the signs as things my dad has texted me out of the blue
  • Aries: what's the word girly-o
  • Taurus: potties
  • Gemini: you can't accidentally crowd surf
  • Cancer: insert fingers crossed emoge
  • Leo: 💛💐🌸🌷 and for good luck-🍀
  • Virgo: make it dark please
  • Libra: ASAP! Send the banana bread recipe.
  • Scorpio: Hey. Two people that love you. Two people that LIKE you. Two people that miss you.
  • Sagittarius: 3 guys plus you? Exciting
  • Capricorn: wake-e wake-e
  • Aquarius: yesterday's dinner. gas station hot dogs.
  • Pisces: Just had lunch with the lead singer from kings of Leon. No picture, no songwriting request. We are taking our relationship slowly.