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right first of fucking all can I just fucking congratulate midoriya izuku, this fucking boy, this selfless son, who took one look at my poor emo boy todoroki and pushed and pushed and pushed until he finally got over his Emo-tions (see what I did there) I just fucking

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i dunno if youve listened to hbhbhb yet but if so that for the ask thing! if not u can do another florence album

i have but half of it has only gotten a single pass rip. my opinion is delilah

so like ceremonials am i right

Favourite Track: can’t choose lmao.. shake it out obv but breaking down and only if for a night get me in a very specific gut punch nostalgia cause i listened to them on a roof once. instant emo(tion) solid tunes
Least Favourite Track: seven devils..i liked it well enough at first but it gets old fast it’s too much. leave my body also gets all funeral dirgey but in a way better way imo
Underrated track: breaking down which is one of my sincere faves but no one gets me on that
Overrated Track: seven devils bold italics underline. i don’t Get It

You hear me talk a lot about the new and full moon and it just so happens that New Years Eve is a new moon. The time of the new moon is a time to breathe in deeply and move into a calm state of mind. In this state, you can watch your emo­tions come and go and not be affected by them. In this calm­ness, you begin to see your life more clearly; you begin to see what is possible.
Now you can tune into your Soul or Higher Self. Stay calm, and let your Higher Self give you a vision of your true purpose.
The new moon is the sym­bol of begin­nings. This is a good time to con­tem­plate upon your true motive. Why are you here on Earth? What did you come here to accom­plish?
These ques­tions tune you into the core of your being. The core of your being is in touch with the great being of the Earth. This aligns you with the dynamic vibra­tion of pur­pose. One def­i­n­i­tion of pur­pose is a goal that you set before your­self that you desire to attain. When that pur­pose has an ele­ment of good­will, it is har­mo­niz­ing with the great being of the Earth.
The moon rep­re­sents the form. This is a time to think about what form you want to cre­ate. If you are already involved in your pur­pose, you can con­sider whether there is any­thing you need to do to adjust your plan to cre­ate a bet­ter form.

25 day Fall Out Boy challenge (24/25): the moment you became a fan

👉🏻 When I realized that they were the kind of band that writes their own music and writes it from the heart. They truly care about their fans and you know they do because of the way they interact with us (you know what I mean). I realized that what they wrote about wasn’t based on one concept, but many. Like a bunch of (emo)tions blended into one song. And I love that. They make music that you can do anything to. It just makes me really happy. THEY make me really happy. They gave me purpose to be the person I am today. And I can’t thank them enough for that.

Runaway Dinosaur 2x20

⚓️❤️😭 Okay so I knew this episode was going to be emotional but bloody hell was it EMO-TION-AL. From the very beginning of Iris’s “Barry’s gone” to What he says to her at the graveyard I couldn’t stop crying. Let’s recap

So Wally wakes up and I was happy I know they become speedsters so I wasn’t worried too much about Jessie not having a heartbeat. But I didn’t like the way Joe barked at Henry to go tend to Jessie, I mean he just lost his son, damn. 

Then cisco vibes that Barry is alive and i knew that but when he says “Barry’s alive” I started crying. I knew he was, but that reassurance sent me into tears. 

Speed Force: 

When Barry said  “so you are saying that i’m talking to the source of my power which just happens to look like my adoptive dad” I nearly lost it. Because we knows he sees Iris in the speed force as well and that is such a damn beautiful thing. 

Iris has always been the voice of reason to Barry, but it broke my heart that the SF made him person non grateful when he was just doing it to save Wally. 

Then we see Henry at the graveyard and I can’t… 

“Do you have any idea how much I’ve done since I was first struck by lightning? How many people I’ve helped with the power you gave me? What I’ve sacrificed?” 

- First off Grant’s line deliverance was OSCAR WORTHY tonight. I cried so hard. The raw emotion he brought forth is the stuff of legends. He is such an underrated actor, I hope that he makes it to the big screen soon and people can see what an amazing actor he is 😭

Barry’s grave scene about Nora has me all sorts of messed up. 

Henry; “Your mother’s death happened to you Barry but have you accepted it? Really accepted losing her? Maybe thats why you couldn’t come here because that would make it real.”

Barry; “I know it’s real. Every day I know. I had a chance to save her, you saw what I chose”  

– it broke my heart to hear Barry blame himself for choosing his life as The Flash over being with his family. He saw that as a weakness but I see it as a strength. He gave up growing up with a mother for a second time so that he could stay The Flash and save people. How is that selfish? Its so honorable.

Then we get the scenes between Barry and Nora and I died. I was already such a mess and then they brought his mom in the speed force!! And then he says “Why are you doing this to me?” and I”m like “I don’t know why baby! But please make them stop. Go home to Iris” 

(^ this moment killed me. I can’t even talk about it. I could barely see the screen my eyes were so blurry from tears. Like dead in a grave. I could not handle how sad he was. It ripped me to pieces) - again beautifully acted

This scene made me cry in a happy way. After all these years he remembered the story. 😭😭😭 … Can Iris get over her dislike for that book so they can read it to Don and Allen in the future please!!!!!! 



BUT THAT GASP THO (Candice well done! ) 

I’m so happy Iris is the first person he hugged!!!! Then they defeat Girder and Henry tells Barry he isn’t going back and leans on his shoulder and its the sweetest thing EVER. 

Barry and Iris go to Nora’s grave and I was watching from the grave. I died 500x over. it was SO PERFECT AND SO BEAUTIFUL. 

First off the way he looks at her is so perfect. Like he is memorizing every inch of her face to make up for the lost time. Which was beautiful in it’s self and then He drops this ; 

“Iris, I don’t know what this is between us or where we go from here. All I know is you’re everything to me, and you always have been. And the sound of your voice will always bring me home.”


One of THE BEST episodes of Season 2. I can’t wait for next week. I hope that that shriek from Barry wasn’t who I think it was but we will see. Anyways 

WestAllen is ALIVE and THRIVING. Barry admitted that Iris is his EVERYTHING. she put her hands on her heart after what he said, he kissed her on the cheek and they hugged. GOODNIGHT I’M DONE!!!  

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“Lana Del Rey is a beautiful, shy and intricate human being with a meaningful and sultry voice that connects both emotionally and viscerally. Her style is impeccable and her presence resonates with both curiosity and confidence”