emo diaz

Can we headcanon that Marco had an emo phase in middle school? Like he thought that being emo was like being a quiet, mysterious, bad boy and he listened to Panic! At the Disco and Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance and even considered wearing eyeliner but always messed it up so bad that he couldn’t wear it out without being a total laughing stock. And then he just slowly went back to his old, nerdy self after he realized that he really wasn’t emo. Can we? That’s what I want.


♥  Mr. Postman is back! ♥ 

A year ago we met Mr. Postman in his first adventure, Run Run Mr.Postman. Now he’s back to spread love and sincere words.

This time his journey takes him to new places where he’ll make many new friends!

Celebrate Valentine´s day with Mr. Postman and go with him to deliver love letters. 

♥ Keep Running Mr. Postman! ♥ 

♥ To celebrate the return of Mr.Postman, I will make a very special gift for one of the people who reblog this post!
Winner, will be randomly selected Next Week!!! ♥



We have a Winner for the Reblog&Win contest!!!!
I use one of those Random Number Generator to select the winner, and Tadah!! “Ursius” just won a pack of Run, Run Mr.Postman of postcards(+buttons+sticker!)!!

Remember you can send it to you special Boy, your special Girl, your mother, that guy you see everyday at the bus stop, the girl of the cafeteria, your dog, leave them on the mailbox of some neighbor you are secretly in love… Or well you can keep it to yourself!!

And remember also there are more available postcards at my ETSY!

Congrats to the winner!!! and thanks to everyone for participating and all the nice words!!!