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sanvers prompt: it's about a dream i had last night where maggie and alex were married and had a daughter who liked to go to shooting ranges and federal agent level combat training behind her moms' back. when maggie and alex found out, alex went all worried and over-protective and maggie was just like that's my girl

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“You are grounded young lady!” Alex huffed, crossing her arms and looking at her daughter who stood defiantly before her.

“Mom. I’m twenty two. I don’t even live here anymore.” The young girl said, crossing her arms and mimicking her mother’s stance.

Alex observed her daughter’s face, and she couldn’t help but marvel as she’d done since the day she was born, at how much she looked like her wife, like Maggie. The profound expression of her deep brown eyes, the stubborn set to her jaw, and the way her lip trembled just a little in the fear her convictions were causing her. Maggie had carried the girl, and Alex could see it in her every day.

She uncrossed her arms, and shifted them so her fists were balled up and placed on her hips. She knew she sounded ridiculous, but the fear in her was rising, and she all but stamped her foot as she said, “We never changed your room, it’s still there! So go to your room!”

“Or I could just leave and go back to my apartment!” The girl shouted back, grabbing her purse and making for the front door.

At that moment, Maggie walked in with some grocery bags in her arms. Seeing her wife panicking, and her daughter thundering, she set the bags on the table by the door and caught the girl by the biceps.

“Hey, hey,” She said in an urgent, yet soothing voice, “Emmie, what’s going on?”

“Mom tried to ground me, like I’m still a kid. I’m leaving.” Emmie said, frustration rolling off of her in waves.

Maggie looked over the girl’s shoulder to where Alex was standing, already huffing more, and saying, “Our daughter has been learning how to fire weapons, and taking hand to hand combat classes. She told me she thinks she could kick my ass!”

Maggie’s eyebrows shot up, and she looked back to the girl in her hold. “Emmie, is that true?”

“So? You and Mom both deal with guns and all sorts of high tech weapons every day. And Mom beats everybody up. And don’t even get me started on Aunt Kara!” Emmie said. “I’m an adult, and so what if I turned myself into a badass too?”

For a moment, Maggie said nothing, but then a wide smile broke across her features and she squeezed Emmie’s biceps as she said, “That’s my girl.”

“What?” Alex cried. “Maggie! She could get hurt! This stuff is dangerous!”

Emmie turned around, and threw her arms up in the air. “That’s not fair! You and Momma do this stuff every day!”

“But you’re my little girl.” Alex whispered, arms crossed over herself again, and she stared at the floor, hoping no one would notice the tears starting to build in her eyes.

Emmie’s shoulders slumped, and the fight seemed to leave her. She walked back over to Alex, and said in a low voice, “Mom. I’ll always be your baby. But I’m not a baby. I’ll be okay.”

Alex lunged forward and wrapped Emmie up in a tight hug. Emmie hugged her back and Alex let out a long breath. “You have to promise to be careful, okay?”

“I will, Mom.” Emmie said, patting Alex’s back and resting her chin on her mom’s shoulder.

“Do you really think your Momma and I are badasses?” Alex murmured, looking at Maggie while still hugging Emmie, and smiling.

Emmie laughed, and said, “Of course, Mom. How do you think I got inspired to get into this stuff?”

“Okay.” Alex said, giving Emmie one last squeeze, before letting her go.

Emmie backed up a few feet, then smiled over at Maggie, who had sat down on the couch and was now smiling up at her wife and daughter.

“I actually do have to get back to my place. I’ve got a bunch of work I have to get done before tomorrow.” Emmie said, and she began to walk back over to the door.

Maggie stood, and wrapped an arm around Alex’s waist, who responded by laying an arm across her shoulders and placing a kiss to Maggie’s hair. “Maybe we could go to the range together sometime.” Maggie called after the girl.

Emmie turned around with a cocky smile and said, “Sure, I’ll beat your best score.”

“Ha!” Maggie scoffed.

Emmie winked, then walked out the door. Alex huffed one more time and said, “That girl is arrogant. There’s no way she could kick my ass.”

“Not a chance.” Maggie agreed.


“Janney and Lorre join “CBS This Morning” to discuss “Young Sheldon” and the decision to give the Emmy campaign money for “Mom” to Planned Parenthood.“

Watch on thefederalistfreestyle.tumblr.com

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Merry Christmas, Darling

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Based on Anonymous Prompt: Owen, reader and their child spend their first christmas together?

A/N: Sorry I haven’t posted in a long time.  Hope y’all like it!  Happy Holidays!


You’re already in the kitchen making breakfast when Owen finally wanders in.

“There you are, sleepyhead,” you grin as he rubs the sleep out of his eyes.  “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas,” he says, walking over to you and pressing his lips lightly to yours.  “What are you making?”

