hello everyone :) I reached 1k yesterday and I honestly never thought happen. I really love each and every one of you and it makes me so happy to see you guys on my dash. Like seriously I love you a lot. I’m sorry if I forgot anyone!


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so I’ve reached 2k followers and like ??? wow how

anyway my first final exam is on Saturday AND HERE I AM making a follow forever for you fabulous people  I might miss some of you I’m sorry all are amazing blogs & precious people  11/10 would recommend   

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p.s. i’m following you from my main blog :))

Why can’t I be her??? She’s so beautiful god I love her

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Hehehe love her! @emmyrossum #emmyrossum #justinbieber #neighbors #love #pepper #dog #shit

I saw the movie version today and fell in love COMPLETELY! Gosh the settings, the story, the actors, the emotions and the music! It was all amazing, and I loved Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum in their respective papers. Now I’m quite obsessed with it, wishing to see it live, and listening to the soundtrack in Spotify 😂💕👏

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