anybody else got tears in their eyes bc hunk started out as terrified of most everything and is now so brave and faces the dangers he talks about head on because even though space is scary in the end he feels it’s worth it to help people because he has such a big fucking heart and a big fucking brain and he’s so valuable and important and what the FUCK i’m crying

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In love

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Irene: cos’è questo tumulto all’interno del mio cuore? Ah, si, Amore.

Vediamo. Mi sono innamorata di mortali, città e regioni e altre cose con il passare dei secoli.

Non è mai stato semplice, poche volte sono stata ricambiata e se guardi nella definizione di friendzone c’è la mia foto sotto ser-mai-una-Jorah. 

L’Impero romano? Mi ha ignorata. Tancredi? Ha fatto una brutta fine. Roma? Uguale. Napoli? Non ne parliamo. Maria D’Enghien? Era sposata. Ho avuto una gioia con Zimbarello, ma è rimasto tutto sul piano platonico, ma così platonico che mi ha quasi finito una basilica, prima che la morte lo cogliesse.

Il mio unico fedele amore è rimasta la pizzica, almeno lei rimarrà con me finché ci saranno strumenti musicali.

Filippo: Non mi ricambiaaaaa uuuuuhhhhuhuuh

Everything in this realm is fading,
shades replace shapes
and faces;
the construct of tangibility is lost –
I can’t feel    //    I can’t     f  e  e  l
       past the sense of touch
                  any longer.
Lost –
                           the anger, the rage;
                          the wars I’ve waged
            and the walls I’ve breached
            in order to
Lost –
                         the fear, the anxiety;
                    the necessity of footing
      under jittery footsteps, applied
      in an effort to
                                                   to you.
Lost –
                         the love, the passion;
                         the undying energy
which created this world around us;
which allowed me to
                            your face,
                                    your lips,
 and hold you
            in an embrace
                     that would last a
All is lost – and as I wake I realize
my dreams now resemble
the hollow shell of
the man that
I am
                         after slaughtering
              every single emotion
                 in order to let go
                           of you.
It’s cruel to find that all that made me
         human only ever wanted
                     to love you.
—  “The hollowing”, by M.A. Tempels © 2017
Arms spread wide; for a second I can fly
and breach this gibbet of lifeless grey
that left my bones petrified, so am I –
statue no more, if only for a day.
I live to believe that I’m made of stars;
that I too can achieve to touch the sun,
but I find the light only burns my scars
so I toss this dream before it’s begun.
With arms spread wide I close my eyes
( for the last time, I tell myself clearly ),
yet while every atom repetrifies
my heart bleeds for those I do love dearly.
Surface tension breaks, I– the brimming cup;
red wells from my mouth, at last – I look up.
—  “Marble turned atoms”, a Shakespearean sonnet by M.A. Tempels © 2017