emoji edit

You know all these people saying Taylor lied, or the people that are picking on her, they need to see the whole picture. Like who’s really handling this situation better, honestly. Taylor has been the one thats been quiet, until recently and just spoke up for herself stating the truth . Ya maybe she should’ve spoken up sooner, but Im proud of her for not stooping so low and being immature doing things like posting a bunch of snake emojis, and editing a tape in her favor months later to try and make someone look really bad, and of all places Snap chat. Just to get more followers, including Taylor fans , to try and turn on her. Cause honestly who would you rather? I mean the Kardashians …. Can you think back to the reason they actually really got famous ? Cause I cant only think really , by looks and drama. Even if Taylor has made some mistakes , I’d be more on someones side who got where they are today from hard work, being a good song writer and a great person to their fans. Instead of people who promote beauty products they don’t even use, and from what I hear, aren’t very nice to their fans, and body’s who are faker than the words they use to create drama for their “ reality” tv show ..


Insp: (tfios and divergent)