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my gift for luhan’s 27th birthday 🎂💘 it is small in comparison to all of the things he has given to me but it’s all i can do 💖

oldschool exo-m things
  • peacock gege
  • duizhang
  • romantic kungfu panda ab-style tao
  • baozi
  • the mc who kept hitting on chen
  • that one taiwanese show that ended up exposing all of kris’ kinks
  • lu han and yixing’s late night tea parties
  • six members
  • yixing being bffs with the happy camp hosts
  • chen is chinese
  • lu han is korean
  • chensing machine
  • yixing popping on every show
  • xiumin and lu han being football/shopping/coffee bros
When Their Girlfriend/Crush Comes to Their Door Bruised and Broken

So before I start this react I just want to say something. It doesn’t matter what gender you are or identify as, if you are the subject to abusive you need to try and help yourself. It doesn’t matter if it is from family, a boyfriend/girlfriend, or a spouse you need to to try and get away from the perpetrator of this behavior. Abusive behavior escalates and only grows worse. I have had too many friends tell me sickening and terrible stories about the abuse they suffered through. Don’t wait. Don’t hope it will get better. Distance yourself, heal. If you still want to reconcile after that, do it in a safe environment. Just don’t put yourself in a situation where you could be seriously hurt or killed. Think of your safety, no matter how much it might hurt you to pull away. 

Warning, long post. Some things may be triggering. I am writing these reactions like short drabbles, because I feel like its appropriate to do so. 


It is late and he doesn’t know why he is still up. It’s pouring outside and he plays the guitar softly in his living room, strumming along to the melody in his mind. He occasionally stops to write something in a book and then continues on.

A knock echos at his door and he looks up with a raised brow, knowing it is far too late for decent company to come to his door. He puts the guitar aside and strolls to the door of the apartment, looking out the peek-hole. He sees her then, absolutely drenched to the bone and tears pouring from her puffy eyes. 

Quickly his fingers fumble on the locks before he can throw open the door. He is taken aback as he looks at her precious face with widened eyes. He cares so much for her, but she doesn’t know. She has never even glanced his way before. 

“What happened?” he whispers as he sees the splotches of discoloured skin and the blood trailing down her mouth from her swollen lips. 

“I didn’t know where else to go,” she whispers as she shivers, holding her arms tightly. She slides to the floor and holds herself, her arms shaking like if she moved them she would fall to pieces. “Please don’t turn me away, Baek.” 

He falls to her level and hugs her, holding her head against his shoulder as the tears she cries soak through his sweater. 

“I’d never turn you away.” 


Chanyeol laughs as he messes up the choreography for the third time. He shakes his head, leaning over and gripping his knees firmly as he tries to regain his breath. He sees Kai’s legs in front of him and looks up to see that he is finding his predicament just as funny as everyone else. He holds out a water bottle for him. 

“Chanyeol, you’re dead tired. We’ll call it for tonight.” 

Chanyeol nods and takes the water, drinking it greedily. He stands up straight and wipes his mouth, smiling. He gathers his bag and then waves before he exits the room and eventually the building. 

The roads are dark as he travels back to his apartment at a leisurely pace, enjoying the cool night air on his sweaty skin. He decides he will cut through the park and walk along the Han River until he gets to his apartment complex. The river makes a peaceful sound and he is utterly content. 

As he walks he sees a girl walking slowly in front of him, holding her arm. As he squints to get closer, he realises that the way the limb is hanging is strange and he is unsure if should approach. For all he knew, it was a scam. 

“But you only just decided to go to the river…this isn’t your usual way home. This isn’t a set up,” he tells himself. 

He nods and walks up to her, tapping her shoulder lightly. He recognises her instantly as she turns around and he sees the glistening tears in one of her eyes. The other is too swollen is recognise and an ugly bruise discolours her fair skin. 

“Chanyeol…” she says quickly as her eyes widen. “No, you can’t see me like this.”

“Who did this?” he demands as he touches her face lightly. 


Chen straightens his suit as he gets ready for his date with his girl, running a single hand through his hair to make sure it falls exactly the way he wants to. He was ready to ask her after five long years. A part of him was scared, but he pushed that part far down. 

He hears his doorbell ring and smiles as he picks the small box off of his dresser and slips it in his blazer’s pocket. He walks to the door with a dance in his step, gliding with a smirk on his face. He was going to make her his lady. 

When he opens the door and sees the finger-shaped bruises on her neck, he swallows hard. She can hardly look at him and she is clutching a small duffle bag to her side. It isn’t zipped all the way and some of her cloths hung out the side. He looks at her face once again, utterly speechless. 

