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This is what inspiration looks like.

Some people see music in color. Grammy-winning producer Alex Da Kid is one of them. So when Alex needed inspiration for a new song, the Cognitive Color Design Tool turned powerful imagery into colors that would show Alex the emotion behind five years of cultural data. That’s why Alex Da Kid’s music has so many feels.

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I forgive you doesn’t mean we’re friends, it means you no longer drain me of emotional energy.
—  Lalah Delia
Astrology chart basics overview

Sun sign = the essence of a person, the potential & ideal personality

Moon sign = the inner core of a person, private feelings, subconscious habits and attitudes

Ascendant sign = (aka rising sign) the outer layer, mask, the first impression a person gives to others

Planets (represent energies; what is taking place):

Sun - one’s basic identity and conscious purpose. Our psychological and spiritual center. Our inner life force, vitality, and purpose. Our individuality and sense of identity. It indicates what we want out of life.

Moon - our emotions, feelings, and daily habit patterns. also symbolizes femininity, the mother figure, domestic life, how as adults we define security based on our experiences of being nurtured, supported, and protected. It describes what we need and cannot do without.

Mercury - our ability to think, speak, learn, and reason.

Venus - represents the capacity to attract the people and things we love and value. determines what we appreciate and our social urges – what turns us on, how we turn others on, how we express our affections and feelings.

Mars - represents our capacity to act and assert ourselves based upon personal desire. So while the sun formulates our goals, Mars pursues them. Mars gives us the courage to stand up for our rights, to assert ourselves and to express anger when necessary. Also represents our capacity for physical passion and desire for sexual gratification

Jupiter - symbolizes our search for meaning, truth, and ethical values. Shows how we express our high-mindedness and ethical principles. It also instills optimism.

Saturn = the capacity to create order, form, and discipline in one’s life. It’s responsible for commitments. Responsible for justice, and through it, we get exactly what we deserve, no more and no less.

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are farther from the sun; their orbits take more time and therefore their effects apply to entire generations of people.

Uranus - signifies our unique individuality and the capacity to liberate ourselves from past limitations. Motivates us to think outside the box and with our intuition. Shows where individuals look to stir things up, put a new spin on things, and go against established order.

Neptune - represents the capacity to transcend the finite self through experiencing unity with a greater whole. Reveals areas of life where we tend to ignore or avoid reality. Also rules dreams, illusions, and spirituality.

Pluto - symbolizes the capacity for self-transformation and self-renewal. Rules subconscious forces, everything below the surface, transformation, renewal, rebirth. Shows where individuals search for truth and deeper meaning. Deals with power struggles and control issues.Where we find Pluto in the chart is where we either seek change and transformation, or have it thrust upon us if we refuse to accept our deepest needs. If we fear Pluto’s energies, or our “dark” side, destructiveness (both directed at ourselves or others) is a byproduct.

Signs (represent the expression of planetary energies; show how the planets’ energies are manifesting):  

Aries -
Key phrase: “My need to be independent and develop self-awareness”
Qualities: initiating, starting, pioneering, innovative, giving birth, inspiring, daring, naive, spontaneous, childlike, direct, innocent, energetic driving, eager, active, confident, forceful, assertive, headstrong, enthusiastic, exuberant, active, independent, courageous, fearless, competitive; rash, reckless, careless, starts but does not finish, impulsive, irresponsible, violent, self-centered, foolhardy, impatient, aggressive, overpowering, selfish, belligerent, brusque, uncontrollable, uncooperative, combative, overzealous, temperamental, argumentative, overbearing, headstrong, coarse.

Taurus -
Key phrase: “My need to be resourceful, productive, and stable”
Qualities: earthly, practical, productive, prudent, conserving, sensual, physical, resourceful, industrious, steadfast, stable, reliable, dependable, loyal, trustworthy, persevering, patient, deliberate, persistent, enduring, consistent, determined, artistic, aesthetic, love the beauty of nature, domestic, placid; materialistic, conservative, possessive, overcautious, acquisitive, too security oriented, stubborn, stuck in a rut, fixed in their ways, bull-headed, sluggish, torpid, lethargic, self-indulgent, lazy, passive, uncontrolled appetites.

