emo as fuk

Doodles of some faces that may seem familar to you! ;3
((Hopefully X’D))

art by pwnage101 


at first i was like…. i’ve seen haru looking this completely endeared and fonding over rin’s smile before haven’t i??? or am i having fever-induced dreams after my heart was unable to handle (the beauty of true love in its purest form) this new art?????/// BUT THEN IT HIT ME LIKE A TRUCK THAT YES, YES
indeed, haru has gone and done the ultimate gross fonding™ @ rin matsuoka being happy and well and carefree before,, the thing is!!! it happened after their relay - with god knows how many people as audience, not to mention cameras and media assets around to capture the moment. the new pic is a whole different setup, they’re face-to-face, under a beautiful sky tinged with tones pink and purple-ish (bs, IT’S RED AND BLUE) sky, both barefoot, just the sounds of wind passing through their hair, the water touching the sand, their voices and giddiness mixing together and echoing through the unending space around, this feels so much more intimate and!!! lovely and precious, it’s just. haru being so genuinely happy. content. fond over this boy’s happiness. he is just gazing lovingly into rin’s happiness as if it recharges his own!!! this boy who barged into his life without him requesting for it, changed it whole in a way he could never even imagine, left a mark so big and bright it is ingrained on who he is and turns out to be years later…. when this boy is happy the whole world around haru glows and he looks like the warmth rin’s smile radiates is shot straight towards haru’s heart, and then to all directions all over haru’s body. i’m so emo about them fuk me up i missed being this emo at how so simple yet so pure, beautiful, inspiring unique and singular this story of theirs and their bond is 😭

obviously Emo Culture shared very specific core bands (mcr, fob, etc.) but i feel like there was a very distinct difference in what kind of Emo u were depending on what secondary edgelord bands you listened too….. like a Green Day Emo was a very different animal from a Blink-182 Emo or a OM&M Emo…. just some #thoughts



I feel like the allmight one is risky to put up yknow people are into that wat the heck

we will never know what mineta said because we will never know whats in his room (-_-)

Part 2 will be the all girls’ insight and other characters

bmolko and me, the unaproachable and dangerous art room punks from the riotous year of 2012, here for vengeance and to spit on anything in our way, take a step closer and you’re as good as dead.


Brand New @ Pegasus Festival by Connor Feimster

even though i get depressed because i’m stuck in the closet and am not able to interact with a lot of lgbt people irl, i would never want to go back to not knowing or being in denial. i’m a lot happier in myself now that i’ve accepted that i am a lesbian. makes me look forward to the future.i love being a lesbian and wouldn’t want to be any other way