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Sometimes I feel “happiness” is overrated. Sure, we need happiness in our life, but it’s just a part of what we are. We also need sadness, and anger, and fear, and anxiety, and mistakes to be able to grow. We need multiple facets to be closer to completeness.

I am thankful for the good people I have met in my life, but I am also thankful for the toxic and destructive people I have known. The toxic ones have offered me the greatest growth, and offered me the greatest lessons in my life. I am grateful for all the little accomplishments I have achieved so far, but I am also glad that I have had bad days too. Sometimes I win, but sometimes I learn.

So if you are having a bad day, take a shower. Take five showers. And remember, “happiness” is not the ultimate destination. You are not supposed to be “happy” all the time. And when you feel the whole spectrum of emotions, and experience the positives and negatives alike, you are just getting closer to completeness, you are getting closer to being more “human” human.

—  Shivee Chauhan

Colorful Concepts with one goal in mind. to elevate art to a new heights in order to challenge the viewer’s thoughts, provoking a broad spectrum of emotion. Art is more than colors on paper, it is the expression of the ideas, feeling the soul of the artist creating it. the artist pours his heart into every one of his drawings and in doing so, brings them to life. Art is his passion and sharing it with the world brings him immeasurable joy. he hopes you are inspired by what you see.

Five Lessons 2016 Has Forced Me to Learn

Somehow, it’s New Year’s Eve Eve 2016 already. It’s true what they say you know, the older you get the faster the time goes.

This year was an interesting one for me; it was a year of what I like to call “treading water.” By this I mean that nothing life-changing really happened; good or bad. I had a lot of wonderful moments and some not-so-wonderful moments. I felt probably every emotion on the human spectrum and yet, I don’t feel like I’ve made any massive steps forward or backwards. It kinda felt like my sophomore year of high school; it was a year that just was.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad year by any means. It was a great year. These are actually my favorite kind of years because they give you time to catch your breath and reevaluate where you are in life. It’s like God giving you a 10-minute water break. I fully believe that these years are meant to prep you for an interesting, wild next few years, so I’m very excited going into 2017.

For those of you also going through a great yet uneventful year, or for those of you who had a great or even horrible year, here are the lessons 2016 has thrown my way:

Lesson #1: What’s meant to be will come to you, and what’s not will pass you by.

This lesson is a hard one to swallow, yet it opened my eyes this year. I’ve learned not to take things that I wanted and didn’t get upset me, because it’s nothing personal; it just wasn’t meant for me, or maybe not meant for right now. Either way, God brings you the opportunities that are meant for you at the exact right time. Put trust in that, and life gets a lot easier.

Lesson #2: Worrying changes nothing. Not a thing.

You could call me the queen of anxiety, really. I worry about things that don’t even exist. I’ve been learning this year, however, that when I look back at my experiences, I don’t remember what I was worried about or worrying about things, I only remember the good. So, this year I plan to focus only on the good, and try to push the worrying out because so far in my life, everything has been okay. I’m going to put trust in that.

Lesson #3: Love your body and you’ll love life.

If I had a dollar for every time I said “tomorrow I’m going to start eating healthier”, I’d probably have around five grand. Instead of enjoying the food I was eating I was treating it like it was my last great meal, and then 2 days later when I would eat unhealthy again, I’d feel bad about it. Sound familiar? I’m learning it’s all about balance. Workout, eat right some of the time, and eat un-healthy some of the time, whatever works for you, do that! Unfortunately, society forces us to compare our bodies to the Gigi Hadid’s of the world, but you know what? Working out and staying fit is her job, and she’s also 10 inches taller than I am. I’m going to start comparing myself to what works for me and what looks good on me. All I know is that I don’t want to look back at the summer of my 24th trip around the sun and remember how I was worrying about if I looked “fat” in that outfit or not.

Lesson #4: Listen to the little voice in your head.

It’s always right. If you have a bad feeling about a new relationship, odds are you’ll get 6 months in and it’ll end in flames. That little voice is you gut feeling telling you what is right, and even when you don’t listen to it, which trust me, I don’t always, you’ll wish you had. In 2017, I’m going to pay attention to my subconscious talking to me, because it’s there for a reason.

