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idk if u ever read Emogene's journals on the third floor of the Cabot House, but according to them, one could estimate Edward turned ghoul in December of 2077; since u love him, idk if this knowledge was already known so ? thought I'd share

(sorry for the late reply!)

Yeah I read through the terminal, felt so nosy doing it though. He’s been with the family a long time. He basically is a member of the family by now, surely.

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Jack and Edward find a puppy. Jack immediately bonds and takes it home. Edward is just kind of humoring this at first. Jack knows that the puppy can't learn science but he likes explaining his research to it anyway. The puppy grows on Edward, quickly. But he doesn't like to admit it. Eventually he does, or Emogene drags it out of him, and Jack and Edward raise this sweet puppy together. Puppy parent boyfriends. Love you 💕

PUPPIES MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER AAAAAA  (baby animals in general, but I’m a dog person so I especially have a soft spot for puppies)

This is super cute though omg ♥ Imagine them having to adjust to sharing the bed with it x)

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Do you think that Jack ever just kind-of freaks out about how much older he is compared Edward?

Physically I don’t imagine they’re terribly far apart. I’ve always headcanon’d Jack as late 30′s or right near 40. Emogene explained she’s physically 32, and I don’t imagine Jack’s all that much older. I imagine pre-war Edward (in the couple years leading up to 2077) is mid-30′s and in pretty damn good shape (aside from smoking a few cigs here and there).

In regards to actual age, though, I imagine initially there was a lot of questioning. Jack may be old and very intelligent (though don’t get me wrong; I am 110% certain he still throws tantrums and turns into a big ol’ pissbaby on occasion XD) but he knows that he’ll never stop learning new things, and he’s never really been condescending or haughty with Edward in that regard.

Like Edward teaching him to shoot and to fight; Jack knows many things, but he’s not going to turn Edward down just because of how young he is. He knows Ed’s good at what he does, and he knows that he can stand to learn from him regardless of his age.

Edward recognizes this, as well. He wonders (not assumes) when he learns the family’s history if perhaps they’d have an air of superiority because of it. He’s pleasantly surprised when all of them are open to learning things from him; but especially Jack.

After some initial speedbumps, they achieve a nice balance, I imagine. :)

I also hope that made sense XD

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Emogene. Definitely a sister thing to do. With ed popping at lad tickler :p

The longer I pondered it the better it sounded coming from Emogene, yis. Curious, inconspicuous Edward popping up in the background listening in lolol


This comic suddenly popped into my head, but as Edward or even Emogene picking on Jack about his mustache? lol

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What do you think will happen to Edward after Jack dies? Stay with Wilhelmina and Emogene until they both pass? Stay at the house and keep it nice? Or wander the wastes trying to make ache in his chest stop?

He’d probably stay with the family and see out their last wishes to the best of his abilities and lays them to rest, and then I imagine your last sentence more or less nailed what he’d do after the fact. I couldn’t imagine how empty the house would feel with no one in it except for him.

There are so many memories all over that house; he can’t stand to be in it too long before the silence becomes deafening.

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If Jack dies and the real him shows up moments before his death, do you think he would start thanking Edward for killing him/getting the crown off? (Also, poor Wilhelmina and Emogene. Not only did the crown take away Lorenzo, now it took Jack from them.)

I do imagine he’d thank Edward, not just for putting an end to the whole mess, but for everything, and apologize for everything he’s put him and the family through.

Kaomoji Drawing Meme To-Do List
  • Jefferson C2 DONE
  • Edward C5 and Jack D3 DONE
  • Leon Kennedy G2 DONE
  • Edward A1
  • Adrian A2 DONE
  • … me in F1? (I’m flattered ;u; ♥)
  • Emogene A2 DONE
  • Edward G3
  • A1 Jack
  • A5 Preston
  • B3 My choice.
  • G4 Erik the Slayer

I’ll be working on these throughout the week :)