Viola Davis is not the “black Meryl Streep”. She is the first Viola Davis.

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Guys, I’m crying. I just noticed this Gillian trip in “Home”:

This is funny enough on its own, but it’s made better by the fact that 2 seconds later, in the same [continuous] shot, she makes up for it by this perfectly executed 2x4 shovel pass:

If that’s not motivation to get back up when you stumble, then I don’t know what is. 

I’m so glad Arrested Development is coming back.  I remember seeing the first season and being astounded by how great, smart and utterly weird it was.

The second you realize that while Michael is outwardly a loving suburban-style TV father, he is still creepy, controlling and eager to dismiss his son and put him in his place.

Michael is the Norma Bates of comedy sitcom parents. 

Season 4 reinforces how weird he has gotten about George Michael. (You moved into his college dorm?! What the hell is wrong with you?! Who does that?!)