Can I just say ?? I’m really glad Namjoon did the behind story broadcast. It really showed us how important their music is to them and how much of an emotional rollercoaster it was to make this album. Touching on personal subjects from Hoseok’s thankfulness for his mother’s sacrifices, to Jungkook’s struggle to show his hyungs he was having a hard time, to Seokjin being self aware of his incapability of being the best at what he does. It’s all so intimate to each of the members lives and Namjoon touched on that in great depth. He really didn’t have to tell us all this but he still did bc he wanted us to know just how genuine they have been to us. The boys have gone through so much and they don’t ever want to take our support for granted, and that’s really what Namjoon was trying to explain. Bangtan is in a high place right now but it hasn’t changed their feelings of gratefulness towards their fanbase and everyone around them.


  • The sheer silence and the piano themed music as we caught the first glimpse of Aaron and Robert laid trapped in the car as the water level rose - it was so haunting and sent shivers down my spine. 
  • Robert’s alarmed tone of voice as he awoke and realised where he was - his instant reaction was to yelp after Aaron and I swear my heart got tore apart there and then.
  •  The genuine intense crying fear coursing though Aaron’s veins as he screamed he was stuck with the voice of a frightened, injured little boy - his eyes on his other half the whole time. 
  • Robert’s face as he watched his attempts fail and all the hope drain from his lover’s face.
  • The soothing voice Robert holds only for Aaron to calm him down, reassure him, stop him panicking and make him feel safe returning once again - he was trying his best to erase that horror and pain with every damn bone in his body. 
  • Aaron telling him he loves Robert, twice because in that moment he thought he was going to die and he needed him to hear those three words that he hasn’t said enough.
  • Aaron remaining such a selfless angel throughout his entire traumatic ordeal - putting Robert first as he demands he go before he loses consciousness, and even thinking of Lachlan despite his disgusting behaviour and initial rage. 
  • Robert not giving up, him being determined to stay whilst Aaron goes the complete opposite “I’m not leaving you” there was no way Robert was ever leaving even if that meant he was going under with him THE EXTENT OF THEIR LOVE IS BEYOND SOULMATE LEVEL! 
  • THAT UNDERWATER KISS, he gave him oxygen to survive and needed to savour that moment - just let that sink in (soz about the insensitive pun).
  • Robert diving out the water with Aaron in his arms, desperate and frantic but with only one thought on his mind - to save Aaron’s life. 
  • Vadam beside them, Adam following into and out of the water, my four faves together in heart-wrenching, terrifying circumstances but together none the less and Adam breaking down in the ambulance begging his best friend to never leave him - I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much. 
  • Robert jumping right back in the water to go get Lachlan despite the bad blood between the pair - don’t you DARE tell me that man doesn’t have a heart. 
  • Robert barely being out of the water as he clocked Lachlan - his help turning to threatening fury as he protected the man laying on a stretcher, the man he can’t be without. 
  • Robert holding back the tears in the car with Vic as he demands he goes straight to the hospital to see Aaron again - to know he’s alive, to stay with him every step of the way.
  •  The fact not long ago Aaron thought he had nothing to live for and even wished death upon himself but fast forward to his current state of mind, where he’s happy and in love, and he’s never been so scared to die - the tables have turned because the one man who changed everything was sat beside him.