Necessary Luxuries

This is my response for the Perc’ahlia Festival of Happiness - this is for @pyrohydriscence, for the prompt “shameless indulgence”.  Fandom: Critical Role, Pairing: Percy/Vex, Rating: Gen.  About 1800 words.  On AO3.

Florian’s False Field is a practice range six miles outside of Emon: five miles northeast, and one mile more or less directly down.  Admittance to the range grants a patron access to four open ranges of various terrain and difficulty, two maintained practice lanes, the services of a practiced wizard capable of creating illusory targets and challenges, and six hours of utter discretion.

As such, admittance comes at the steep price of 1000 gold per person, limiting attendance at Florian’s False Field to those of means.  

Percy and Vex spend a day at Florian’s together every four weeks, like clockwork.  

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Who Tells Your Story (Only a Matter of Time)

This is a fic that I never thought I’d finish, then ep. 68 kicked me into high gear - no spoilers here, but I wanted to post this while it still couldn’t be proven wrong by established canon. Hope you enjoy! *less than three*

Summary: The Chroma Conclave has fallen, and Emon is bustling with a festival to celebrate the downfall of the mighty beasts who had threatened Exandria. But while many tales of the heroes who slayed the Conclave are incomplete and hyperbolized in their retellings, one woman knows the true story and is willing to share.


It was nearing evening in the city of Emon, the sun’s rays still shining bright and clear over the streets, though the orb dropped lower in the sky with each minute, the lanterns on the thoroughfares soon to be lit with the coming dusk. A crowd gathered in the central square where booths were set up for treats and trinkets, tables placed in small clusters for games of chance and longer rows for eating and drinking contests. The Festival of Heroes was still in swing, and the streets were full of laughter and merriment as the fifth and final day of the festival celebrating the destruction of Thordak, the Cinder King, and his Conclave came to a slow close.

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Valentine’s Day has come one week early~!!!
This time we choreographed to Emon’s “Dreamin Chuchu”~!!!