She was trying to find the connection,
The one between her and other people.
Between my words and the heart,
That went out of her.
Between the darkness
And the places within it– to grow in,
And I admire that kind
Of passion, it made me feel good.
The way she knew there was more:
A better love hidden in love.
A better person hidden in a person.

Women often know,
they can feel it in their bones.
There is always something to look for.
Something beyond the obvious.
Ignoring her would have been foolish.
It would have made the graves
Appear closer than they really are.
-R.M. Drake

I feel so weird when 1D were put together I was 15 and hadn’t done my GCSE exams yet and I used to like run home from school on a Wednesday to see it the new video diary had been uploaded.

I’m now 20 and I’ve done all my GCSEs, A Levels and I’ve just finished my second year at university with only one more to go. I don’t even live at home anymore.

Just thinking of all the things that has happened in these 5 years in our lives: the sad, happy, crazy and amazing times. We’ve literally grown up besides them.

Feel a tad fragile and emotional right now.

Happy 5 years One Direction!!