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Modified Cupid - SassySalchow (diedraechin) - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov
Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Victor Nikiforov, Yuri Plisetsky, Vicchan (Yuri!!! on Ice), Christophe Giacometti, Christophe Giacometti’s Boyfriend, Christophe Giacometti’s Cat, Phichit Chulanont, Puma Tiger Scorpion - Character, Potya (Yuri!!! on Ice)
Additional Tags: Pole Dancing, Meet-Cute, Alternate Universe - Different First Meeting, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Viktor’s POV, Identity Reveal (just a little), Yuri crushing on Yuuri, Texting, Embedded Images, for the texts, because emojis were important to me, Edited by Io

Viktor didn’t know what he was expecting when Chris decided to get married out of the blue, but it most certainly wasn’t meeting an extremely gorgeous man. Who was also the skater for Japan. Who also pole danced.

d.va: hey lena you wana play a game

tracer: Game? 😂😂 LIFE 🌿 isn’t ❌😒 a GAME 🏏👾🎮 but if it was, i’d WIN 💯🏅🏆🎖 Bc I’m 🔛 that daily 🗓📈 Grind 💪🏽😤 out Here Chasin Dreams 💫🏃 So 🙇 🗯 stop ❌⛔️ Playing Games 😝🎮 Bc the world 🌎 could always use more ⬆️ HEROES ✨💥⚡️ #Overwatch⛽️🅰🆖 RIP Mondatta 😔🙏👼🤖⚰

two types of the signs, mostly based on people i know


type 1 - “i’m an aries!”, loud, starts driving before everyone has their seatbelt on (or before people even get in the car), loves cooking but usually just buys everything from the store and pretends they put hard work into it, hard to tell if they’re stupid or smart.

type 2 - takes 100 selfies in a row, does really cool makeup, doesn’t believe in school, “this musical artist is SO under appreciated.”


type 1 - down to earth, has neat handwriting and doodles in class, patient, bird-lover, likes making flower crowns, laughs a lot.

type 2 - show-off, amazing memory, can be an edgy people-hater, loves yelling, gives people weird nicknames.


type 1 - two-faced, feels like they need something in return for their actions, cares more about bagels than people, the friend who everyone worries about.

type 2 - loves reading, kind and supportive but awkward about it, the type of person you call when you need advice, snappy when they’re being interrupted, watches 5 tv shows at a time.


type 1 - down for literally any adventure, cries or has a breakdown while eating, doesn’t realize some things they do are harmful to themselves but can sense when others have a problem.

type 2 - talks very fast, takes on any task without a problem, loves talking about themselves, can probably do 10 backflips in a row, moody, sends smiley emojis in every text message.


type 1 - attention-seeking, wants everyone to respect them, says “lol” out loud, laughs at their own stories but sometimes forgets to listen to others, animal lover, a good role model.

type 2 - genuinely cares about their friends and checks up on them always, super chill and easygoing, fashionable, gives great hugs, someone you go to when you’re sad.


type 1 - shy, gentle, awful at explaining things and you really never know what they’re talking about, offers everyone gum, knows all the lyrics to every song they listen to.

type 2 - anxious about tiny things but ignores huge problems, cares so much about others that it gets annoying, likes to redecorate or organize their room for fun, loans you a pencil and forgets to ask for it back.


type 1 - movie expert, likes when people laugh at their jokes, untrustworthy but somehow you trust them anyway, casually shares deep secrets or personal information randomly like it’s no big deal.

type 2 - doesn’t like opening up or sharing feelings, artistic and individualistic, doesn’t have problems with anyone or anything.


type 1 - calm/quiet and very open minded, loves the ocean, nice but when provoked they turn into a whole other person (who is terrifying), very passionate about their interests.

type 2 - doesn’t ever know what’s happening, suspicious and questions others’ motives, either loves someone or hates them, never shares secrets. ever.


type 1 - plays at least 3 musical instruments, likes being right, theater kid, extrovert one minute and introvert the next, opens up to others and immediately regrets it.

type 2 - angsty teen attitude, has strong opinions, blames problems on others, maybe has a heart deep down?


type 1 - makes fun of everything, the most extroverted friend, pretends like they don’t care about others’ opinions but deep down is extremely self-conscious, forgetful, funniest jokes.

type 2 - honestly? a real fucking pain in the ass.


type 1 - feminist, nature lover and very free spirited, knowledgeable and factual, has a silly side, cool hair, can listen to all your problems but will never know what to say.

type 2 - can be cold but they are just trying to protect themselves, has one character/idol that they would literally die for, has probably made up all of the funny stories they tell because they want others to like them.


type 1 - extremely honest but can doubt their beliefs since they try to get along with everyone, generous when it comes to material but will not give up themselves to others.

type 2 - understanding, shy extrovert, great with advice but doesn’t know how to take other people’s advice (asks for help but doesn’t want to), never fully present or in the moment.


