emo boys with piercings

Do you ever have those songs that you’ve listened to so many times that all they become are songs. But one day, out of no where, all the emotions you felt the first time you heard them overwhelm you. And sometimes you struggle to identify what emotion it actually is

Wanting a little :]

I’m Ash!
Age: 15
Role: Dom
Ahe range: 14-19
Preferred gender: female
Up for showing my face
Up for kik, skype, videochatting anything
Transgender boy o:
Personality: Fun, artistic, creative, musical, nerdy, dorky, funny, loving, caring, protective
Gender: Transboy
What am I looking for? Someone whose adorable and punky or edgy like me cx hippie even, i really dont have much of a preference ♡
What am i into? Just bout anything! (Serioisly lmao)
Up to show my face? ofcourseee
Video chatting? Anytime c:
Kik: wolfrennightmare
Ig: Wolfiekota
Favrite thing to do with my littles? Just love them and care for them etc.
Country: US
State: Kansas

Interests: Video gaming, anime, cosplaying, art Some extra info: I’m hella emo xD o3o I love being a dom, and I love blasting music all day :3 im half aussie toooo, i have snakebites x3x