“Biscuits, bacon, eggs, sausage,” you list.  “Christmas breakfast.”

“All that’s for us two?” Owen asks.  “You do know that Emmy can’t eat real human food yet?”  You playfully shove Owen.

“I know that,” you reply.  “But it’s tradition.  Plus, Emmy’s still sleeping, so I’m hoping we can finish eating before she wakes up.”

“Don’t jinx it,” Owen shoots back.  He heads to the coffee machine and starts a fresh pot before grabbing some plates and forks for the table.  You pull the biscuits out of the oven and bring all the food to the table.  

You both sit down and start eating as quickly as you can.  You know this quiet, alone time is a luxury and that as soon as Emmy wakes up-

As if on cue, you hear her fussing from her crib.  You start to get up, but Owen gently grabs your arm.

“I’ve got it,” he says, shoveling the rest of his plate into his mouth.  “You finish up and relax.  I’ll take care of her.”  You lean over and peck him gratefully on the cheek before putting more food on your plate.  Owen gets up and heads to Emmy’s room, where you hear her coo happily at the sight of her father.

You finish your breakfast at a leisurely pace, enjoying a third and fourth biscuit.  You pour yourself a cup of coffee before heading to Emmy’s room, only to find it empty.  Your brow furrows and you head to your’s and Owen’s bedroom, which is also unoccupied.  

It’s then that you hear Emmy’s soft noises coming from the living room.  You walk quietly into the room and find Owen sitting on the couch, Emmy in his arms.  She’s enraptured by the Christmas tree lights, but Owen’s just staring down at her, off in his own world.

“Merry Christmas, Emmy,” you say softly, sliding onto the couch next to Owen.  Emmy turns at the sound of your voice and her face breaks out into a smile.  “It’s Christmas time, Emmy.”  

You head over to the tree and pull forward the biggest present.

“Emmy, want to help Mom open this present?” you ask.  Owen smiles and scoots forward, holding Emmy in his lap so she can reach out.  Her little hands clutch at the wrapping paper and you laugh as you make a little tear so she can pull it away.  She rips a strip of paper off, her hand immediately shooting back to her mouth.

“No, Em, that’s not for eating,” Owen chuckles, intercepting her hand and wrestling the paper out of her grip.  You slowly start to push away the rest of the wrapping paper, unveiling a baby jumper seat.

“Wow, Em,” you smile.  “Look at that!”  You glance over at Emmy, who’s staring at the brightly colored seat with wide eyes.

“What do you think?” Owen asks.  “Want to give it a spin?”  He lifts her up and into the seat, plopping her down in the middle.  She sits silently, just staring at the toys and buttons.  Owen reaches forward and presses one, which lets out a honk.  

Emmy stares at the button, then tentatively reaches forward and presses it.  It lets out another honk and she gurgles out a laugh.  She presses the button next to it, and lets out another giggle when it honks out another noise.

“I think she likes it,” you smile, as Owen wraps his arms around you.  Emmy’s found the spinning rattle on the jumper, and is delighting in spinning it at an alarming rate.

You look up at Owen, who has that far-off, distant look on his face.

“What?” you ask.  “What’s got your two brain cells rattling?”  Owen laughs and pulls you closer.

“I just…” Owen fumbles for words.  “I never thought that this was in the cards for me.  And now I have you.  Both of you.”  You smile and pull Owen forward into a kiss.

“Well Merry Christmas, darling.”

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Pierson did a 45min interview today with the Afterbuzz Bold & Beautiful show. Nothing was asked about his dating life (obviously a precondition) but he did say that he loved Australians sense of humor & that is very similar to his own & also talked about the beautiful fierceness of redheads (talking about a costar).His date for the emmys will be his mom. He mentioned several times that he loves to dance, and took swing classes when younger.

 Not sure what time you posted this, but they were out last night.  I’m still squealing!

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Imagine Amethyst and Lazuli play with their food at the table, constructing a complete soap-opera-esque drama that continues on every night at dinner. Steven tunes in like he’s watching an Emmy-nominated masterpiece:

Amethyst: This is my homegirl, Pizza

Lapis: I’m pizza, right?

Amethyst: *rolls eyes* Not everything is about you, Linda. 

I need more practice with realistic stuff. XD Art club, again, got too long, and my mom just showed me this great person on YouTube “Emmy Kalia” because she wanted me to look at her realistic tutorials. I don’t think she thought I’d actually try it or that it would look good so her reaction was fun.

This was fun to draw and I was really proud of it, and a lot of my friends were surprised I did this cuz I’m usually an anime artist to some point. :P I need to do this more often.

Anyway, I just thought I’d say it wasn’t my original idea. This is one of Kalia’s designs and tutorials so credit to her for the actual image.

Tutorial vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZP8goZl9JH0&feature=share

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