one direction is so much more than a band to me - it’s long distance friendships and excited text messages, shared interests and deeply personal talks, it helped me gain a sense of self and allowed me an escape when things become tough and i’m so so grateful that they were formed 6 years ago !!!


Season 8 is the final season of The Vampire Diaries (there are gonna be 16 episodes in total)

Stiles’ Letter to Lydia:

Dear Lydia, 

There’s not much time. If you’re reading this then I’m already gone, and chances are you have no idea who I am. Honestly, just the thought stirs up some kind of ache in me that I’m not creative enough to put into words. That’s more your area. The only way I can even think of describing it, is that it’s a kind of pain that makes me want to lie down and never get back up again. But don’t worry, I know I can’t do that. Because I know if I give up, I’ll never see any of you again. I’ll never see you again. And it’s the thought of you that keeps me going…keeps me hoping. It’s the thought of your face, and the image of your smile, and the reminder of your green eyes that keeps me holding on. So let me explain everything: 

My name is Stiles Stilinski. 

My dad is the Sheriff of Beacon Hills and I’m begging you not to tell him about any of this. As long as he doesn’t remember, he’s safe and he’s happy. He doesn’t need to lose anyone else he loves. Not again. 

Scott McCall has been my best friend for my entire life. He was bitten our sophomore year of high school and Beacon Hills has never been the same since. Scott always puts the needs of others over the needs of himself, even little bastards who can’t be trusted. I need you to remind him that sometimes it’s okay to put yourself first. 

Malia Tate is…I don’t really know what she is. She’s my friend, I think. I hope. Funny enough that despite being a coyote for most of her life, she’s the one who taught me what it truly means to be human. 

And then there’s you Lydia. I love I’m going to wait to tell you how I feel until we see each other again because we will. Smart and beautiful don’t even begin to describe you. How I feel about you goes so beyond looks and intelligence that I don’t even know how to get you to understand it. I sure don’t. I know you’ll find me, there’s not a doubt in my mind that you’ll come. I want to believe that what we have is impossible to erase. If what you feel for me is even a fraction of what I feel for you, there’s nothing that could ever keep us apart. Any of us. The day after Kira left…I told you that it doesn’t matter where we are or where we’re going. We always find each other. So this isn’t a goodbye, this is a “I’ll see you soon,” because I know I will. 

I’ll see you soon Lydia, 


I know we all joke about hating one direction and saying they ruined our lives but y'all, if I hadn’t always had an album coming out in November, tours, a movie, and all the rest to be looking forward to I might not be here right now. I talked myself out of suicide more than once by thinking “one direction’s fourth album will be out this year, you need to stick around for that, girl” or “you’ll be seeing your boys live this year you can’t let those concert tickets go to waste.” I don’t want to think about what could have happened to me had I not clicked on that one direction funny moments video back in 2013, and I’m so thankful that I did. No matter what I say about that band, I love them more than I ever thought I could. Thanks for everything, boys.


In this Invisibilia excerpt on NPR’s Morning Edition, we tell the tale of a mellow Washington, D.C., dinner party that was suddenly interrupted by a man with a gun. “Give me your money,” the man said. Or he would start shooting.

The diners tried to persuade him to back off, but the situation was getting increasingly tense. Then a woman named Christina did something simple yet extraordinary. And that changed everything.

She Offered The Robber A Glass Of Wine, And That Flipped The Script

Video: Manual Cinema/NPR