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Happy 29th Birthday, Iain De Caestecker ! (December 29, 1987)

If you could have a super power what would it be?

“I’d like to be able to go back in time. Take a really good book with me and then write it back in time as if it was mine.”


gmw social media + riarkle at a broadway premiere (requested by anon)

Professor Layton fandom classics

-Professor Layton: The musical
-What is Layton 7??
-When are we going to have it???
-Wait nvmd we don’t want Layton 7
-“Angela can imitate a man’s voice really good“
-Hershel Layton the reckless youth™
-Okay but? How about we start the 45789th petition for a sequel and shove it into level 5’s face
-Flora is the queen and Emmy can kick my face if she wants
-“I find that odd. Isn’t that odd? Doland, do you find that odd?“
-Adopted??? Adopted. Biological. ????!!! Adoptical???? BioloctED????!!!!!
-Luke getting his birth town wrong
-“what an ugly little man you are“
-everyone: *raises hand to nintendo©* Curse you, level 5
-level 5: New game has female lead
-everyone: nvmd let me just un-curse you
-The confession blog, source of all the drama we went through
-“Is Descole gay or european?“
-You need to drop a sick beat if you want to save them
-Descole Moodboard
-(Just pictures of Descole screaming)
-*takes a photo of something that has “Ambrosia“ in the name* AMBROSIA SHALL RISE AGAIN