emo prince


Name;EliooT ´´Rigel`` Antares


Color: Blue


Height:5,2 ft

Power:Star/Light Control (in the distant future will be Omnipotent)

Personality;Happy but Depressive,Clever,Urbane and Anarchist

Nicknames:Lightightmare,Lil´Blue and Prince Emo

Music Style:Depressive Black Metal/Eletronic

Dance Style:Industrial Dance

do you ever think about the fact that steve trevor didn’t have much faith in humanity or saving people because of the combat he’d seen 

but he met diana and gave up his life to save people because diana restored that faith in him and believed in her ability to save the world. and died with a smile on his face because of her


favorite couples in literature: JUDE DUARTE & PRINCE CARDAN

Cardan looks at me with helpless rage. Then, the full minute of my command up, he rises slowly to his feet. The fury of in his eyes is familiar, the glitter of them like banked fire, like coals burning hotter than flames ever could. This time I deserve it. I promised he was going to be able to walk away from the Court and all its manipulations. I promised he would be free of all of this. I lied.