emo as hell!

actual Proof that patroclus and achilles are Soft Boyfriends™

  • achilles once woke patroclus up by pRESSING THEIR NOSES TOGETHER 
  • that was so gay i cannot and Will Not put up with this
  • achilles: *tries to get patroclus’ attention by fucking juggling figs*
  • patroclus literally Officially became achilles’ number 1 dude when they were like 13 can i live
  • was i dreaming when patroclus described achilles’ lips to be like BEES what the hell why are they so small and cute
  • not only handjobs but handjobs A) under the constellations and B) on achilles’ 16th bday
  • they played together in the lake and wrestled each other and hung off of tree branches on the Magic Mountain that patroclus risked everything to follow achilles to !!!!!!
  • “now i know how to make you follow me anywhere” shuT
  • achilles tending to the wounds on patroclus’ feet after he hurt himself because he found out about the prophecy :-((
  • tiny achilles highkey avoiding sleeping with one of the servant girls because he was highkey crushing on patroclus
  • these boys just love each other so much and are so small and so sweet and so In Love