Lesson #5: Comparing yourself to someone else does nothing but bring out jealousy, negativity, and sadness.

I know, it’s so hard not to. Especially when that one pretty girl you follow on Instagram just got proposed to with her dream ring by her dream guy, or when the job you wanted someone else got. Here’s a little reminder for you; their path is not your path. Everything in your life will play out like a movie, because it’s your movie, not anyone else’s. Also, not to mention, social media hides the real story. That pretty girl you follow on Instagram might have had an anxiety attack earlier that day, or maybe her soon-to-be husband is a rebound trying to cover up her broken heart, or maybe it really is as perfect as it seems. Either way, we don’t know and we probably never will. Focus on your journey and your life. Be happy for people who seem happy, because finding happiness is hard. Your time will come, and it will be wonderful.

In 2017, work to be the best version of yourself. Be present in the moment because one day you’ll look back and miss it. Don’t focus on what could be better, but focus on what you have that’s great. Most importantly, no matter what happens this year, you’ll be okay.

Xo Megan

honestly after this text, you just KNOW that tomorrow’s clip is going to be SO fucking intense on EVERY emotion on the spectrum. from anger, to hurt, to betrayal, to sadness, to dismay and hopelessness, to courage and bravery, and hope and love, and comfort and support and acceptance. every single part of tomorrow’s clip is going to be that much more heightened in terms of feeling and sense, because this has just raised everyone’s emotions up THAT MUCH MORE higher now. 

this might be shocking to some of you, but i felt the need to inform you all…

idols have feelings. that’s right guys, they experience emotions because they, much like yourself, are human. they are real, living, breathing human beings that can get mad, they can get depressed, they can feel a wide spectrum of emotions because they are human. 
they are people, too, and when you are rude to them, it does hurt them because they are fully capable of feeling pain and sadness. 
be considerate of the things you say or do because as hard as it is to believe, they can get hurt.

i just don’t understand why people see adam as a weak/flat character when he literally displays most of the spectrum of human emotion in an hour and 43 minutes

some examples:

-fear/panic (obvious, throughout the movie)

-confusion (also obvious, mostly in the beginning)


-helplessness (really not knowing what to do at some points)

-contentment/happiness (when he’s smoking. it’s like the only time when you actually see him smile)

-suspicion (he thinks lawrence is the one who put him in the bathroom trap)

-anger (he has quite a few angry spells)

-empathy (asking lawrence if his family is okay)

and other ones i don’t even have to list

can we take a moment to appreciate ryan hawley please. the emotions he portrayed tonight were flawless; i felt robert’s hesitance, his effortless ability to bullshit his way out of anything, his worry, his perverse pleasure, his bafflement at why rebecca couldn’t see he was playing her, his love for aaron…. i was literally all over the Robert Spectrum of Emotions today. 

what a blessing.

“god it’s so annoying seeing kids/teens overreact to [insert anything] now that i have real problems”

in the (hopeful!) absence of any significant trauma in childhood, children naturally overreact to minor emotional stresses, so that when they’re adults and they inevitably face intense emotional stress, they’ve rehearsed how to react, and how to receive/give support

teenage “moodiness” is in fact the brain fully exploring its emotional spectrum so that intense emotions don’t come as a surprise later in life

it’s a healthy and very important part of development

leave kids alone

“When they stopped trying to imitate us, the robots found their own spectrum of emotions. The first was “anthrofear,” a weariness of humans.“

EDIT: Some have asked whether I meant to write “wariness” rather than “weariness.” I’d like to clarify that the “fear” in “anthrofear” refers to avoidance, and not trepidation. Machines do not actually fear us. Don’t make that mistake. Others have suggested “anthrophobia,” but this is the name of a real condition, and I did not want to disrespect those who endure it. I want to thank all of these commenters, though. I adore feedback, and love that my readers have such mighty vocabularies.
One Piece 852 thoughts


