So today at lunch i was sitting with a newish group of people and we got on the topic of how much we’ve developed as people over the last few years. i thought it was cool because i haven’t known these people for that long so it was interesting hearing about the people they used to be. Then one girl made an offhanded comment about how she always used to feel like she was “living on the sidelines of her own life just watching things happen.” Me, being the deh trash that i am, made her listen to waving through a window on the spot. And she started tearing up. So then the girl next to her wanted to listen to it, and she had the same reaction. One more of my friends took a turn and she got a little teary as well. But when i was talking to them about it, i found that they all had really different reasons behind the way the song made them react.  like one of the girls (the first one) was saying that it just took her back to the way she used to feel and it reminded her of how far she’s come. The second girl was talking about how she struggles with loneliness and isolation right now, so it was really validating to hear someone explain the concept she couldn’t quite put into words herself. and girl number three has a brother with severe social anxiety and so she was getting emotional on his behalf, saying that she had heard him say really similar things when describing the way he feels. and it was honestly so cool to see three cases of this musical affecting people in completely different ways and allowing for real conversations and deeper connections.  so. one more reason to love deh. it impacts so many people and people can relate to the lyrics for so many different reasons and its just!!!! really good. and i love it so much!!! 

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headcanon connor really loves bands like muse and the emo trinity, and evan introduces him to twenty one pilots, and jared doesn't get why they cry over the g note bc all he listens to is taylor swift and musicals

Connor loves Edgy+Emo music, Evan likes Somewhat-Emo/Alternative music, and Jared listens to 80s music, Taylor Swift, and showtunes


“Please don’t be sad now,                                                                                       I really believe,                                                                                                               You were the greatest thing                                                                                             That ever happened to me.”