Ask Better Questions—Red Carpet Supercut (via Upworthy)

This is what bright, successful, accomplished women are asked on the Red Carpet. Sigh.


Benedict talking about the Emmys, his love for London and stuff…

I got a text from my American agent and she said ‘you’ve just won’, and I thought, 'ah, very, very nice’. And then I went to sleep. I woke up to find that Ben had won and that Steven Moffat had won… and that Fargo had also done really well, you know, both shows that I was in that had been nominated did really well so I was very pleased about that.

Martin Freeman on Winning an Emmy (x)(x)

Benedict Cumberbatch had just flown in from Europe. His super casual look included wearing a newsboy cap backwards. He chatted with The Equalizer’s David Harbour.

Cumberbatch, in town to promote The Imitation Game, told me he never thought in his wildest dreams that he’d win the Emmy like he did a couple of weeks ago for his work on Sherlock.

—  aww :)