Nico Robin is to be loved and cherished. She’s one of the smartest characters in the whole world and she has a slightly sadistic/pessimistic attitude that makes the rare moments when she appreciates Chopper something cute so incredibly precious. Remember when she threatened Franky for acting “manly” in Chopper’s body? That was epic. Her apparent cold and always collected  attitude  hides such a wide spectrum of emotions, of which only a part are a consequence of her tragic past… I’d definitely want to hang around with her irl. She’d be a gallerist or a cello player, I’m sure. Then just look at the picture, it’s true art, fuck MoMA: to express her love for Chopper she gave him her facial features and hands, which are a human’s, to also remember that Chopper ate the Hito Hito no Mi, which makes him human; not to mention the slight freakyness of the pciture, to remind us of Nico Robin’s slight freakyness - and I don’t want to be heretical artistically here, but it reminds me of Kandiskij’s Blaue Reiter period . All while the subject, Chopper, doesn’t give a f and eats cotton candy. 

Back to the plot and to its objectivity!

… Things weren’t looking good last week on Sanji’s side, a sentence which I could really stop saying every single week, since it’s been a weekly trope for the past six months, but maybe just now it’s worth saying because it may be the last time. 

I hoped that after the revelation of Pudding’s real personality and Mama’s true intentions concerning the wedding, Sanji would immediately decide to act: a feeble hope indeed, because every time I fail to understimate just immeasurably disheartened he is - and I’ve basically written academic essays about it. Last week we had this:

Now it was easy to understand that he wouldn’t go all out just yet, but… I’m still saddened by it. 

See that edge of Sanji’s still wet cape: he waited outside the room until the treated Reiju, then

… tied and blindefolded the guard, so that he wouldn’t know who it was and wouldn’t report it. Classic assassin mode well after all that’s the family he hails from aint’ it spy mode Sanji: swift, unnoticed, perfectly executed job. Luffy and Zoro would have a mess, a lot of noise and a lot of commotion, it still would have worked - but not the cook. He’s starting to come back to his usual self. 

But he still need to “get it together”: he still needs someone to make him “get it together”. Luffy was the first one who ever made him, when he siply and outrightly stated to him “that he would pay no debt by dying”, as he was trying to sacrifice himself for Zeff, about 800 chapters ago precisely. Reiju here absolves to this role and that makes me understand why i loved her at first sight. All her little silent smiles at Sanji’s crew or when she witnessed his bravery or sacrifice - now we know they were because she was happy that her mother’s sacrifice has not been in vain. 

And the very fact that Sanji is telling her everything right away  was not to be taken for granted. His words to Reiju back in 832 could have made us think that he totally didn’t care, but even then… An attentive reader knows he’s kind of tsundere isnt he? Always grumpy, but with a big heart. He tells bad people to go to hell and then he feeds them when they’re starving. 

A nice detail here is that Reiju’s double 6 tatoo is hidden by the bandages, as if to further explain how she’s truly a member of Germa, as it is hinted by her words during the chapter, or at least is not going to be. It’d be nice if at the end of the saga we’d discover that it has completely disappeared. 

In all honesty, I had been expecting for a while that Luffy - and Nami - would be taken prisoners… but I hoped they would rescue themselves. it the trick was just as simple as this, Oda could - should, Imo - have let them done it themselves, for the fun, and then have Jinbei burst into something else - the hype would have been pretty much the same, since it’s about him more than about what he does. Some say it’s not fitting for the future pirate king to be saved continously left and right… personally I couldn’t disagree more: the whole point about the Mugiwara is that they, collectively 

make miracles happen - Trafalgar “Torao” D. Water Law

not just Luffy.  Yes, like the classic hero everyone around him feels so much stronger and so much braver and blablabla, but it’s “them”. Not “him”. So it’s good if he’s helped, it’s good if he’s surrounded by people who are smart an strong and ingenious and great ingegneers and great swordsmen and great historians  and you get it. Even Goku received help, didn’t he? So -

Jinbei is one of those who witnessed this special attitude of the SHs. That’s why he decided to bet everything - literally, you saw the wheel - to be with them, as he promised inFishman Island

 and though we still don’t know what or if he lost anything at all - my guess is lifespan, but whatever -, here he is now to sail with them. 4 Mugiwaras left Zou to look for Sanji, 6 will reach Wano to fight Kaido.

On a side note, Nami is going Fairy Tail mode and losing clothes everywhere, but Oda intervenes promptly - thanks sensei. 