Gemini -
Key phrase: “My need to communicate with and learn from others”
Qualities: mental, intelligent, bright, learns easily, witty, curious, inquisitive, alert, logical, rational, knowledgable, literary, fluent, studious, communicative, verbal, talkative, articulate, sociable, linking, jack-of-all-trades, adaptable, flexible, dual, versatile, clever, dexterous, lighthearted, inventive, changeable; superficial, spacy, shallow, overly abstract, intangible, over-intellectualizing, diffusive, unemotional, wordy, gossiping, nosy, imitative, fretful, master of none, inconsistent, scattered, noncommittal, indecisive, nervous, high-strung, capricious, fickle, restless, impatient, flighty

Cancer -
Key phrase: “My need to give and receive emotional warmth and security”
Qualities: emotional, feeling, receptive, sensitive, psychic, gentle, tender, vulnerable, sympathetic, nurturing, providing, caring, sustaining, protective, maternal, feeding, domestic, patriotic, shy, retiring, collecting, tenacious, oriented toward the past, retentive; insecure, moody, defensive, over-emotional, non-trusting, hypersensitive, touchy, brooding, smothering, clinging, consuming, overprotective, dependent, fearful, timid, clannish, withdrawn, grasping, stuck in the past, afraid to let go

Leo -
Key phrase: “My need to creatively express myself and be appreciated by others”
Qualities: self-assured, self-confident, dynamic, powerful, authoritative, radiant, commanding, impressive, majestic, dignified, noble, honorable, regal, royal, proud, thrives on appreciation, a leader, courageous, loyal, self-expressive, creative, dramatic, performing, loving, giving, ardent, magnanimous, warm, big-hearted, generous, playful flamboyant, romantic; prideful, self-centered, vain, selfish, bombastic, overbearing, conceited, stubborn, dictatorial, domineering, haughty, arrogant, pompous, patronizing, aristocratic, grandiose, snobbish, having a superiority complex, childish, egocentric, possessive, demands to be center of attention, melodramatic, extravagant, spendthrift, flirtatious, heartbreaker, tease, doubts own creative abilities

Virgo -
Key phrase: “My need to analyze, discriminate, and function efficiently”
Qualities: practical, efficient, clear, analytical, dividing, differentiating, minute, discriminating, discerning, precise, detailed, exacting, meticulous, dexterous, technical, fastidious, organized, economical, disciplined, skillful, helpful, serving, efficient, dutiful, humble, conscientious, health-conscious, utilitarian, unselfish, sanitary; petty, picky, trivial, skeptical, nitpicking, can’t see the forest for the trees, critical, fault-finding, judgmental, perfectionistic, worrisome, lacking confidence, obsessive-compulsive, workaholic, self-deprecating, neurotic, hypochondriacal, has germ-fetish, self-denying, prudish

Libra -
Key phrase: “My need to cooperate with others and to create beauty, balance, and harmony”
Qualities: relating, sharing, cooperative, partner-oriented, social, agreeable, easygoing, gregarious, affable, considerate, balanced, weighing, just, fair, tactful, diplomatic, charming, meditating, impartial, aesthetic, artistic, refined, beautiful, harmonious, pleasing, well-proportioned, tasteful; dependent, can’t act alone, gives away power to others, indecisive, hesitant, passive, vacillating, inactive, idle, indifferent, fence-straddler, over-compromising, superficial (beauty is only skin deep), vain, overly delicate, imbalanced

