emoji hearts

  • nonbinary people: 💞💗💗💝💘😍😍💓🌸💞💞💗💝💘💓💓❤️❤️💜💖💘💝
  • nonbinary people who partially identify with a binary gender: 💗💓💖💕💘💞💞💝💛💛💗💖❤️
  • nonbinary people who relate to a binary gender/both binary genders at some point: 💖💗💓❣️❤️💘💕💝💞💖💓💘💓
  • nonbinary people who identify with both binary genders: 💗💓💖💕💘💕💘💝💙💙💖💗💖
  • nonbinary people who don't identify or have a connection with binary genders at all: 💘💗💓💖💕💖💘💘❤️💛❤️💜💘💕💖
  • nonbinary people who don't think their connection to a binary gender is an important part of their nonbinary identity: 💗💘💕💙💘💘💗💓💘💕💓💞
  • binary people trying to put nonbinary people into binary boxes: 💔💔💔💔❌❌❌💔💔💔❌❌❌⛔️⛔️⛔️💔💔👎👎👎👎😡😡💔❌👎

tony being a confused puppy after peter refuses his offer to join the team

“2017 is like, the year of getting over your fears and bad stuff to your life. Even though we might have suffered this overall year, just remember, you just gotta believe in your reality and your own goals. It’s okay if we fail, we all make mistakes” - someone??

yay! a new edit!
2017 is almost ending! Here are some good games (others are, uh, bad memes) and stuff! Even though I forget others from 2017, I hope you can enjoy this picture. Happy New Year!