“Chen…I’m sorry to burden you…but can I stay here for just a little while?” 

His lady could wait another night. Right now his baby sister could no longer hold back her tears as she covered her mouth with her hand. She broke down in front of him, sobbing. 

“Come in.” 


Sweat is dripping off of Kai’s body as he goes through the steps again, dancing as hard as he can. He had to get it right, it had to be perfect. After another hour, he sighs hard and walks to his towel and water bottle. He pads the towel against his neck as he drinks deeply, moisturising his dry and cracked lips. 

He drapes the towel around his neck and shuts off the light of the practice room. Casually he strolls down the hall, carrying his bag over his shoulder carelessly. Very suddenly, he hears a muffled sob. 

He stops dead in his tracks and looks to the side, seeing a faint light on in the women’s washroom. He looks at the time on his watch, knowing it was far past the normal time anyone would still be in the building. He presses his lips together and peeks his head into the room. 

He sees her then, dabbing a wet paper towel to an awful and jagged looking cut on her cheek. Around the angry red wound, a dark purple bruise blooms and he feels his stomach tighten. He has loved her from afar from so long, but never knew her relationship with her boyfriend was so bad. He cursed himself for not realising it sooner. 

Confidently he marches to her and spins her around, looking directly into her eyes. 

“I won’t let him touch you again,” he says hoarsely. 


Kyungsoo knows that she has been cheating on him. He just doesn’t know how to confront her. A part of him knew if he said anything, their relationship would utterly collapse and he’d lose her to the other man she spent her time with. He wasn’t ready for that, but he was so tired of feeling insignificant under her gaze. 

He stands in front of her door, his hand shaking. After a moment he doesn’t even bother knocking, he just walks in. He hears a soft sound, something breathless, coming from her bedroom and his heart stops. He would have never guessed they’d both be there so early in the day. His hands tighten into fists. 

Suddenly the sound turns into a cry and his mind immediately becomes alarmed. It wasn’t a sound pleasure created, it was something much darker. He slowly walks to the sorce of the noise, his stomach flipping inside of him. His eyes find her in a corner, curled into herself and sobbing. The bruises littered her legs, arms and stomach. He can see scraps of her hair on the bed that had been forcefully torn from her skull. 

He takes in a sudden breath and she looks up at him, her eyes widening in alarm and fear. 

“No, no…not you,” she sobs quietly as she tries to hide from him, pressing herself further into the wall. “Don’t look at me. Go home.” 

He can’t. Kyungsoo cannot turn around. He swallows hard and walks into her bathroom, turning on the shower tap. He grabs a towel and returns to her, kneeling and gently placing it over her clammy skin. 

“Let me help you…” 


Lay doesn’t know who she is, he just knows she is beautiful. She sits by the river, staring at the other side of the city and holding her wrist awkwardly. When he approaches her, he sees the bruises and his stomach drops. 

Now that he is closer, he can see the tears falling from her eyes and the wedding ring on her finger. Suddenly she yells angrily and rips it off, throwing it into the water forcefully. Lay is taken aback, but his feet led him to her. 

He sits next to her and she looks at him with fire in her eyes. He sees great pain inside her, suffering swirling in the pools of her eyes. He takes her hand and engulfs it into hers, holding it tightly. 

“Do you need a place to stay?” he asks quietly. 

She looks at him with sharpness in the way her mouth curls. He smiles a little hesitantly, but reaches into his pocket and empties his wallet into his hand. He presses the cash into hers, enclosing her hands around it. 

“Please, find somewhere safe to stay.” He looks into her eyes. “You don’t deserve to be treated like this.” 


Luhan yawns as he heads home after a long day of practice. He couldn’t be happier to see her face, knowing she had just moved in and was waiting for him. She was beautiful and she was his to care for and love. 

There was nothing else in his mind but her brilliant eyes, shining bright with happiness. He wanted to make her that happy. He wanted to bring the joy of being alive to her. 

When he gets home, he furrows his brows upon hearing the sounds of dishes clanking. Why were there dishes? She was supposed to go out with her brother for lunch. They were going to make dinner together. 

Luhan takes off his sandals and rounds the corner quietly and his eyes widen upon seeing every dish they owned set up to be washed. He walks towards her and wraps his arms around her stomach to get a better view, but she whimpers in pain and recoils. 

“Luhan,” she says quietly. “I didn’t hear you.” 

He spins her around and his insides knot when he sees that she has a bruise on her cheek and a cut on her forehead. He lifts her shirt and takes a step back after seeing the huge purpling mark that was spread across her ribs. His eyes harden as he looks up at her face. 

