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(863): i was the only open register tonight and I just sold condoms and chocolatefrosting to the ex…

  • in high school charlie was the kind of guy who someone could wark right into and then continue on as if nothing happened. he was invisible. people didn’t notice him and after four years of going to the same school people still didn’t know his name. the days blended into four years of time wasted.
  • college was where things changed. he met an amazing girl and the two of them started dating. charlie built his college life with and around her. they had the same friends. they did the same things. they spent almost too much time with each other.
  • but the sad truth was that charlie was mostly just the tag-along boyfriend. he came to all the parties and hang-outs but only because they couldn't not invite charlie. it had nothing to do with anyone liking him.
  • now he’s a senior and things have changed a little. at the end of junior year his girlfriend dumped him. now charlie has no girlfriend and is realizing that his life is basically gone as well.
  • he’s shy and insecure. he’s the kind of guy who tends to stand against the wall and hope that someone will come up and talk to him because he’s too scared to take the first step. he’s nervous and never seems to be able to get the right words out. he’s really just adorable and innocent in so many ways.
  • at the moment charlie is just heart-broken because he’s still in love with his ex and she’s moved on and god it all just hurts so much blah blah blah. he talks to his cat about it and writes sappy poems too.
  • i want someone to bring out the bad side in him. seduce him and make him see the other side of the world. it could be a girl or a guy because yeah he needs to do and try everything. just know that no one will ever be more important than his cat.
  • also would love it if someone made the ex. yup

okay so i’m seriously considering making this site now. it’d be a small town secrets rpg with the twist of someone like A from pll knowing everyone’s secrets and randomly telling everyone else about them. i don’t have all the details worked out yet but that’s the basics of it.

what i really want to know is if anyone would be interested in joining something like that? HONESTLY.