I posted these on twitter, but I’m planning on making some GBF charms in the future…!! My favorite pair is up first of course. If they’re popular enough I’ll make other characters too.

I would really love input on whether or not these interest you! They would be 2 inches on frosted colored acrylic, with dangle charms (a crystal for Drang and a sword for Sturm), and thinking about $12usd each. Please let me know what you think!


Commissions are now open!! Again!! Yay!! I quit my job recently and would like to earn a bit of money to keep myself fed and pay off some bills. Sharing this with others would also really mean a lot to me  

Message me on Tumblr (emmycake or emmycatart) or email me at e.npham@hotmail.com if you’re interested!

  • Prices are listed in USD. Paypal only please, at e.npham@hotmail.com. I take payment up front.
  • If you would like something else that is not listed here (bust portrait, full body picture, etc), feel free to ask, I’m totally down for working something out. Same if you want a detailed background.

I don’t have a set amount on the amount of orders I’ll take rn, I’ll just close them and make a waitlist if I get more than I expect. 

More details/info below the cut.

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