DC Comic’s Cassandra Cain Batgirl and Marvel Comic’s Silk over a moon night. The only two Asian American female Superheroes from the big two USA comic book companies to ever get their own comic book series. Fits well with today being International Women’s day and the ‪Beijing 20 hashtag‬ being using on twitter since they are both asian female superheroes

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Breaking into comics professionally

I don’t think I could say it any better than CB Cebulski already has. I can say, however, it’s a whole lot easier to get your comic out there for all the world to see using comiXology submit. For more info on getting your work onto our platform, click here. If you’re talking about working in the comics industry but not as a creator, I know we’ve got some job openings here at comiXology! If you get a job here, not only will I let you dig through the giant stack of comics on my desk, but I will tell you where to get the world’s best sandwiches according to a sign above a sandwich shop. 


Laura Matsuda from Street Fighter V in a Brazilain Jiujutsu gi inked and colored. I based her gi on her in game color scheme. I try to follow how the current trends of BJJ uniform have a lot of patch and designs on them. Pose is based on Rener Gracie’s video on how to pose with a locked black belt.


Gwen Stacy’s Spider-Woman from Edge of Spiderverse #2 fighting Dane Dehaan’s Green Goblin in the Clock Tower scene in the Amazing Spider-man 2. Penciled, inked, and colored by me. The clock matches the number Gwen Stacy died in Amazing Spider-man #121

I put the inked version, plus one with the webbing in the background and one without

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Been loving The Flash’s main Villain portryal of Professor Zoom in the CW show. Some might say he is the Reverse! His costume in the TV series has an interesting dirty shading of black over the yellow. ZOOM ZOOM!!


T-Shirt Designs I did for We Love Fine’s Spider-verse t-shirt design contest. I choose to focus on the new asian american superhero Silk, aka Cindy Moon since she was my favorite new character out of the Spider-verse event. Which is your favorite?


Chinese new year illustration by me. Since I live in a some what chiense community I know when that time of the year comes around and when I used to work in the police department I used to get red envelopes with pretty designs from my chinese Sargent back in the day. Plus one year ago i drew my 1st all digital illustration drawing also for chinese new year and the new Street Fighter V game is coming out this month. Anyways Happy year of the Monkey 2016 to all my asian friends who celebrate!


Minor redesigning of Marvel Comic’s version of Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6. Sudden changed like taking away the high heels, giving her a red belt for clarity, more asian looking face, smaller breast, making her jacket more of a military style, a Japan flag on her jacket, added a kanji on the back of her jacket, moved her Cat tattoo from her lover back to her shoulder, covering her chest more with a sport bra, and making her overall more muscular.


A very short animated After Effects Scene of my Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice fan art.

Drawn and animated by me.


Penciled and inked on the blank cover variant of Avenger Issue #1 from 2013 with Thanos and Ultron. Avengers owned by marvel. I made Ultron say “I got no Strings” since it’s a line he says from this year's San Diego Comic Con Avengers 2 trailer. Thanos’ line came form the end of Avengers 1 from his lackey.


Individual close ups of Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman and Harry Osborn Green Goblin. Inked, penciled and colored by me