electra heart is THE most creative and genius pop album there is in the history of music marina’s vision of creating an alter ego that resembles a combination of all the archetypes of women seen throughout pop culture and mocking the public’s judgments by becoming a cold-hearted “character” that thrives on breaking hearts and taking advantage of men and not to mention the 11 part music video storyline that follows electra heart’s “rise and fall”

Keith as the Leader
  • Lance:jfc the galra are everywhere
  • Hunk:guys I'm surrounded this is awful
  • Pidge:Keith what's the plan???
  • Keith:
  • Pidge:Keith? You there? What is the plan?
  • Keith:
  • Pidge:wtf why isn't he answering
  • Lance:guys I saw keith literally eject himself from his lion a few minutes ago because he thought he saw Zarkon through a window I think we're on our own.
  • Allura:*speaking to shiro's spirit* nice job m8 good pick I'll just wait here

i love that the one thing that the fandom can agree on from the sdcc voltron panel is that under no circumstance should keith be allowed to lead the voltron squad


In this Invisibilia excerpt on NPR’s Morning Edition, we tell the tale of a mellow Washington, D.C., dinner party that was suddenly interrupted by a man with a gun. “Give me your money,” the man said. Or he would start shooting.

The diners tried to persuade him to back off, but the situation was getting increasingly tense. Then a woman named Christina did something simple yet extraordinary. And that changed everything.

She Offered The Robber A Glass Of Wine, And That Flipped The Script

Video: Manual Cinema/NPR