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Things I loved about The Dark Prophecy: 

Once again, it starts with Apollo hating his humanity, something that I believe won’t change in some time, he was born a god, after all. Though I fervently believe that he is learning from his time as a mortal. 

Through the whole book, we are able to read some of his most selfish comments, which is to be expected, since he had always been portrayed as a selfish, self-centered god. However, we’re able to see his selfless and kind side, too. 



“…It went against the very nature of being Apollo. I should always be the most obvious, brilliant source of light in the world. If you had to search for me, something was wrong.” 

And: “I tried to contain my bitterness. Soldiers and sailors were all very well, but if your city’s biggest monument is not Apollo, I’m sorry, you’re doing something wrong.” 


“You rescued me.” Then I added two words that never came easily to a god: “Thank you.” 


“When I was a god, I would’ve been delighted to leave the mortal heroes to fend for themselves. I would’ve made popcorn and watched the bloodbath from a distance on Mount Olympus, or simply caught the highlight reel later. But as Lester, I felt obligated to defend these people….I wanted to be here for them.” 


“Their eyes were so full of concern- concern for me- that I had to swallow back a lump in my throat. Six weeks we had been traveling together. Most of that time, I had fervently wished I could be anywhere else, with anyone else. But with the exception of my sister, had I ever shared so many experiences with anyone? I realized, gods help me, that I was going to miss these two.” 

These are some of the parts I loved the most about the book:

  • The Waystation. It’s nice to know of more demigod safe-spaces, more so when they’re under the loving care of Emmie and Josephine: 

We’ve saved a lot of demigods and other outcasts- raised them at the Waystation, let them go to school and have a more or less normal childhood, then sent them out into the world as adults with the skills they needed to survive.” 

It’s different from both Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter, where, no matter how much they protect you and care for you, it could never be as normal and comforting as being raised in a “normal” loving environment. 

  • The relationship between Apollo and Calypso: They hate each other, that much is perfectly clear…

“Lo!” I said. “I arrived at Camp Half-Blood as Lester Papadopoulos!” 

“A pathetic mortal!” Calypso chorused. “Most worthless of teens!” 

“-…her evil stepfather had poisoned her mind!”

“Poison!” Calypso cried. “Like the breath of Lester Papadopoulos, most worthless of teens!” 

“Lo!” I shouted. “From the Oracle of Dodona we received a prophecy- a limerick most terrible!”  

“Terrible!” Calypso chorused. “Like the skills of Lester, most worthless of teens!” 

Though as the chapters progress, it appears that it’s more of a mutual disagreement than actual hatred.  Apollo realizes how unfair their punishment on her was, and starts to feel like his own treatment towards her is unfair: 

“Just yesterday, I had toyed with the idea of leaving Calypso behind to the blemmyae when she was wounded. I’d like to say that it wasn’t a serious thought, but it had been, however briefly. Now Calypso refused to leave Meg, whom she barely knew. It was almost enough to make me question whether I was a good person…” 

And, in the end, they become friends. They still have much path to cover and much to discuss, but I believe they’re on good terms now. 

  • Calypso and Leo: 

One of the many topics vastly discussed after Blood of Olympus was how short and forced their relationship seemed. However, in The Dark Prophecy, we caught a glimpse of the reality they’re living on: 

They’re trying to discover who they are together, as a couple and as friends. We see their multiple fights and their disagreements, and I believe it’s a very good thing! They’re exploring the possibilities of their relationship! 

We see Calypso missing her island, we see her missing her powers, but most than anything else, we can see that Calypso and Leo truly love one another, and that they’re trying. It feels real, their problems, which only makes it better. It was to be expected that they’d be fighting and having problems, since they hadn’t talked much back on her island before he was forced to leave. They’re testing the waters, as Calypso explained. 

They’re trying to build a good future for each other, they’re even going to enter school together. I like how their relationship improved, I like that Rick portrayed and fixed the mess that was their relationship by the end of BoO. 

