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MLSHR Anniversary Week: Day 6 —  favourite underrated moment detail

Hae Soo’s name

Unfortunately, meaningful details like this most of the time are left unnoticed by the international audience, it just simply gets lost in translation. 

In mandarin chinese Ha Jin’s Goryeo name means tree, at first look, it seems that there’s nothing special about it, however, it means a lot. Throughout the drama, we learn that Wang So is very fond of plants and trees because in his lonely days when he was abandoned by his own family in Shinju, among the people who not just hated him but constantly tried to kill him, without any friends or relatives, trees were his only friends. Young prince learned how to befriend trees, treat them as they are living creatures. He advises Soo to not carelessly water the garden but give every tree a name and make friends with them. At first, Soo thinks that So is just making fun of her, but then he tells her about his favorite birch that he had to put on fire in order to protect himself from wolves, another example of how So always gives up on things that he loves and cares about. Another remarkable moment was on Wang Eun and Park Seon Deok’s wedding.When all brothers were gifting newlyweds royal presents as silver, expensive fabrics, pearls - So’s gift is a tree that blooms flowers and bears fruits. When other brothers provided some materialistic goods that they think will come in handy for a new family, Wang So thinks about the spiritual aspect, about something that brings emotional comfort. Maybe it’s all because of his past. I can imagine him as a teenage boy, who when he has an opportunity, leaves the Kang’s residence, maybe to train with general Park and when he needs to rest, he sits under a tree. And at that moment there are no pain, no suffering, just wind blowing around him and spreading flowers’ and fruits’ aroma, it soothes him, comforts him, gives him warmness that he extremely lacks. That’s what Soo became for So. With her he could be himself, forget about the weight of his problems and worries. She brought him peace and calmness, accepted him for who he was, became his true friend and love of his life. How symbolic it is.  “Whenever I come to you, all my problems seem to become lighter.”