It’s okay to hate anyone who hurts you.  If they didn’t mean it, it’s on them to prove it and make it up to you. And that is not done by insulting you further and pretending you’re “too sensitive” or “can’t take a joke”. If hurting you is a joke to them they deserve to be hated and kicked out of your life.
constructed emotional responses
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>my mom:</b> *tells me about the death of a family member who I am not close too*<p/><b>me internally:</b> ok gotta choose a good emotional response that I can mimic. Tears?? No, I can't fake cry. I can show surprise, because yeah I'm pretty surprised. Hmm, ask multiple questions. How? Where? Nice nice. Empathy? Nope, don't have the energy to do that. Sympathy? yeah I can do that, they meant a lot to my mom and I love my mom. In conclusion, shock and sympathy. Use that to cover the fact that you don't have any emotional response to her passing.<p/></p><p/></p>

nobody “allows” themselves to be abused, you think abusers are waiting for the fucking permission? they’re not waiting for anything they’ll jump at any chance to abuse and then fucking pretend nothing even happened! or that the victims deserved it by just existing! victims have a  lot of better things to do than to make sure that in their entire lives nobody gets the chance to abuse them, and it’s impossible too because abusers generate those chances, they make sure the chances are there, they make sure victims are unable to escape or even realize that abuse is going on! victims are victims precisely because they get no control over what’s going on! nobody sure as hell asks them for permission! It’s insane to blame victims for merely existing in a hostile environment where all their energy and time is spent on desperately trying to protect themselves! blame abusers for being predatory opportunist hateful narcissistic pieces of shit and generating that kind of inhumane environment!


jensen & misha jib panel (p1)

(p2) misha talking abt jens getting emotional, & jensen talks abt it

reminder that jensen dealt with depression (which everybody ignore) so was obviously affected personally. also reminder that he get’s attacked by so called fans regulalry, as does misha (like when they started yana). 

(p3) last part +closing ceremony

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