It usually takes alot to make me mad, mostly since I don’t give a fuck about most things. But something that actually gets to me once in a while is the constant sexualisation of trans-people. Especially since I got tumblr, holy fucking shit.

Having a fetish and all that is fine, but there’s so many people that seem to think that every single transgender they see are the same as the ones they see in the pornos. Those people piss me of. I just don’t get it, how delusional can you get?

Being transgender does not make me anything else than just that. I’m a girl, but my body fucked up. That’s it. I would assume that these people do not think that every girl they see is a slut. But for some unknown reason they seem to fully let go of all logical thinking as soon as it’s a trans girl instead of a cis girl. To match their fetish or whatnot. It pisses me of, we already go through enough shit as it is.  We shouldn’t have to be constantly sexualised on top of all that. We shouldn’t be treated like shit simply because someone can’t keep their fetish in check. Fuck man.

And then there’s the people that more or less tell me to suit myself for posting pictures of myself and being open about being trans. What’s even up with that?
Should I really have to adjust simply because of someones fetish?
They are the ones that should adjust in that case, I’m simply being myself, they are the ones that choose to sexualise me and make me match a fetish.
How in the flying fuck am I the one in the wrong?

I am just trying to be myself and be happy with myself, not to get sexualised.
I am not an object, I am a person.
And if some people choose to be objectified because they LIKE being objectified, so be it.
But dont count everyone in that group.