Scorpio -
Key phrase: “My need for deep involvements and intense transformations”
Qualities: regenerating, transforming, cathartic, giving birth, complex, metamorphosing, healing, renewing, musical, penetrating, probing, researching, joining, piercing, erotic, sexual, intense, magnetic, powerful, emotional, mysterious, occult, hidden, deep, complex, psychological; power-hungry, destructive, violet, annihilating, sarcastic, death-oriented, obsessive, fixed, extremist, excessive, overwhelming, lustful, desirous, jealous, possessive, resentful, revengeful, vindictive, cruel, secretive, non revealing, deceptive, paranoid, suspicious, distrustful, repressed

Sagittarius -
Key phrase: “My need to explore and expand the horizons of my mind and world”
Qualities: wise, understanding, sage-like, philosophical, aspiring, metaphysical, ethical, idealistic, religious, visionary, moral, truth-seeking, open minded, optimistic, hopeful, jovial, expansive, buoyant, generous, benevolent, philanthropic, merciful, tolerant, exploring, adventurous, wandering, seeking, freedom loving, frank, outspoken, truthful, speculative, loves animals, athletic; condescending, pompous, head to high in the clouds, ungrounded, self-righteous, zealous, opinionated, dogmatic, deluded, has blind faith, impractical, a false prophet, looks to lady luck, extravagant, indolent, wanderlust, scattered, exaggerating, excessive, seeking a free lunch, irresponsible, tactless, insensitive, wasteful, restless, gambling

Capricorn -
Key phrase: “My need for structure, organization, and social accomplishment”
Qualities: organized, practical, responsible, disciplined, dutiful, conscientious, structured, systematic, hardworking, mature, law-abiding, dependable, industrious, pragmatic, realistic, constructive, administrating, planning, patient, orderly, deliberate, methodical, efficient, cautious, prudent, frugal, reserved, striving, accomplishing, attaining, ambitious, achieving, successful, recognized; controlling, conservative, obsessed with order, compulsive, guarded, overcautious, rigid, fearful, miserly, materialistic, distrustful, restricted, inhibited, pessimistic, constricted, unemotional, undemonstrative, lacking spontaneity, cold, guilty, repressed, unimaginative, self-doubting, melancholy, opportunistic, calculating, over-ambitious, Machiavellian, manipulating, self-seeking

Aquarius -
Key phrase: “My need to be innovative, original, and to create social change”
Qualities: reforming, progressive, liberal, humanitarian, democratic, universal, philanthropic, altruistic, tolerant, friendly, social, gregarious, people-oriented, independent, freedom-loving, original, bohemian, eccentric, experimental, unorthodox, unusual, unconventional, innovative, revolutionary, futuristic, progressive, New Age, mental, intuitive, inventive, quick, brilliant, electric, scientific; disorganized, anarchistic, undisciplined, rebelling without a cause, fanatical, tearing down but providing, no alternative, opinionated, unreasonable, deviant, overly eccentric, a crank, antisocial, impractical, strange, avoiding the present, negligent, thoughtless, erratic, unpredictable, inconsistent, impersonal, detached, aloof, unthinking

Pisces -
Key phrase: “My need to commit myself to a dream or ideal and work toward its realization”
Qualities: unifying, dissolving, boundless, subtle, infinite, flowing, amorphous, refined, imaginative, dreamy, poetic, emotional, inspiring, idealistic, utopian, visionary, romantic, mystical, intuitive, spiritual, otherworldly, ethereal, universal, transcendental, atonement, impressionable, mediumistic, receptive, absorbent, sensitive, psychic, empathic, compassionate, empathetic, healing, gentle, sympathetic, sacrificing, surrendering, humble, unselfish, retiring, renouncing; nebulous, confused, chaotic, unconscious, vague, drifting, intangible, unreal, illusory, impractical, unrealistic, insubstantial, ungrounded, dual, fictitious, delusional, cloudy, indolent, chimerical, deceptive, secretive, reclusive, self-destructive, vulnerable, gullible, indiscriminate, passive, indecisive, procrastinating, escapist, vacillating, hypersensitive, misunderstood, martyred, melancholy, moody, suffering, victimized, lacks faith in self

Houses (represent where in life the planetary action is taking place):

1st - self awareness, how others see you, personality, mannerisms, outer behavior, persona, mask, physical appearance, early childhood, home environment, health, self-expression

2nd - relationship to substance, finances, possessions, attachments, survival needs, material security, self-acquired wealth, attitudes towards the aforementioned.