I also loved that Leo keeps calling her mamacita, and that Leo’s full name is actually Leonidas

  • In general, everything about Emmie and Josephine was pure perfection. 

They were hunters of Artemis, hunters who fell in love with one another and decided to choose each other over immortality. Their love was beautifully portrayed, and the fact that they adopted a daughter was even more precious for me and for everyone in the LGBT community.

I like that, on a similar topic, we had more explanation about the Hunters of Artemis and their rules: 

“All romance is off-limits. My sister is quite unreasonable in that regard. The mission of the Hunters is to live without romantic distractions of any kind.”

It makes more sense that the Hunters only being prohibited the company of men, as was stated by the Titan’s Curse. I like that Rick fixed that, too. 


Also, Zeus forbidding Artemis from interfering with Apollo makes me so angry, but I didn’t expect anything less than that coming from him. It was good, though, that Artemis sent her Hunters to help Apollo discretely, just like when Apollo helped Percy and co. with rescuing Artemis and Annabeth. 

  • Apollo being thirsty as fuck: 

Apollo having the hots for Tall, Dark & Handsome Jamie. 

Apollo being a fluttering mess when talking to him, then feeling away as soon as he heard Jamie had a girlfriend. 

Apollo canonically having fantasies involving Thalia: “Thalia Grace climbed up behind me on the elephant- which fulfilled a daydream I’d once had about the pretty Hunter, though I hadn’t imagined it happening quite this way.” 

Apollo canonically doing all sort of stuff to get Britomartis’ attention. To get a “kiss” and a “cute date” from her. (We all know that he wanted more than just a date and a kiss, but alas, this is a “children’s book”

  • Apollo and Commodus: 

I’m aware that Commodus is evil, and I don’t like him as a character, but honestly, his relationship with Apollo killed me unlike any other relationship ever had. More specially, this: 

“Overhead, a white silk canopy billowed in the gentle breeze. Inn one corner, a musician sat discretely serenading us with his lyre. Under our feet spread the finest rugs from the eastern provinces. Between our two couches, a table was spread with an afternoon snack of roast boar, pheasant, salmon, and fruit spilling from gold solid cornucopia. 

I was amusing myself by throwing grapes at Commodus’ mouth. Of course, I never missed unless I wanted to, but it was fun to watch the fruit bounce off Commodus’ nose.

“You are terrible,” He teased me. 

And you are perfect, I thought, but merely smiled.”


“I didn’t mean to laugh at the expense of his distant wife, but part of me was pleased when he talked badly about her. I wanted all his attention for myself.” 

And, of course: 

“Commodus looked at me, panic in his eyes.

“Go,” I said, as calmly as I could, forcing down my misgivings. “You will always have my blessings. You will do fine.” 

But I already suspected what would happen: the young man I knew and loved was about to be consumed by the emperor he would become. 

He rose and kissed me one last time. Then he left the tent- walking, as Romans would say, into the mouth of the wolf. 

“Apollo,” Calypso nudged my arm.

“Don’t go!” I pleaded. Then my past life burned away. “ 

Never forget this hear-wrenching part: 

“As I often did for him after our workout sessions, I filled his great marble bath with streaming rose-scented water. I helped him out of his soiled tunic and eased him into the tub. For a moment, he relaxed and closed his eyes. 

I recalled how he looked sleeping besides me when we were teens. I remembered his easy laugh as we raced through the woods, and the way his face scrunched up adorably when I bounced grapes off his nose. 

I sponged away the spittle and blood from his beard. I gently washed his face. Then I closed my hands around his neck. “I’m sorry.”

I pushed his head underwater and began to squeeze. Commodus was strong. Even in his weakened state, he thrashed and fought. In had to channel my godly might to keep him submerged, and, in doing so, I must’ve revealed my true nature to him. 

He went still, his blue eyes wide with surprise and betrayal. He could not speak, but he mouthed the words: You. Blessed. Me. 

