emo rap is still my favorite

ID #60465

Name: Amara
Age: 14(My birthday is June 6)
Country: I’m from Aruba, but currently in the US

oh my god, I suck at these things. Some fun facts about me are:
- I speak about 5 languages (English, Spanish, Dutch, Papiamento, French) I’m learning Russian, fixing my french, learning Italian (I can understand it but can’t speak it), learning ASL, and Japanese but I’d love to keep learning more it’s a weird hobby of mine. So if anyone speaks any language or anything new i’d love to help them with something and they can help me better my speaking.
- I’m basically a 45 year old in a 14 year old body, actually i’m more of a mature 5 year old no in between
- Dogs and cats and pets and aaaaaaaah i cant
-I’m an art kid yo, I go to school for it and study it
- I’m a writer, but incredibly crappy tbh i’m like an angsty, sucky version of maya angelou
-i’m a feminist
- I don’t really have a label for my sexuality it’s just there idk
-I should probs mention i’m a female lmao
-I’m also hella interested in photography
- I have a pretty astonishing vocabulary but I still like to shorten words up bc i’m lazy like that
-I’d love to learn about different cultures
-Oh god my music taste um it ranges from classic rock to indie to rap to the occasional emo vibes (I went through a phase don’t judge me)
- I literally don’t have any favorites, I love twenty one pilots (don’t come to me if you’re a problematic clique member, yelling at me for being a fake fan, i’ve been here since 2014 so let me live) Childish gambino, Odd future (tyler tho yess), Frank ocean, Melanie Martinez, Led zepplin, oh my god i can’t i’d be writing forever honestly if you’re interested in finding out if we like the same music (chances are pretty high) just ask tbh
- I went through phases ( even tho i’m like 2 i have had the fair amount of shitty/weird/amazing experiences in my life) I wan a phangirl at one point, I was obsessed with MCR ect. So if you’re into anything like that rn i’d still minimally fangirl with you bc it’s locked deep in my heart
-BOOKS OH MY GOD I LOVE TO READ from classics like catcher in the rye to more up to date’s like about a boy or Sherlock Holmes or Animal Farm (don’t get me started on george orwell)
- FILMMMSSS, I like to pretend I have some sort of talent and write short films (never actually directed one tho (just for school projects but i’m kind of a geek for it)) but jesus directors like Wes Anderson or Alfred hithcock like nuttt (leave me be)
-fav. genre would probs have to be Psychological Thriller (wow!1!111!! such a kool kid wowza) idk i like movies that make me think and keep me interested (I also love horror but i dont get frightened easily)
- I feel like i’m writing way too much about myself but i’m pretty interesting i guess idk if you want to know more then cmon write to me child.
- I shit you not i’m gonna end up posting it and be like “OOOH WAIT I FORGOT” ya know also i play piano no mo info

Preferences: like under 18 but above 13 ya get me, I don’t want like a pervy person to message me (it’s happened) So as long as you ain’t that I’m fine, also hella open minded bc I do not have time to educate you’re scrawny self smh, If you’re rude i’ll either not respond or i’ll respond so quick bc i do not want to handle that type of bullshit, I’m literally the nicest person ever if you don’t hurt me or people i love (I won a nice award (That’s a lie but if there was a nice comp. i’d be like runner up also i can’t spell for shit and my grammar is horrible)