Hey! So Emmy nominations begin this and next week. An Emmy nomination for Infinity Train would be a preeeeeetty big deal and would show that people really want it to exist. All I want to do is make it exist!

So if you’re an academy member, I would really appreciate the your vote! If you’re not an academy member and know someone who is, show them the 2.3 million view short on youtube, bake them some cookies, and please ask them to vote for it!


Your support support for the project so far has been outstanding and I can’t even begin to express the amount of gratitude I have for you.

Thank you so much!

Viola Davis is not the “black Meryl Streep”. She is the first Viola Davis.

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Look! There it is! Just sitting there all by it’s lonesome, the only short in the “I” category. If you’re an academy member, vote for Infinity Train! It would mean a lot, not just for the future of the show, but also to everyone who worked on it and put their energy into making it.

Thanks for everyone’s continued support of the show!


Guys, I’m crying. I just noticed this Gillian trip in “Home”:

This is funny enough on its own, but it’s made better by the fact that 2 seconds later, in the same [continuous] shot, she makes up for it by this perfectly executed 2x4 shovel pass:

If that’s not motivation to get back up when you stumble, then I don’t know what is. 

Emmys 2017: Lead Actor, Limited Series or Movie — Our 6 Dream Nominees
While not nearly as crowded as this year’s bonkers Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie competition, the Lead Actor portion of the race is nothing to sniff at.
By Team TVLine


WHY HE DESERVES A NOD: The normally composed sleuth was all over the emotional map in Season 4’s second installment, giving Cumberbatch a chance to sink his teeth into quite a few meaty scenes. We saw Sherlock strung out on heroin and (gasp!) sporting a few days of stubble, and Cumberbatch had a ball once Sherlock snapped into manic case-solving mode. He even found time for a poignant heart-to-heart with pal John Watson, confirming that Cumberbatch’s turn belongs in the pantheon of all-time great Holmes portrayals.