The accusation forced a sob from my throat. The day his father died, I had promised Commodus: You will always have my blessings, Now I was ending his reign. I was interfering in mortal affairs- not just to save lives, or to save Rome, but because I could not stand to see my beautiful Commodus die by anyone else’s hands. 

I hunched over him, crying, my hands around his throat, until the bathwater cooled. 

Britomartis was wrong. I didn’t fear water. I simply couldn’t look at the surface of any pool without imagining Commodus’ face, stung with betrayal, staring up at me.” 

Rick Riordan has a talent of portraying gods and their actions unlike anyone else. 

Apollo loved Commodus, he loved him deeply and wholeheartedly, but he couldn’t see anyone else killing his beloved Commodus. He killed him, for he could not stand the way the young man he loved had destroyed himself, turning into a murderous, evil emperor. 

For me, Apollo has always been a complex god. 

He said so himself in the first book, when he called his arrogance a pretense, when he mentioned he was a guilt-ridden, miserable god. He has never been good at love, for some reason, all of his lovers end tragically in one way or another, some by his own hand (Cassandra, Commodus, etc). It weighs him down more than he admitted when he was a god. As a mortal, he is more connected to his emotions, and is unable to put his usual facade of coolness and of arrogance. 

Everything he has done, every sin he has committed, weighs him down: 

“I imagined Trophonius’ head transposed on his body- my son’s agonized voice crying to the heavens, Take me instead! Save him, Father, please!

This blended with the face of Commodus, staring at me, wounded and betrayed as his carotid pulse hammered against my hands. You. Blessed. Me.

I sobbed and hugged the commode- the only thing that wasn’t spinning. Was there anyone I hadn’t betrayed and disappointed? Any relationship I hadn’t destroyed? 

  • And, since we’re talking about Apollo and his change, I’d like to mention his relationship with Meg. 

In the beginning, he could not stand her. Then by the end of the first book, he cared for her. Now, on this second book, the feeling grows and morphs into something so profound and so beautiful that I do not have words for it. 

“No! She was- she was trying to protect me.” I choked on the words. “She is my friend. Take me instead!”

And also:

“She is precious to you,” Said the Oracle. “Would you give your life in exchange for hers?”

I had trouble processing that question. Give up my life? At any point in my four thousand years of existence, my answer would’ve been an emphatic No! Are you crazy? One should never give up on one’s life. One’s life is important! The whole point of my quests in the mortal world, finding and securing all these ancient Oracles, was to regain immorality so I wouldn’t have to ponder such awful questions! 

And yet… I thought of Emmie and Josephine renouncing immortality for each other. I thought of Calypso giving up her home, her powers, and eternal life for a chance to roam the world, experience love, and possibly enjoy the wonders of high school in Indiana. 

“Yes,” I found myself saying. “Yes, I would die for Meg McCaffrey.”  

And lastly but not least important:

When Apollo shared Meg’s curse, slipping into her mind and trying to save her: “I would share this burden with her, even if it kills me.” 

What saved us what a simultaneous thought: Meg/Apollo needs me. 

There we had Apollo, someone that, supposedly, only cared about himself, risking his life, his human life, to save his little but beloved friend from madness and darkness. 

It’s a beautiful moment, more so for those of us that adore Apollo since before the PJO books. It’s a beautiful character development from the fuckboy we saw in Titan’s Curse; it’s a beautiful character development from the god that we met in the first TOA book, the god that could only feel annoyance towards Meg.

“Let the girl go,” I whimpered through the pain. “Kill me and let her go.” 

I surprised myself. These were not the last words I had planned. In the event of my death, I’d been hoping to have time to compose a ballad of my glorious deeds- a very long ballad. Yet here I was, at the end of my life, pleading not for myself, but for Meg McCaffrey.” 

  • The mention of other gods through the book: 

Apparently, gods have a weekly game night in Mount Olympus where Athena loves to gloat about her Scrabble scores. 