“Tell me who did this, now.” 


“Sehun, you don’t have to worry about this,” she says as she refuses to look at his face and continues to put groceries into her fridge. 

“He hits you,” he snarls. “How do I just pretend that I don’t see the bruises on you!?” 

She sets the package of fish in the fridge and then bites her lip before she takes a deep breath and turns around. She crosses her arms, shutting herself off to him like she always had. The fridge shuts behind her with a distinctive ‘clang’ sound. 

“Look, it’s not your business,” she says as she looks towards the floor. “He is trying to work through problems. I can’t hold this against him.” 

Sehun loses it as he stands to his feet and walks towards her, pressing her back into the fridge. He stares deeply into her eyes, searching for something. He can tell he is making her uncomfortable, but he just wants her to know how he feels. 

“Can’t hold it against him?” he whispers in a dangerously quiet voice. “If I was with you, I would treasure you. Don’t you see how stupid you’re being?” 

He takes both of his hands and places them gently on her face. He presses his lips to hers, sinking into the kiss. He kisses her gently and caresses her face. 

“I love you. He doesn’t.” 


Suho remembers the way his stomach had turned into a pit when he saw the bruises on her arms. He had never known such anger when he saw the tears spring into her eyes. He would never let her feel such fear again, he would protect her. 

Suho walks up the steps of an old house, banging on the door. When it opens, he hauls forwards and punches the man who opens it and then throws him to the ground. He slams his foot into his ribs, absolutely livid. 

When he is done, he spits on the man. His victim rolls over and spits out a tooth. Suho points at him and growls, his hand shaking. 

“If you ever touch her again, next time I won’t stop.” 


Tao practices his stances, making use of the time he couldn’t use to get sleep. He is sweating profusely, drenching his shirt in the front and back, but he isn’t ready to stop. He had to be in peak physical shape. 

A knock sounds on his door and without hesitation, despite the time, he goes to answer it. Someone a lot shorter than him stands in a hoodie, hiding their face. He crosses his arms. 

“Tao,” she says quietly. 

His eyes widen with surprise. 

“Baobei,” he says as he tilts his head. He reaches forwards and lowers his hood and he could swear he felt his heart stop completely. 

She has so many cuts on her face and neck, like scratches raked into her skin with sharp claws. Bruises dyed her skin, turning it yellow and purple. He can’t even manage to speak at first, he just moves out of her way so she can shuffle into his house.

“Baobei, who did this!?” he demands as he goes up to her. He spins her around so she is facing him and his face hardens. “Tell me where they live.” 


Xiumin awakes groggily to the sound of his phone ringing. He knocks over a cup as he reaches for it, hearing it clatter to the floor. He curses, but looks at the bright screen before he does anything about it. 

“Six missed calls,” he says to himself as he rubs his eyes. His eyes see that it is two in the morning. “Who?”

His phone rings again before he can investigate and he picks it up, rubbing his eyes with his thumb and forefinger. He can hardly hear her, but he knows she is there because of her breathing. She doesn’t speak and he grows a little worried. 

“Baobei?” he asks tiredly. 

“Xiumin?” she asks quietly. He hears her pause and realises that she caught a sob in her throat and her voice is shaky. He sits up, fully away. 

“Baobei, what is it?” he asks her. 

“Can you open your door?” 

He crawls out of bed and throws the blanket off of his chest. He doesn’t bother putting on a shirt as he makes his way to the door. He throws it open, concern heavy in his eyes. 

He swears to himself when he sees how bloody her face is. He ushers her inside and looks in the hallway before he shuts the door, locking it behind her. He goes up to her and holds her at arm’s length by the shoulders, looking deeply into her eyes. 

“I’m not letting you go back there,” he tells her sternly. “You’re staying here.” 

I am so fucking sorry these were so long. Legit took me over an hour. I am really sorry if they’re a bit sloppy. I write in the past tense and doing anything else is strange for me. 

EXO REACTION (Your SM Audition?)

This is gonna be fun to do, sorry for answering so late ! - Admin Aย 

Kai:ย โ€œJagi, you have to put more emotion to it. Like this..โ€ *catches you practicing your dance number*

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Xiumin:ย โ€œYouโ€™re so cute ! Please donโ€™t stop, I want to keep watching.โ€

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Suho:ย โ€œDonโ€™t worry, Jagi. If you canโ€™t get this part down, Iโ€™ll buy you the best singer and dance instructor in Korea.โ€ *sugar daddy mode activated*ย 

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