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It was his stage and he’s so humble he sat down and recognized the magnitude of Stevie. It was his night but he’s so so humble he sat down and was the fan and recognized how amazing she is. He’s the artist and he’s still so humble he exalted her instead of bragging that he got Stevie Nicks to sing with him. I am constantly in awe of his humbleness and his heart and how incredibly good he is. Never arrogant, never full of himself, always recognizing the good in others… I am so happy he gets to have all of his dreams come true because he deserves every single bit of happiness he’s had and will have in his life.

A Drunk Inquisitor's Apology to the Creatures of the Hinterlands:

Dear sweet, stupid rams,
Im sorry for massacring u guys to feed hungry villagers and make myself a nice coat. I look very good in the coat tho so thanks

Dear demonic wolves,
I’m v sorry u got possessed. That sucks

Dear Ferelden Frostback,
I am sorry 4 walking into ur den and murdering u for ur pretty bones, scales, and All The Glory. U were just chillin and living ur dragon life and I kinda ruined that and killed ur kids :/
PS: Bull is a little sorry for the dirty thing he yelled at u before u died

Dear bears,
Fuck you. I was minding my own business and eight of u fucking ganged up n tried to eat my face. It was rude as hell. Ur all a bunch of hairy assholes I sttm. Heck off

The Inquisitor


That’s a coin you’d give to the King of America himself. Not some pissant bastard like your piece of shit husband. Just give me my fucking coin back!

Just a reminder that Varric grew up taking care of his alcoholic mother and staving off her drunken rages while Bartrand was off making money and throwing parties.

Just a reminder that Varric was emotionally abused and toyed with by his ex-girlfriend.

Just a reminder that Varric apologizes even when he did nothing wrong.

Just a reminder that Varric blames himself for bad things that happen to his friends when he’s around.

Just a reminder that Varric loses his home to someone he thought he could trust.

Just a reminder that Varric’s own brother betrayed him and left him for dead just for some money.

Just a reminder that Varric isn’t as put together as he acts. He’s been hurt, abused, betrayed, and he tries to bear the burdens of those around him. He’s a man who uses humor to hide how hurt he is. Varric is a man who is kind and extremely generous even after all he’s been through.

Varric is a man who loves deeply and genuinely despite all the pain he has endured at the hands of loved ones and trusted friends. He is a man who thinks often of his friends from Kirkwall, sounding so happy when he speaks of them.

Varric is precious and should be protected.

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*slides into your askbox* So.... what about an au where...... kacchan and ochako were childhood friends.... and he'd had a dumb puppy crush on her since they were little

[on twitter]

okay but Bakugou doesn’t have friends as a kid he just had followers. he doesn’t know how to friend

i imagine he just pined after her like a sad little lovestruck explosive pomeranian puppy, only he doesn’t know how to handle emotions at any age sO


maybe she moves away or something and they meet again at UA and Baku’s feelings return so he does the exact same thing he did as a kid, only with more cussing, b/c this child is forever emotionally constipated and doesn’t know how to deal with feelings regardless of age

poor Uraraka is so confused. she has no idea what’s going on

she has no clue the poor angry pom pom is crushing on her, hard

Air Moons & Emotion ♊️♎️♒️🌕

From a young age, air moons are taught their emotions are worthless. Whether it be by firsthand experience or people coming right out and saying it, air moons constantly have their feelings invalidated. This happens several times in youth so eventually when they grow up, they can no longer express their emotions in a healthy way.

*“air moons” will be abbreviated to AM’s

Examples of behavior in childhood:

-people laugh at AM’s frustration

-AM’s ridiculed for expressing their identity through clothes, hair, personality, etc

-AM’s given harsh criticisms

-AM’s called overdramatic or told they are overreacting when they were not

-AM’s manipulated into thinking they do not have a right to be upset

-AM’s humiliated for having feelings whether it be having a crush, or being excited about their hobbies, etc

-AM’s laughed at for being logical

-AM’s called cold or heartless

-AM’s yelled at for disagreeing with other’s opinions

-AM’s told what to think and how to act

-AM’s secrets shared without their permission

-AM’s punished or blamed for what someone else has done

-AM’s berated for not having proper manner’s

-AM’s told they are selfish

-AM’s forgotten or left out

The above behaviors destroy Air moon’s ability to process their feelings. Air moon’s grow up thinking their emotions do not serve them any purpose, and so they try to cast them away. They learn that emotions only cause them humiliation from others, make them seem weak, and cloud their judgement. The sad part is when they grow up, people will then make fun of Air moon’s for ‘not having feelings’ even though they are the reason for the repression in the first place. People get used to Air moon’s having little emotional outbursts and so when an Air moon does become upset, people’s first reaction is to say ‘this isn’t like you, it’s not that big a deal, stop overreacting.’ But this is detrimental to Air moon’s conscious. After such an incident, the Air moon will try even harder to hide and destroy every emotion they have. They will try to never let you see that side of them again. Holding in such feelings is exhausting and harmful to the Air moon. They must learn how do undo the damage done in early childhood. They must stop overanalyzing their thoughts and actions. They must learn to stop saying ‘I do not have a right to feel this way and so I will make myself no longer feel this way’ and start accepting their feelings for what they are. It is ok to be angry, to be upset, to be confused. Air moons must learn that emotions do not make one weak.

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oooh! are you still taking doodle prompts!? how about ten x rose with 2b? this just feels so //them// you know? please and thank you! <3

if i believe in one thing…just one thing…