AND THIS SAVAGE LINES: (AKA: my cute, dorky ex-god being dorky as fuck)

“Ever since my famous battle with Python, I’ve had a phobia of scaly reptilian creatures. (Especially if you include my stepmother, Hera. BOOM!)

“I’ve always found spiders fascinating creatures, despite what Athena thinks. If you ask me, she’s just jealous of their beautiful faces. BOOM!” 

This important, yet short part: 

Leto knelt at Zeus’ side, her hands clasped in prayer. Her bronze arms glowed against her white sundress. Her long golden hair zigzagged down her back in an elaborate ladder weave. 

“Please, my lord!” She implored. “He is your son. He has learned his lesson!”

“Not yet,” Zeus rumbled. “His real test is yet to come.” 

I laughed and waved. “Hi, mom! Hi, dad!” 

There we have a glimpse of Leto being concerned over Apollo’s fate and we see that she cares. Zeus is, as always, being shady as fuck, and Apollo is super cute while hallucinating and being under the effect of the waters of Mnemosyne and Lethe. 

  • Apollo realizes how hard some demigods have it: 


“I’m new to these heroic-quest business. Shouldn’t there be a reward at the end? Not just more deadly quests?”

“Nope,” Leo said. “This is pretty standard.” 

My sweet, innocent Lester seems to forget that when he was Apollo, as a god, he never cared much for the quests he made demigods go through. 

“I wondered if demigods ever felt the need to restrain themselves when facing ungrateful gods like this. No. Surely not. I was special and different. And I deserved better treatment.” 

Had Percy Jackson been there, he would’ve written a gigantic thesis statement with a power-point presentation about how wrong Apollo was. 

Also, this part: 

“I knelt next to him- a boy of about sixteen, my mortal age. I felt no pulse. I didn’t know whose side he had fought on, but that didn’t matter. Either way, his death had gone to waste. I had begun to think that perhaps demigod lives were not as disposable as we gods liked to believe.” 

Finally, at the moment of war, Apollo realizes how easy it is for a mortal to die. And most times, demigods die because of the gods. 

  • The part where they find out Georgina might be Apollo’s daughter: 

The whole scene, though the most painful part was when Emmie asked if it was payback for having renounced to his gift of immortality: 

“I hadn’t known I could feel any worse, until I did. I really hate that about the mortal heart. It seems to have an infinite capacity of getting heavier. 

“Dear Emmie,” I said. “I would never. Even on my worse days, when I’m destroying nations with plague arrows or putting together set lists for Kidz Bop compilations, I would never take revenge in such a way…” 

That shows that he was a good god, even if he murdered and punished people, he had some kind of morality. He knew where his boundaries went: like when he mentioned that he flirted with the Hunters, but that he would never dare to go any further than that. 

Had it been Zeus, he would’ve raped them already; and canonically, on mythology, I’ve never read about any case of Apollo raping anyone. 

  • Also, I really liked that Rick added certain parts that showed that our actions, as mortals, are what define us and that, once we take one wrong decision, we cannot pray for better things when it is us that fuck things up. 

I’ve heard so many people complain that their prayers were never answered, that their God never helped them. They don’t seem to realize that God cannot help us if we don’t help ourselves first. 

It’s shown here: 

“Don’t blame me for you robbing the king’s treasury!” I snarled. “You are here because you messed up.” 

“I prayed to you!” 

“Well, perhaps you didn’t pray for the right thing at the right time!” I yelled. “Pray for wisdom before you do something stupid! Don’t pray for me to bail you out after you follow your worst instincts!” 

Apollo’s son, Trophonius, made wrong choices all his life, and when it came back to him, he wanted his father to miraculously save him. It doesn’t work like that, God/gods cannot help if we try to make them fix our whole lives. 