3rd - communication with the environment, mental activity, routine, transmitting and receiving information, intellectual endeavors, short journeys, relatives, neighbors, siblings

4th - establishing foundations, home, a protected and secure environment, family, traditions, your roots, heritage, and background. Emotional security and wholeness, the private self, introversion, private life.

5th - creative self-expression and all creative extensions of yourself, children, the arts, dance drama, theater, music, personal love, romance affairs, play, recreation, pleasure, entertainment and relaxation, games, sports, hobbies, speculation, investments, gambling.

6th - self-improvement, personal reorientation, growth through crisis or sickness, analytical introspection, readjustment, purification, general state of health, care of the body, hygiene, nutrition, daily work environment, employment, work and labor, self-discipline, skills, service as a means of healing self and others, love and kindness to animals.

7th house - completion through others, what you seek in others, one to one or small group relationships, marriage, personal attributes of the marriage partner, dealings with others, business partnerships, competition, projection

8th house - transformation, emotional consequence of a relationship, intense unions, sexual activities, death and rebirth, investments, inheritance, psychic research, the world of the occult, nature’s secrets, deeply felt peak experiences, personal unconscious, psychology, attitudes towards growth and change, letting go.

9th - expansion of awareness, the search for meaning, the “higher” or superconscious mind, collective thinking, philosophy, metaphysics, religion, your belief systems, ethics, morals, philanthropic philosophic and spiritual tendencies, travel to distant lands, interests in foreign countries and people, long journeys, far reaching communication, higher education, law, drug trips, teachers, gurus.

10th - social integration, public life, your standing in the community, career, business, status, social recognition, achievements, accomplishments, reputation, authority and authority figures.

11th - social reform, group involvement, collective endeavors, clubs and organizations to which you belong, social causes, ideals, and progress, common good, impersonal love, altruism, your friendships, your hopes, wishes, dreams, and aspirations.

12th - transcendence, the end of a cycle where you must deal with unfinished business and resolve past karma, and come to terms with unresolved issues. The accumulated results of all the previous house issues. Ghosts from the past , restraints, restrictions, places of confinement, prisons, hospitals, OR freeing yourself from past restrictions, transcending karma through grace, attaining inner peace, rendering compassionate service through humanity. Self examination. OR psychological escapism, self undoing, troubles, worries, sorrow, pain, bereavement. Aspects of yourself most hidden from conscious awareness and others, the shadow.

Source: Astrology for Yourself by Demetra George and Douglas Bloch

Since it’s been proven women can do the same work as men, now we must prove men can do the same work as women– express emotion, raise children, embody compassion. Humanity is waiting for it.
—  Allison Williamson
Your mental, emotional & psychological health come first. Its hard to do anything if your mind is ill. Take care of yourself.
—  Daily Thoughts~PhoenixRysin

oh lord queenie goldstein is so pure so good so kind. she’s seen some shit but she greets the world with a smile and a cup of cocoa. she could be so jaded and bitter about the fact that most men think what jacob was thinking when they first see her. hell she’s probably had to hear what they imagine about her. 

but nope. she’s kinda and caring and clever as all hell to boot. she knows who to bat her eyes at to get away with things, she knows just how to play off knowing things so that no one really suspects anything of her. 

god i love her so much

She courageously and unapologetically walked away from everyone and everything that meant her no good.
—  Lalah Delia
Compassion hurts. When you feel connected to everything, you also feel responsible for everything. And you cannot turn away. Your destiny is bound with the destinies of others. You must either learn to carry the Universe or be crushed by it. You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors.
—  Andrew Boyd, Daily Afflictions: The Agony of Being Connected to Everything in the Universe