Dating Wonwoo (SVT) Would Include:

The first in the series! I will post a few when I think of them but when my askbox reopens you can request them ^^ Hope you all like~

S.Coups // Hoshi // Woozi // Mingyu

  • Takes him forever to confess bc he wants to make sure you’re “the one”
  • But when he decides you are you can expect him to be loyal and treat you like a princess 
  • You get introduced to his parents early bc by the time he confesses you’ve known each other for a while and it’s easy to see he’s madly in love with you
  • And they love you immediately bc you make him so damn happy
  • He’d like someone he could sit in silence with and read with or smth without it getting uncomfortable. 
  • Constant cuddles
  • Mostly him cuddling up to you after a hard day of practice
  • Leading to him falling asleep clinging to your side or even in your lap a lot
  • Sweater paws omg
  • At one point you get couple sweaters so you could have MATCHING SWEATER PAWS!!
  • Waking up to him is the best
  • You always make fun of his bed hair to annoy him but you find it sexy anyway
  • Which deep down he knows
  • Always having to reassure him that his voice is beautiful when he both raps and sings and that he’s doing a good job
  • Him repaying you for the confidence boosts by singing you to sleep
  • Which always works bc his voice makes you m e l t
  • Always catching him staring at you fondly
  • When you catch him he looks away all red and shy
  • So cute omg
  • He always brags about how amazing you are to the members when you’re not around
  • Dates are typically indoors, lazing around, maybe the odd makeout, watching a movie, whatever.
  • Outside dates are casual when they do happen, at little restaurants or ice cream parlors or movie theaters or whatever where there are little people
  • Couple beanies for your 1 year anniversary ;u;
  • Get used to Mingyu
  • Mingyu is around a lot
  • Maybe too much
  • “Mingyu why are you here? Wonwoo is at the studio”
  • “But I didn’t have to be in today”
  • “You know you don’t live with us, right?”
  • “…”
  • FaceTime / Skyping with you when he’s on tour and sometimes crying bc he misses you that much
  • And that makes you cry
  • Big bear hugs, long, slow, loving makeout sessions and a lot of cuddles when you see each other after long time apart
  • You become sexually active after little time bc how do you resist him
  • Rough, kinky sex
  • Extremely lazy sex
  • Sometimes makeup sex
  • Though you don’t fight a whole lot
  • When you do fight he gives you silent treatment for a day or two (but still small gestures like cooking for you or putting a blanket over you when you opt to sleep on the couch bc he still loves you) but then he can’t stand the distance and boom makeup sex (that’s generally all about you bc he feels like an ass) and a lot of apologizing whether he was at fault or not bc he feels bad; instead of talking about it like an adult he ignored you and that makes him feel guilty.
  • Always teases you bc he’s tall
  • Gets you to go over lyrics he’s writing bc he is always so unsure about them even though they’re really good
  • Teasing him about emo!Wonwoo
  • Him getting frustrated
  • You kissing him and being all “But you’re my emo”
  • And then he melts into a puddle of blushes and cheesiness bc yes you just said smth that greasy XD
  • Wears glasses more bc he knows you find them sexy
  • I mean who doesn’t he looks so freaking good in them
  • You always having to stop him dying his hair black
  • Bc it’s already black
  • “But I want it blacker, jagi”
  • PDA is limited to hand holding and maybe a slight peck on the cheek to say hi/bye
  • But behind closed doors
  • Koala Wonwoo doesn’t want to leave you alone :3
  • Constant reminders that he loves you bc he wants it to be crystal clear
  • He cares a lot for you, all in all. When you’re sick he will care for you, and if he has practice he’ll get you to sleep in the dorm just so you’re closer and he can see you easier in breaks. He’ll cook for you and make sure you don’t forget your phone or whatever when you leave for school/work. He loves you a lot as you gained his trust and made shy lil Wonwoo open up and show his true fluffball (/dork) self
  • You can rely on him to love you unconditionally, and of course you love him back with all your heart

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Look at himmm A++++++++++ visuals damn

- Admin Belle

Seokjin as a MLM Boyfriend

Jungkook | Namjoon | Hoseok | Jimin | Seokjin | Taehyung | Yoongi

- he’d buy you both matching sweatshirts, earrings, t shirts 

- baby pink for him and baby blue for you 

- dates would be all out 

- only the fanciest of restaurants with dishes from all around the world 

- you two would be dressed up in your best suits and drinking the most expensive wines

- power couple of the century

- if you were coming over to the dorm, he’d make sure to have a million baking supplies so the both of you could make a cake or muffins 

- but tae and kookie would always steal a few of the treats when you two weren’t looking

- which ended with you and seokjin cornering them both and waving spatulas threateningly at them 

- “but hyungs! your baking is just so good, and you never let us have any so we’re forced to steal!”

- whenever he got a good amount of time for vacation, he’d love to take you to places like Hawaii, where the two of you could relax and soak up the sun

- beach walks at night !!!!! holding hands !!!! sweet kisses !!!!

- i’m emo 

- on said vacations, seokjin would take a million photos of you and the two of you together, a different pose in each one 

- poses include; the famous one from the titanic (taken by a complete random stranger), the two of you kissing, etc

- he’d find literally anything to make a bad pun about

“What do you and this glorious sunshine have in common?”

“You both light up my world!”

- he’d start doing that windshield wiper laugh while you deadpanned him

“Hey babe, guess what?” *can’t finish what he’s saying from laughing so much*

“That straight face is the only straight thing about you!” 

- anyways ,,

- seokjin wouldn’t mind being either the big or little spoon, he’d always let you decide 

- the times where you’d cuddle would be 

- when he was tired from practising dances all day, when you were missing him and just wanted his embrace or when either of you were just in a snuggly mood

- you’d be in his bed, buried beneath blankets and pillows, a funny movie playing in the background, yoongi glaring at you two and making gagging noises whenever you kissed

“can’t you take this somewhere else? please?”

“I’m your hyung.  I can do whatever I want, when I want; and you have to deal with it or leave.”

- every time without fail yoongi would end up taking his laptop to the couch with a huff and a few curses under his breath 

i’m gay i’m emo i’m crying i’m in love 

anyways taehyung is next !!!