  • The way they temporarily defeated Commodus. (I found extremely pretty the way Apollo’s real form was revealed) (Finally we had an explanation as to why gods’ real forms are deadly to mortals: they’re pure light.)
  • The second chance Apollo gave Lityerses. “Everything alive deserves a chance to grow.
  • Lityerses sobbing when Emmie said he could be part of their family. 
  • All the “lit” jokes. And the commode ones too. 
  • “The two bumped fists as if they hadn’t spent the last few days talking about how much they wanted to kill each other. They would’ve made fine Olympian gods.” 
  • Little Georgina’s words to Apollo. How he told her he was there for her if she wanted to talk. How he was concerned about her, even if he was not sure if she was his daughter. 
  • You’ve built something good here, Hemithea.” I said. “Commodus could not destroy it. You’ll restore what you’ve lost. I envy you.” 

Everywhere he goes, Apollo seems to crave home. Not Olympus. Home, as in: a place where he’d feel loved and safe. In the 1st book, he wanted to stay in Camp with his children, now there, he admits that he craved the lovely home, the safe environment that they created at the Waystation. 

“It all felt so homey and cozy, I wanted to volunteer to wash dishes if it meant getting to stay another day.” 

  • Apollo trying to fix what he did to Agamethus by offering to go to the Underworld once he became a god again, to ask Hades to send him to Elysium. 
  • “Never underestimate the healing power of music.” 
  • Lit staying in the Waystation. 
  • Apollo mentioning that he believed in second chances, and that he could understand Lit since they had things in common- being attractive being one of those things. 
  • Apollo’s talking arrow only speaking bad Shakespearean English. 
  • Being productive. Urgh.Same, Apollo, same. 
  • The whole choo-choo scene, I don’t now why but I really really loved that part. 

I must’ve missed many points, but this was already very long. In general, I really loved The Dark Prophecy, and I recommend everyone to read it as soon as they can! It is honestly so, so good. As good as the first one, I cannot wait for The Burning Maze


subject to change: currently the track list on the amazon page is as follows:

 1. Prologue - Mark Ledbetter
 2. Bikini Bottom Day - Company
 3. No Control - Kelvin Moon Loh
 4. BFF - Ethan Slater
 5. When the Going Gets Tough - Nick Blaemire
 6. (Just a) Simple Sponge - Ethan Slater
 7. Daddy Knows Best - Emmy Raver-Lampman
 8. Hero is My Middle Name - Lilli Cooper
 9. Super Sea Star Savior - Sardines
 10. Tomorrow Is - Company
 11. Poor Pirates - Pirates
 12. Bikini Bottom Boogie - L'ogan J'ones
 13. Chop to the Top - Lilli Cooper
 14. (I Guess I) Miss You - Ethan Slater
 15. I’m Not a Loser - Sea Anemones
 16. Best Day Ever - Lilli Cooper
 17. Finale: Bikini Bottom Day Reprise - Company
 18. SpongeBob SquarePants Theme - Company  

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Tadashi headcanons please! I beg of you! (I love your writing by the way ahh)

dont touch me im still not over this cinnamon roll.
here are some pre-relationship headcanons aaa

-Imagine Tadashi having slight difficulty admitting to himself that he’s falling for you. He’s afraid because ‘what if the feelings aren’t returned?’ and ‘What will Hiro think…?’. He’s also afraid of running what he does have with you, considering you’d been good friends ever since freshman year in High School.

-Imagine Hiro constantly teasing his older brother because he’s aware that Tadashi likes you. Tadashi has to bribe him(usually with money, sometimes gummy bears), on occasion so Hiro doesn’t tell you.

-Imagine Hiro purposefully inviting you over to his house so he can help you on your project, but in reality, he’s just doing it so he can try and get you with his brother.

-Imagine Tadashi buying you small things, like bookmarks that he thinks you’d like, pens because he knows you lose them like crazy, books, etc.

-Imagine Tadashi seeing you on the streets, trying to push back a blush and his surprise of seeing you outside of school,  as he walks up to you with a bright smile. “Hey, (Name)!” He’d say, his voice cracking near the end.

