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Jock or Not

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Reggie Mantle x OC

Words: 2,300

Note; brief mention of death, pictured Emmy Rossum as Nina, slight swearing.

It was an average day in the small and quaint town that I lived in, nothing very special about the day. I had work at the local coffee shop, Grundy’s Grind, and I was babysitting tonight - two toddler twins, Bella and Ben. Not much of an excentric lifestyle, but I managed.

I needed to save up money for University anyway, and since I decided to take a gap year to save up money for school, I took and did what needed to do. Plus, I was going to be staying on campus, which was extra money. Why I chose to go to Manhattan Art Academy, I have no idea.

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'I Missed You' Zootopia comic UPDATE!! You guys wanna know what happens next?? Course ya do!

Oh, no here we go again ^^
In about gee, idk a minute the full fifth installment of ‘I Missed You’ is gonna be posted on @feverwildehopps and RB’d on @zootopian-fever-art
Reminder: P5 is part of the dreadful Heartbreak Arc, but it is also the last part so this is a relief for literally everybody ^^’ With that said, I would like to apologize profoundly for Part 4’s heart wrenching 'cliffhanger’ if you will, I apologize for the long wait for P5, and I apologize in advance for Part 5’s equally angsty play-out…ohh boy (and I mean you guys already saw the first two-ish pages a while back ;) Still the feedback I got last time was totally maliciously satisfying, yet in all honesty I couldn’t help but feel a little guilty.. Eh, sorry not sorry; I wanted what I got ;P But in all formality, enjoy at least…something out of this next installment bc believe me I know the script is not easily settling ^^* It is not settling…. anyway Love, Emery// (lol who am I kidding you guys are gonna hate me again for this ha!)

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Have a nice day! /though I might ruin it again/ And tag #Zootopia ^^


Salute to the Teen Wolf OC Babes

This is just a little video to show my appreciation for some of the incredible bad ass female OCs in the teen wolf oc community! One day I’ll be able to express fully how much being a part of this little group has helped me this year, but for now I’ll just say that you have all had an incredible impact on me somehow, whether it was inspiring me to keep writing, amazing me with your own words and edits, leaving lovely reviews on my works, having a place for me to come rant when I needed to, making edits for my story, or simply being there and making me feel part of a really lovely and welcoming community at a time when I really needed it. 

I was mostly limited by the footage I already had available on my laptop so I’m super sorry if your OC wasn’t included but I also tried to use fcs who had a few ocs attached to them so I could include as many as possible. List of OCs is below! If your OC isn’t listed but you see your fc feel free to let me know and I’ll add them to the list! 

OCs Featured:
Emmy Walsh @stydiaokaybye​  / Hazel Murphy @wild-stdreams​ / Ariana Petrakis @fraysquake / Ellie Connor @lady-baratheon​ / Aurora Argent @alpha-demon-queen​ / Faye Lennox @lydiamxrtn / Elsa Kirsch @lydamartin​ / Lucy Morgan @duuvals /  Stevie Fleetwood / Grace Stilinski @opheliamayers / Nikita Grace @papermoon262Madeline Hayes @anarchxst​ / Riley Haven @havenboundinbeaconhills​ / Cameron Bane @kingsman-alpha / Maggie Stevens @angelsanarchy​ / Eva Davis @jedeyed / Marlee Decker @missunderstoodxoxo / Emily Argent​ @duuvals / Jupiter Jackson @susiesamurai / Cassandra Argent @bellamysgirl​ / Joanne McLaughlin @drbobbimorse / Eleanora Argent @eleanoraargent /

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Can you tell us some trivia about Emmy and Mei? I ship them so hard


- In her early concept art she used to wear a broken pair of glasses and wear Jax (her dog hat) on her head. It has been moved to her shoulders and her glasses removed.

- She actually was not part of the band in the beginning! I originally planned her out to be a science nerd who would spend her time studying and keeping others out of trouble. Now she’s causing fights, she’s a bassist, and never spends her time studying.

- She’s allergic to apples


- She’s one of the most intense and complex band members in Emmy’s band.. Her complexity comes from her desire to keep to herself - to even her own friends, she’s a mystery.

- Despite being withdrawn, she spends a great deal of time hanging out with Emmy and Blue. She’s usually seen being led around by Emmy.

- She’s the songwriter for the band. Most of her songs come from a journal she writes in daily but, no one has seen what is inside of it.