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anonymous asked:

ur blog got me to check out ska music and i really like it so far!! and i was wondering if you have any band recommendations? (ur so gorgeous btw??? holy shit *heart eye emoji*)

Honestly that is the absolute greatest achievement I have ever dID

streetlight manifesto!


operation ivy!


Big D and the kids table!

The aquabats!


The Toasters!

B.O.T.A.R (bandits of the acoustic revolution)

The specials!

The selector!


((theres way more but this should be a good kick starter))

also oh my goodness thank you so much you sweet ska kid!!! Heck this made waking up ass early way nicer ahhh I hope you have a great day!!! Im giving you great ska kid hugs telepathically! Also im skanking with you in spirit!!

pleasemakeitgayer  asked:

Oh okay! Thanks for clearing that up! May I request texting just you for Quinn and Estela?

Texting with Quinn:

- Lots of emojis
- Mainly the heart related ones
- You’ll send each other pictures of things you’re doing and things that remind you of one another
- She will send you pictures for all kinds of recipes with “We should totally try this”
- (Always actually trying those things and mini food fights and heated make out sessions ensue)
- “I miss you so much” and “I wish I could hug you right now so badly”

Texting with Estela:

- You can send her texts whenever and she’ll immediately read them all but only responds when necessary
- Doesn’t like technology much so she gives short answers
- Grammar is always correct
- Will correct you on your grammar
- Occasionally sends you really heartfelt messages that make your whole week better
- Sends blurry pictures with cute captions and you don’t have the heart to tell her that you have no idea what’s happening in the picture so you just guess


yuri!!! on ice instagram: yuuri katsuki, viktor nikiforov, & yuri plisetsky

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okay but for real sebastian stan though
when someone asked him if he could hug them really tight he said “of course, that’s what i’m made for!”, he gets bashful and hides his face when he gets complimented and can’t stop the grin that ends up on his face, he made a life long friend on a plane by talking about existentialism to distract from his fear of flying, he calls his mama every single week at least once to check in and see how she is, he tells his friends he loves them publicly which like, might not seem like a big deal but i know men with masculinity so fragile they won’t even use emoji’s bc they think it’s “gay”, let alone tell their other male friends they love them, he calls his fans his friends on the regular like…
he’s just such a good guy??? like genuinely so good and kind hearted and soft??? and the world is so much better with him in it????


yuri!!! on ice instagram: phichit chulanont, leo de la iglesia, & guang hong ji

(part 2/7) (part 1) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5) (part 6) (fancast)