UPDATE: Campaign Picture
#EMMYALDENTE Twitter Announcement PLUS NBC Thank-you video campaign (end of post)

FANNIBALS! The big one. The finale episode. THIS WEEK IS SET TO BE HUGE. This week, we let the Television Academy know how we like our Emmys, served in a rich tomato sauce and accompanied by a nice red (I wasn’t referring to Freddie - she’s anything but nice).

Voter nominations must be in by the 28th, so we have just over 1 week to make them see the light.

INTERNATIONAL FANNIBALS we need you now more than ever!

We trended #2 worldwide last week. Let’s see if we can get that to #1! This is the week of the finale so let’s put everything into it!

1. Follow and tweet our allies

Tweeting and following these guys will assist international trending and create good press for the Hannibal Emmy campaign. Click below for who to reach out to.



2. Tweet #EMMYALDENTE, this Thursday 10PM-12PM EDT

For International Fannibals - The following link will tell you what time you need to start tweeting, just scroll down and pick your city/country to find the event’s start and finish times - http://tinyurl.com/kdlmbct

3. Twitter Rules

Don’t spam eg: #EMMYALDENTE #EMMYALDENTE etc. You may end up in ‘Twitter Jail’ which means you are barred from tweeting for a period of time.

Take your Twitter off private if it’s on, or else your tweets won’t trend!

No swearing! This will also prevent your tweets from showing up in trends :)

4. Check in to GetGlue


This is a great informal way for networks to gauge viewer interest. Make sure to link your GetGlue and Twitter to maximise the trending potential.

5. Show your love

Official Television Academy - @primetimeemmys

Official NBC - @nbc

Official NBC Hannibal - @NBCHannibal

Bryan Fuller - Creator @BryanFuller

Martha De Laurentiis - Exec Producer @neoprod

Dino De Laurentiis Co - Production Company @DeLaurentiisCo

David A Slade - Director @DAVID_A_SLADE

Kristy Gay - @_Destati_ - Follow me for all your Hannibal campaign news and general silliness :)

ANY QUESTIONS? Send me an ask or visit https://www.facebook.com/HannibalHQ - I’m happy to help in any way I can :)

Fannibals it is GO TIME :D

Much love

- Kristy

P.S. BIG NEWS - I’ll be creating a video love letter to Martha, Bryan and NBC to say a big thank-you for Hannibal and everything they’ve done to keep the show going and I’d LOVE if you’d join me!

Videos will need to be ready by the end of June so get thinking guys, how do you want to say thank-you?

Further details to come on this one AFTER the season finale, just wanting to give a quick heads up now in case you want to film your finale reactions to include ;)

P.P.S - If you guys like the pic, feel free to steal! :D