Commissions are now open!! Again!! Yay!! I quit my job recently and would like to earn a bit of money to keep myself fed and pay off some bills. Sharing this with others would also really mean a lot to me  

Message me on Tumblr (emmycake or emmycatart) or email me at e.npham@hotmail.com if you’re interested!

  • Prices are listed in USD. Paypal only please, at e.npham@hotmail.com. I take payment up front.
  • If you would like something else that is not listed here (bust portrait, full body picture, etc), feel free to ask, I’m totally down for working something out. Same if you want a detailed background.

I don’t have a set amount on the amount of orders I’ll take rn, I’ll just close them and make a waitlist if I get more than I expect. 

More details/info below the cut.

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I am MyaChan13 on dA; this is my entry piece for the United Colors of Rockman.exe project. It turned out a lot more.. idk. Plain. Than I’d have liked. u.u

(If words aren’t allowed, then I will upload a textless version~~)

I like Mr. Progs. And Mr. Hertz. They’re adorable! And they’re vital to the interwebs. And….. I can’t help but feel bad for them, when they get caught up in shenanigans. So I wanted to draw one. 

I had viruses in mind too but…. Mr. Prog!!


I posted this on Twitter too but filters;; I don’t have a scanner so I can’t take good pictures of it or show you the actual colors and such//////

FOR KAIAMI as like a late birthday present but also i look up to her a lot, she’s super nice and talented //// kaia the best princess ;A; 


I haven’t had to make such badly photoshop-looking text since middle school.

THERE WAS A TIME I would constantly make x99 Magical Milkshakes since they are great for restoring your SP. They have now since been replaced with Sake.

Honestly though, not too sure if I would trust gradient drinks. Or food.

((IF THE GIF ISNT LOADING FOR SOME REASON just go here ugh dammit tumblr ;; ))

If you were curious about my process of coloring, here is a really roughly put together gif (and a bad representation of my actual process which is a million times messier. Also you can’t see the tons of layers.) Usually goes:

1. Sketch

2. Lineart

3. Flats

4. Hard shadows

5. Soft shadows (airbrush, water brush, blend)

6. Add overlay layers with bright colors for a more vibrant look and shinies. DONE

Finished Blake kitty here.

I was gonna upload this later but I was scared I’ll brb or forget or whatever I just sjflskdj. And I wouldn’t be able to draw later/tomorrow so I wanted it up today. I just hope that you Aussies don’t miss it because of timezones (which is why I wanted to upload it later? kldfjsdljf)

Mamorooz for Goobs and I’s art trade. uwu Curry is Lan’s favorite food and so I thought it’d be cute to draw Mamoru eating some. (Though for some reason, I feel that people who are ill don’t like spicy or strong-flavored foods? Hence his face.)

I hope you like it, Sabrina ;.;