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name :  Nat.
birthday : December 29th
sexual orientation : Bi bi bi
dad’s name : Chris Jackson David
school status : doing college applications


drink ? : nah
smoke ? : nooo
eat cake ? : heck yes
believe in true love ? : sure
afraid of the dark ? : nope
cat person : !!! YESSSS!!
virgin ? : yea


shampoo : ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  
disney song : “made of stone” from the hunchback musical or “shadowland” from the lion king musical
actress / actor : kyle scatliffe and daveed diggs (kyle is my fav but he’s also my friend so)
car : I don’t drive so idk. No cares. I hate cars.
person / people : kyle, again. and my friends at school.
type of weather : spring weather
90’s sitcom : ehhh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  


what is your special talent / skill as a roleplayer ? : for ocs, I think it’s fleshing out their backstories/world building
what is your favourite type of roleplay genre and why ? :
 angst and character development, because. yes.
why did you pick your muse ? : Piper was originally a weird hybrid of the Doctor and my strange 9th grade mind. I brought him back for this because I killed him in my old group and I missed him.
if you could write any other muse, but know you don’t have the muse for him/her- who would it be ? : My other OCs who I used to play. Also Jones, a NPC I wrote for a thread with @romulusistheempire who I may still make a blog for anyway.
what would be your warning label to other roleplayers ? : fickle muse, either replies instantly or two weeks later, probably wants to be friends with you but also doesn’t know how to start conversation. bad at plotting.
what is your favorite episode / scene of your muse ? : He’s an OC, but my favorite thread scene I’ve done is the letter writing with @empathicstars
what crack ships do you have for your muse ? :  fuck idk.

what is your senpai blog for someone who has the same muse as you ? : he is. an oc. omfg. but still my top four are @romulusistheempire @empathicstars @doctoronstandby and @emotiionisms. my loves, piper’s loves. <3
one random fact you wish was a fact but isn’t : I want to teach theatre and make a difference but :///

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seing other peoples negative, crazy emotiions triggers me, like, you know, artsy depression blogging, it’s not wrong to, of course it’s not, but i romanticize, and i, say, well, i want to cut myself up too, you know, i wwant to rip my skin open, too, i want to get fucked too, i want to put my hand inside my chest cavity and puncture my lungs too, i want to hurt too. but i guess, not being elated and full of energy doesn’t mean i have to rip my arms off. i guess not being able to fix everything doesn’t mean i’m doing a bad job. i guess i’m not doing horribly. i guess i’m not dying.

Love me some Tom Jones🔥🔥. But can we just talk about her expression😶. I think her necklace was tied too right around her turtleneck & she lost all feeling & emotiion😂😂. Other observations: Tom always used small microphones🎤like that. Does anyone know why? I don’t know it if was for technical or audio or aesthetics. I don’t know anything about microphones. It’s just something I’ve noticed about him. I notice random things like that. It’s both a blessing & a curse😊 #tomjones #soulmusic #blueeyedsoul #britishsoulmusic #rnb #singersongwriter #lulusplaylist by lulu.says https://www.instagram.com/p/BBg9odIK5up/
Blue-eyed soul (also known as white soul) is a term sometimes used for rhythm and blues and soul music performed by white artists.


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