To be noticed is that Nami’s new outfit resembles much Pudding’s first outfit:

… which is SO NOT CASUAL. 

Shipping aside, guys… it’s pretty obvious that it’s gonna be Nami to rescue Sanji from his wedding. Why?

He saved her from the one with Absalom + Oda loves parallels so much that some even say he’s too much repetitive

For so long I have been repeating obsessively that Nami would substitute herself in the bride’s role… there are a lot of reasons, but the main is always her nickname, Cat Burglar, Doroboneko, that in Japanese also indicates a “husband stealer”. If now she’s dressing up like Pudding - they even have the same hairstyle and similar hair color, forget the third eye -, it’s pretty much going there… then of course it may not. But if it does I will be overjoyed won’t be surprised.

In the meantime, my son Luffy is starving. The energy from 11 hours of non-stop hyperglycemic eating apparently already ran out - LOL -, but he promised he wouldn’t eat anything that isn’t from Sanji:

I keep posting this pages because I somehow subconsciously want to hurt myself I think

And he’s keeping it and immediately rushes to Sanji to inform him of Pudding’s betrayal - thanks Kami sama he already knows. Jinbei correctly points out that the castle is crawling with strong enemies, but

  • currently most of them are probably focused around the uproar Pedro and Brook are making - even Big Mom decided to step in -, and Smoothie decided not to inform her right away
  • it’s true that Luffy is not Sanji, but the cook today showed that it is actually possible to go around unnoticed in the castle
  • he probably won’t have other major fights for a while, he’s too debilitated

So he’ll be fine.

Then, to the end of the chapter… Reiju intends to sacrifice herself, along with her family, so that her little brother can escape. He explains to him that she, despite being still human like him, is an assassin, more similar to her brothers and father, and as such “deserves to die”. The only one who doesn’t is Sanji, not just because he’s kind, he’s human, he’s not a murderer, but he mst live also to honor the memory of their mother, who gave her health and ultimately her life so that he wouldn’t be a monster.  

Yet again there are some very strong thematics in these chapter: bio-ingegneering, cloning, child abuse, various and miscellaneous traumas… “deserve to die”: this is a very strong statement. Who, indeed, deserves to die? Is death a punishment? A form of repentment? That is what Reiju seems to think. She was brainwashed, to put it simply, “drugged”: Sanji wasn’t affected, but she was, and became a monster. Fully aware of it, she thinks she deserves to die. 

Now, we don’t what she did, how really bloodstained her hands are - not as much as 1′s, 2′s and 4′s I bet, though -: she may be a monster as she says, even if she did at least one good thing. But who else do we know with a similar situation?

Robin. And we could even say it’s even worse for her, because she was forced to do terrible things by the circumstances, but never “drugged”: she was brainwashed, but by the world and its violence. And what else do we know about her? That even after all she did, she was able to find, like Sanji, people who would love her in spite of it. Luffy seems to surround himself of people who don’t think they deserve a place in the world.

There are some very strong parallels here. Sanji knows both women and noe the tables have turned, it’s him who must convince her to live. I can see him repeating the same words she said to him 11 years ago. 

Here’s why I don’t think Reiju will die: 

  • Sanji waiting outside the infirmary for her
  • Of course! You’d never deceive me. 
  • What the hell do you mean? You’d die too, Reiju!
  • Oh, worrying about me, are we? 
  • BECAUSE Sanji now knows his mother died for his sake - and here we go, all the theories about a mother sacrificing for him were correct, hooray -, he won’t let another woman meet the same fate. 
  • BECAUSE he’s the kindest, because he has human feelings, a lot of them, he won’t let that happen. 
  • he even saved enemies’ lives like Kinemon, Gin, random marines, and he wouldn’t save his sister? Who helped him?
  • There’s no such a thing as vindicative deaths for the Mugis in OP. Sanji doesn’t want revenge. Nami renouced to take a payback from Jinbei, and you know what happened to her… this guys are so damn forgiving. Even if they aren’t, they don’t want to stain their hands, even if it means giving up something - remember Luffy in Amazon Lily, where Boa asked him to choose between the girls’ lives or his own freedom?
  • and in the end, forgive me, the usual, very old, very classic “because nobody dies in OP”*

*statistically, that is. In an average shounen, take the big ones or a random 26 episodes anime - you don’t have to pick the blood-bath ones like Shingeki no Kyojin or Akame Ga Kill -, a certain amount of characters die. Some of them are close to the protagonist, and their deaths are functional to the character and plot development, some are random strangers. But they do die. One Piece has more characters than every other manga as far as my knowledge goes, and yet there have been very few deaths in comparison to other works. 

