed to imagine it, but i suppose the evil of humans is not limited by my own imagination.

Also, consider that there may be something wrong with the culture in which you live. Living in America, I could not even begin to think of a free market solution to, say, the culturally sanctioned rape of young boys in Afghanistan. Likewise in our own culture, I could not for sure tell you how the free market would solve the problem of, say, parents ostracizing or verbally abusing their children for coming out as gay, or other forms of abuse that have no visible negative results for anyone else, or forms of abuse that manifest in the form of emotional instability or resentment in adulthood long after it is their parent’s problem, but I would also ask what Child Protective Services has done for these children today. We are on tumblr after all, it’s not hard to find someone who can answer that with “fuck-all”.

And as Stefan says:

For instance, most parents prefer to have their children educated – even parents who abuse their children.  Most  schools  would  doubtless  prefer DRO  coverage  for  their  students,  because “unprotected” children would be more risky to have around. Thus, in order to get their children educated, parents have to have a DRO contract that protects them. If you are a bad parent, it will be almost impossible to avoid the significant costs imposed upon you.

Furthermore, I would prefer that my DRO refuse to insure parents without also insuring their children, because I care deeply about the health and well-being of children.

I am sure that I am not alone in this desire. 

The fact that you and so many others ask me this question can tell you that he isn’t.


January 31st - Joshua Lieben 

Happy Birthday, Crown Prince of Dres Van! 

Have you ever just looked at your bias and just smile to yourself. You hear their voice and only their voice, their laugh and every beautiful sound that comes out of them. You just have this complete feeling of peace and happiness. Youre just completely endorsed in this person and you admire and adore them so much. Theyre so precious and mean so much to you that whenever youre sad you can look at them and feel better. That when youre in a dark place you can just hear them or see them and they would light the way. I think that thats how everyone should feel about their biases. We love these people, and they do so much for us. I feel so lucky just to hear their voices and see their smiles. It truly makes me happy