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An Emoji Spell that everything will be alright.

No matter what, you will be safe, happy, and flourishing. Do not fear loss or pain, as nothing will come that you cannot overcome. This is just a process.

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What does the winky face mean to you?
This is a survey by Gretchen McCulloch of All Things Linguistic, based on an initial twitter poll https://twitter.com/GretchenAMcC/status/832681971075526656

I started asking people on twitter how they used the winky face emoticon or emoji, and found a surprising amount of disagreement about whether it indicates flirting, simply joking, both, or something else. 

So I decided to make a survey with a couple extra questions to see if we can figure out what correlates with each meaning. 

You can see other people’s responses as soon as you fill it out.