But, theories aside, this few pages are really a work of art. Sora, Sanji’s mother, as now we know her name, had the biggest heart;

 and Sanji inherited it all, as we know from the very beginning, even at his own loss sometimes. Remember, when Oda introduced him this guy was shown feeding Gin, a good-for-nothing pirate. And after he destroyed his father’s home and threatened him and all of that, he fed him again, even after all he had done to him.

Not the mention, of course, that Sora is named like Sora, Warrior of the Sea, the hero from the comic with the same name published on WE magazine, known to oppose fiercely Germa, like Sora fiercely opposed Judge - though, sadly, lost. It’s probably not just a symbolic detail, but we’ll see.  

As for what will happen now, I have some hunches. The Cook will make a plan, with ot without the other Mugis knowledge and consent; we’ll still arrive to the day and moment of the ceremony, and then will know. Brook may find a way to escape Mama, thanks to his fruit, and Pedro will hide. In the end I am still convinced none of the Vinsmokes will die, at least not Reiju - for the reasons above - and not Judge - he’s one of the few characters who know something, even personally!, the ever mysterious Vegapunk, who created Bartholomew Kuma as  the Terminator - from which Judge clearly took inspiration for his own children -, he can’t die just yet. Pudding is still kinda a question mark to me… I think her role is not over yet and we don’t know everything for sure - see the same post about 851. If all goes as I think, we’ll have relatively little blood-shed, a happy Cook, a single Pudding, a well-fed Luffy and a Germa Queen by the end of the saga. Except for Capone, All the pieces are on the board. 

Let us play, sensei.   

- sorry for not putting as many images as usual but my wifi is sick today -

Tsurugi being the Servamp of Wrath

I’m supposed to be writing my case study but that chapter just came out and I just had to do a small meta about Tsurugi. Specifically, I want to talk about the prospect of Tsurugi becoming the Eve of Wrath. This was not where I thought his character was going when he was first introduced but it’s a turn I like.

I saw a conversation thread about Tsurugi being a more fitting Eve for Greed. How dare you suggest breaking up my precious ship? That really got me thinking about how Servamp portrays these sins. And looking at Tsurugi’s character, I would say he’s fitting even if he’s not the perfect fit.

Each sin has a common trope or gimmick assigned to it. Greed? Money. Wrath? Anger management issues. Gluttony? Food. Are these portrayal correct? Yes but they’re a little shallow. They’re most often used because they’re the most relatable for a mass audience.

Wrath isn’t simply anger. It’s uncontrollable emotions where a person is quick to cycle through emotions. The entire spectrum of emotion is included, from anger to sadness to happiness. The key to this sin is to be overwhelmed by intense emotions to the point that you can’t control it and it dictates your actions.

When he first appears to around chapter 50, we only got to see two different sides to Tsurugi. “I will murder you and have fun doing it because I get my paycheck after this” or “I’m 26 but I still act like a brat”.

Most of the time he’s smiling so you can argue he doesn’t show the intense emotions someone with the sin of Wrath would. Until…

This moment. An Eve isn’t the sin but Reason. There is a reason we have these emotions and it shouldn’t be buried within us. Tsurugi was smiling but he wasn’t happy. Sometimes letting yourself cry or get angry is better than keeping it in. Like Mahiru’s uncle said: 

“Right now you’re just too sad. But feel those sad feelings. Give them a name if you want to. And someday soon life will seem brighter. You’ll feel better. But only if you feel the sadness now.”

This is a lesson Tsurugi needs to learn considering his character and everything he has been through. He has scars on both his body and heart. He went through all that and endured those scars but never once cried. Not crying only let the wounds fester until he was looking for death. 

