genji’s dance emote syncs up pretty well to certain songs

  • you: why are you crying
  • me: sam vimes went from a man who looked the other way and drank to forget all the injustice in the world to a man who's such a powerful force for justice that he can stop wars before they start and still make it home in time to read his son a bedtime story

I was gonna say ‘That was an amazing finale, even if you don’t consider Bellarke’ but then I realized that literally CAN’T be said.

Because they were the heart of this episode, like they are for the entire show.

The last scene, Clarke saying Bellamy’s name and not anyone else’s, not even Raven’s, into the radio proves it. That girl is in love and Bellamy, he might think she’s dead, but he’s living for her and her sacrifice and what she did to help them survive. He’s not letting her go in vain.

Shit, I’m sobbing. This is going to end up being the best love story ever told.

moments in ‘dear evan hansen’ that make me cry:
•waving through a window
•evan writing THE letter
•murphy’s telling evan about connor
•for forever
•cynthia murphy
•every mention of connor
•evan’s rehearsed speech
•you will be found
•heidi hansen
•every moment ben platt looks sad
•'did you fall? or did you let go?’
•connor murphy
•words fail
•evan about to tell heidi about his ‘accident’
•the finale
•every ‘dear evan hansen’
•like every other fucking moment of this show
•all I see is tears, for forever

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M!A now you can feel emotions for 15 asks >:3 (srry for me bad english)

[ So I’ve come up with a sort of… story/event type of thing, hope you guys are cool with that. Kicked off by this, but because it’s an event, I’m changing the ‘for 15 questions’ to ‘whenever the story is over and the mod feels like returning Bendy to his emotionless state of bliss’.

Also this will be slightly less haha funny and a little more Angsty Bullshit ™, so if any of y'all ain’t a fan of that, you can block the Emotions Event tag. Probably won’t last very long anyway. ]