au: you, being a self-proclaimed “experimental chef” in your spare time, try out a new recipe for dinner for Luke and the rest of the band before you have to leave. needless to say, they order out pizza and tell you that your food was fantastic and they ate every bite.

hi so me and some cuties wanted to start a new group of bffs so here it is!

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  • lately ive been seeing post from the 5sosfam about them not having a big group of friends so denali emmi and i thought we should make this network where we could all have a special bond and be family to each other heheh
  • mbf the super rad admins: Amy Denali and Emmi 
  • reblog this post *likes are bad*
  • you can like to bookmark tho
  • be an active blog thats at least 70% 5sos
  • and thats pretty much it heheh
Increase Your Chances: 
  • come talk to us i swear we are nice
  • tag #5sosfamilynp in a post telling us why we should pick you
  • make us stuff! imagines/edits/manips etc. *post these in the tag #5sosfamilynp so we see them *you can also tag our urls !*
  • make us laugh
Perks of Being In The 5sos Fam:
  • new bestest friends you can talk to anything about !
  • people to reblog your selfies !
  • people to so rates/ships/promos etc. with !
  • tons of new followers !
  • a spot on the super rad network pg
  • group chats and tinychats !
  • exchange of snapchats/instagrams/twitters etc. !
  • people to cry about 5sos with !
  • talking about anything such as tv shows etc. !
  • did i already say best friends :——)

DISCLAIMER: if you are picked for this group u must be willing to be best friends bc you will be stuck with us forever

We will pick blogs when this gets a decent amount of notes 

We could choose anywhere for 10-15 blogs hehe maybe even more :D

ignore this if it gets no notes opps