-Imagine Tadashi bringing you a cup of coffee every morning, because he’s memorized what you like. He does this because he knows it makes you happy, and he wants that. He wants to make you happy.

-Imagine him getting slightly jealous at the mere sight of you talking to another male student. He knows he shouldn’t get jealous, because you’re not in a relationship with him, but he can’t help himself.

-Imagine him staring at you for too long while you’re talking about your project, and he doesn’t realize he’s staring until you bump into him playfully, asking, “What do you think?” and in that moment, Tadashi has to scavenge his brain for an an answer because you nearly knocked the wind out of him.

-Imagine Tadashi looking at you from inside his lab without realizing he’s doing so. He snaps back into reality, and he has to pep talk himself back into his own work, so he doesn’t watch you all day.

-Imagine him giving you his jacket to wear during the day when the heater goes out in the lab(thanks to GoGo and Honey who were experimenting a new project).

-Imagine an umbrella coming over your head, and Tadashi giving you a warm smile, asking, “Did you forget yours at home?” Blushing, you only nod and he snuggles himself beside you so his umbrella was shielding both of you. “I’ll walk you home then, so you don’t get soaked.”

-Imagine walking in on him testing Baymax, and he admits his feelings for you to the robot, unaware that you were actually at the door, listening to the entire thing.

-Imagine the look on his face when he finally does notice you standing in the door way, and with a jolt, he’s quick to defend himself, while rubbing the back of his neck, “Y-you didn’t hear any of that did you?” Tadashi mumbles softly, as you nod. He murmurs something under his breath, but you can’t hear it, and before you can say anything to him, he’s looking up at you with dark, brown eyes, “Guess there’s no point in trying to defend myself here… I-I really, really like you… I mean, I have for years but you’ve always been the one thing I could never see myself actually having because you’re so…” He swallows softly,” you’re so beautiful… And funny, and cute… and-and…”

-Imagine slowly shutting the door to his lab with a crooked smile, your heart beat increasing at his previous words as you laugh slightly, “I wish you’d have told me all this sooner. I’ve… I’ve really liked you, ever since High School.”

y’all: how dare rick riordan forget about grover underwood. we want wlw in the riordan-verse

the dark prophecy: grover underwood is going to be a major character again and here are two lesbian moms who run a house for wayward kids and raise griffins together

y’all: …

y’all: so anyway how about we talk about solangelo instead and bitch and whine more about how rick riordan forgot about grover underwood and is the sole cause for the lack of wlw representation in the fandom

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can you do a tadashi one shot? he asked you out and it's the first date and maybe a kiss at the end of the date (they knew were friends before started dating). sorry if it's not too specific i don't really have anything else to add..xxx


Originally posted by girlmadeofjade

Title: November Walks.
Pairing: Tadashi Hamada x Female!Reader.
Words: 1735.
Rating: K. (WAY FLUFFY )

“Thanks for dinner.” You grinned at Tadashi as you walked passed him, out the door of the small restaurant. You weren’t downtown, making the ability to walk around and talk without shouting over the sound of traffic and other people easier. “And dessert too.” You added on quickly and gave him a cutesy smile.

“Thanks for coming with me.” Tadashi retorted and felt the heat on the tip of his ears. He began walking, reaching behind you and pressing his warm hand against the small of your back. A silent ‘follow me’ sort of gesture. “I had a lot of fun. I didn’t know you liked me enough to go on a date with me.” This amazed you. For as confident as he strolled around to be, he still had insecurities. He still had flaws, and you felt privileged to see them and to experience them this evening.

What you wanted to say was, ‘You’ve no idea how much I like you. Now, kiss me, you fool’, but the romantic inside of you wasn’t breaking free, at least for now as you nodded and looked down at your feet, trying to focus on anything that wasn’t his hand cupping your back. “I didn’t know you liked me either. It was a bit of a surprise. I mean, obviously, I know you liked me because we’re friends, but romantically I guess, I mean… I didn’t know you like, like me.”