I still think there’s something that’s holding him back from being the Eve of Wrath. Touma, the asshole

Tsurugi is completely subservient to Touma and I think it’s because Touma destroyed any sense of self worth Tsurugi had at a young age. He was only allowed to show the emotions Touma permitted (happiness when it was granted). He lost any freewill he had when he’s under Touma’s control.

He never felt emotions like anger or sadness because he wasn’t allowed to and he gave up on himself a long time ago. But with Mother, he’s able to cry without judgement (not from Touma or himself). He starts to give himself into his emotion and almost takes Mother’s hand but it’s Touma that stops him.

And with what Touma did in this recent chapter (60), I want Tsurugi to embrace every emotion that scene will cause (anger, sadness, regret). I want him to unleash them on Touma, the person that didn’t allow him to feel those emotions in the first place. I want him to be the Eve of Wrath.

Here’s to the self indulgent crossover that I ended up putting way to much effort into. But I love Voltron and I adore the Green Lantern lore and universe and I ended up putting some serious thought into that.
So just… let me explain: 

Green Lantern (Willpower): Pidge 
The Green ring is often regarded as “willpower”, but I also interpret it as “bravery”. I think this speaks a lot to Pigde. Pidge is highly goal oriented and motivated. And in order get her goal she is willing to overcome a lot of things, a lot of dangerous, scary things. Her will and bravery are both shining strong. 
+Green Lanterns are believed to be the ‘neutral’ color. They don’t lean towards good or bad. And I think it’s a nice touch for her. 

Sinestro Corps (Fear): Shiro 
So here’s the thing- Shiro might not look like the kind of person who would be motivated by instilling fear, but he might’ve been that kind of person during his time as Champion. He is also highly motivated by his own fear: of the Galra empire, of Zarkon, of getting captured again and even from himself. So while I think it’s not the only choice that could work for him (green could work as well) I found it fitting. 

Blue Lantern (Hope): Lance
I always see Lance as the one who can hold everyone together. He might get sad, sure, but he will also always be the one to try and cheer everyone up by doing something stupid. Other then that, he is also pretty hopeful for himself. Sure he’s not the best at anything but he tries, believing he can be a better pilot, or win over a girl. I find it endearing, and very fitting of the blue ring. 

Red Lantern (Rage): Keith
So it’s pretty clear, especially in the last two episodes, that Keith is highly impulsive- which fit the red ring. There’s also enough of a reason to believe at least some of his actions are controlled by anger. While Shiro seems to channel his relation to the Galra through fear, Keith seems to channel it through anger. 
Also Red Lantern have this thing where the ring replaces their blood with liquid fire so I mean yeah we also have that.

Indigo Tribe (Compassion): Hunk 
Honestly, I feel like this one is self explanatory. Hunk IS compassion. He fights because he cares, not only for the people close to him, but for everyone. Still not convinced? Here’s the translation of the first lines in the indigo oath: “In sorrowful day, in misfortunate night,We help those, who need our might”.
(Indigo Tribe members can also channel every other emotion. fun fact) 

Star Sapphires (Love): Allura
It’s important to remember that the violet corps isn’t necessarily driven by romantic love- but by love and care for the living in general. Allura fits that a lot. She’ll fight, yes, but she’s a diplomat first, always wishing for peace with other aliens. And just like the Star Sapphires, she’ll kick your ass if you try to harm anyone she cares about. 
+At some point, Wonder Woman was also a Star Sapphire, so this is definitely the “strong kickass queens” corps. 

Agent Orange (Greed) Haggar: 
Agent Orange is a weird thing for me, and it was hard to pick a character. I ended up deciding on Haggar. Orange is not a corpse, but an individual who isn’t really keen on sharing his powers or his treasures. He will help you if you ask, but he always has his own selfish interests first. I thought she will probably be the best choice for that. 

Ended up writing so much gahhh. 
Oh well. This has been fun. 

P.S Zarkon would be a black lantern.  

So very thankful to have the opportunity to practice falconry. I don’t have a giant RT that takes down jacks, but he is a pleasure to take into the field. There’s a full spectrum of emotions that come with manning a bird and building your confidence with him/her. Falconry is certainly not a sport for everyone, but it’s a an amazing experience I’m grateful to be a part of.