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alien emoji rating

I really like aliens so I’ll go ahead and rate my little boys


He looks cute and kind of nice, this shows that aliens do come in piece, the gradient effect gives a 3 D  S P A C E  P I N B A L L feel which is a nice touch. 4/5. He’s really nice, someone give him live stock for his planet.


I’m not sure Google is aware of the popular conception of aliens, but maybe they know something we don’t???? The colors are flat, something that in most cases is not bad, but this time it is, he seeks intelligent life yet he looks as he has no life at all. 1/5.


He’s conventionally attractive and happy for some reaon, I’d let him make patterns in my crops, the T H I C C lines are not the best idea but the glow in his eyes are perfect. Not the best desing choices but I can deal with it. 3/5.


Isn’t this the most visually pleasing gradient ever made by human kind? But not for this guy, he looks like he’s dying cuz can’t breath our oxygen, poor fellow, also his face looks strange, he might as well be Mr. Burns. 3/5. Looks really smug and I bet this kid thinks he’s the smartest guy in the class.


Straight out of the uncanny valley, the face you’d expect to see from a badly written creepypasta edited over an old photo that’s supposed to possess you, looks scary, creepy and offsetting but not in the nice way aliens are supposed to look. Please deport him to his planet. 0/5. Save your children from LG cellphones.


Look at this guy, like LOOK at This gUY!! His cute smile, this lime boy looks so mischievous, probably on space Santa’s naughty children list. The lines, the colors and the E D G E S are so pleasing to the eyes. 5/5. I’d let this guy invade my planet any day and eradicate all sentient matter without hesitation.


He’s scary, creepy and offsetting in the nice way aliens are supposed to be, the soulless eyes and the grey color blend so nice together making him intimidating and also hypnotizing. 5/5. Please take me away with you and use me as a guinea pig for your nefastus plots. 


The colors looks like he’s from a flash animation and his face of utter disgust makes him unpleasant, I’ll take him with my leader because I don’t wanna deal with him. 3/5. You might be ugly, but you’re the designated emoji for most of my chats.


He’s minimalistic and cute, this grey buddy is my friend, please hug him and treat him nicely, he just want diplomatic relations with our planet, give him love and natural resources, he deserves them. 4/5.


This guy is not an alien, he’s a light outlet. He’s nice and is probably that one cousin they sit with you on family gatherings, not because you get along, but because they want you to keep him from doing something stupid like breaking a bowl or causing a nuclear holocaust. 2/5. Sorry Kyle, I’m not your baby sister.


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"bloom with the flowers" spell


to help you grow healthier; mind body and soul, and to not be afraid of showing your vibrancy to the world… just like the blossoming plants.

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APPLE- went the extra mile of adding a sphere of aura in the dragon’s claws, but the final resolution of the image is too small for this to be discerned. while the effort put into detailing this dragon is admirable, overall it lacks character. 4/10

GOOGLE- a special dragon baby. has the rage needed to give the emoji personality while still remaining very cute and unintimidating. is it baring its claws, or reaching for a hug? 10/10

MICROSOFT- stylish lines and the hairdo is a nice touch. however, this dragon looks unsure of its life choices. i hope it is doing ok. 6/10

SAMSUNG- this dragon looks like it came from a 2006 neopets ripoff. 3/10

LG- this one is hard to even read as a dragon. an even more overly rendered version of the original apple dragon emoji, it to be up to no good. 2/10

HTC- while it it is quite clear that we are looking at a dragon, it lacks personality. is this a good dragon, or a bad dragon? who is to say? 5/10

FACEBOOK- very stylish color choices, but falls into the classic trap of adding too many details that cannot be discerned at a low resolution. this dragon also looks like it is up to no good. 5/10

MESSENGER- something is just not right. 2/10

TWITTER- attempts to take the route of providing a dragon that is both cute and angry. however, the coloration and scale placement are not as tasteful as the google emoji. its strange arms cause this dragon to look overly serpentine. 4/10

MOZILLA- builds upon the achievements of all emojis prior. while it lacks legs, it retains a dragon-like look. details such as decorative scales, a ball of aura, and a cute forked tongue have been included. while it does not much with my personal dragon taste, this dragon is doing its best. 9.5/10

EMOJIDEX- this dragon looks so needlessly villainous, even having bushy eyebrows and a beard. it also lacks limbs. 3/10

EMOJIDEX- trash desu. 1/10