emo boys with piercings

My Mom Talking About My Favourite Band Members/celebrities

Mikey Way: He’s the only cute member of My Chemical Romance Ryan Ross: he looks homosexual Tony Perry: His owl tattoo is cool but otherwise he’s scary Kellin Quinn: She’s cute Brendon Urie: He’s hot. I’d leave your dad for him Andy Biersack: He looks like a girl trying to be a boy Pete Wentz: eh. Patrick Stump: He looks nice. Joe Trohman: Sometimes he’s cute. Andy Hurley: ew. Jaime Preciado: He’s the only cute member of this band

Wanting a little :]

I’m Ash!
Age: 15
Role: Dom
Ahe range: 14-19
Preferred gender: female
Up for showing my face
Up for kik, skype, videochatting anything
Transgender boy o:
Personality: Fun, artistic, creative, musical, nerdy, dorky, funny, loving, caring, protective
Gender: Transboy
What am I looking for? Someone whose adorable and punky or edgy like me cx hippie even, i really dont have much of a preference ♡
What am i into? Just bout anything! (Serioisly lmao)
Up to show my face? ofcourseee
Video chatting? Anytime c:
Kik: wolfrennightmare
Ig: Wolflingalex
Favrite thing to do with my littles? Just love them and care for them etc.
Country: US
State: Kansas

Interests: Video gaming, anime, cosplaying, art Some extra info: I’m hella emo xD o3o I love being a dom, and I love blasting music all day :3 im half aussie toooo, i have snakebites x3x and I hella enjoy league of LegUNNDSS