emotion drawing game

happy or angry? 



Late night doodles of near-eyebrowless killers with their favourite people. ´ v `)
(or: why are these people so problematic)
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I am totally intrigued by the past that Trevor and Michael shared back in 90′s. Nothing soothes my heart more than the idea of two amateur wannabe bank robbers and their nerdy friend who plan heists on liquor shops while carrying a dream about The Big Score. Also long roadtrips, cheap booze, dumb jokes, inexplicit relationships and numerous failures.

i want to be broken

想いよ 届いてよ
物語が終わる前に …

i wanted to make up for my low effort nageki drawing with another low effort nageki drawing. this song made me cry twice yesterday. alternate color version and a detail thingy under the cut!!?!?!??!!?!?!?

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一You make my heart shake, bend and break;

I really like Anders’ concept art and wanted to draw him closer to that.