Tadashi laughed, tossing his head back as he did. It was a deep, but yet strikingly soft sound in the air. He was hat-less this evening, and his hair followed and bounced with his movement. You could feel your fingers twitch, wondering what it may have felt like to run your hands through his hair. “You sound like my brother. ‘Do you like, like her? Or just like?’ He asked me that while I was getting ready.” Tadashi composed himself and swallowed, gazing down at you, “Honestly, he helped me get dressed for tonight. I’m not the best at choosing my own clothes, especially for dates because I’ve only even been on like… one.” He admitted quietly. “If I had my way all the time, I guess I’d wear just a t-shirt and comfy pants.”

“There’s nothing quite like comfy pants.” You sighed dreamily.

He nodded in agreement, leading you down the street. It was such a secure feeling, having him beside you, and having him hold onto you as if he was afraid of something happening to you. In all retrospect, in a city like San Fransokyo, it was uncertain was nighttime could hold, but having Tadashi with you made things feel certain.

The air was brisk, to the point where if you breathed in deeply enough, it would sting the inside of your nostrils. Every breath that rolled from your parted lips was evident in the chilly air. The sky was hued a dark purple mixed with an even darker blue, almost giving off the impressions of being completely black. In the very near distance, was the light of downtown San Fransokyo, a city that never seemed to go without some sort of luminance. It was one of those things that kept the city so youthful, and so lively. In the wafting air was a unique mixture of fallen tree leaves, leaves clinging desperately to the tree limbs, sea salt water and the lingering scent of Tadashi’s cologne. It was a very subtle smell, and had been all evening. It was obvious that he wasn’t the sort of guy to dowse himself in it, making it unbearably overpowering. It was perfect, but you tried to not dwindle on those thoughts for long as Tadashi bumped into you.

“You okay?” You must have looked blank faced, if you were spacing out thinking about how he smelt. On the contrary, now, you were pink cheeked and flustered at the sudden question. But, the underlying fact that he had asked you if you were alright made your heart flutter excitedly inside of your chest. It was the sort of flutter that made you weak to the knees, but you managed to stay sound and nodded your head as a chilly breeze rushed through the air.

A shudder dripped down your spine when you caught eyes with him. They were dark, like chocolate, but something behind sparkled and almost gave the impression of being more honey-like. “Yeah, I’m okay.” You finally replied to him, watching as his face switched from that of mild concern to a warm smile. That was something he gave a lot of people, but at this second, it seemed as though the smile meant more than previous attempts. It was personal, the corners of his lips curling ever so gently, slight creases around his eyes as he shuffled beside you and plucked his usual olive green jacket off his shoulders and draped it over yours.

“Here,” He chuckled, the sound resonating in your ears, if you’re cold, I can walk you home if you want. I didn’t mean to take a detour through Golden Gate.” That was something you hadn’t noticed. That you were even in a park. If he hadn’t mentioned, you’d have thought you were still walking down the street, as your attention and mind were pulled by Tadashi, you weren’t thinking about much else.

“We can keep walking. I’m having fun.” A few leaves had fallen off a tree to the left and drifted through the air between the two of you.

Tadashi smiled and began walking once again, his hand remaining on the small of your back despite his jacket now being snug on your shoulders.

This entire moment was perfect, and felt like a distant memory from inside of a dream. And, who’s to say that it wasn’t? That you hadn’t dreamt of something so perfect before? You were almost sure that you had, and this was just a reminder that dreams are obtainable. Your heart was beating roughly in your chest at the thought of what could happen next. Everything this evening had already been more than you expected, from him picking you up, to the two of you walking the city, to dinner, and then, to this moment here. Walking side by side in Golden Gate Park.

“My parents used to bring us here,” Tadashi finally spoke up, sliding his free hand into his pocket despite the temptation to hold yours. “Hiro and I. We used to visit the Japanese Tea Garden all the time when we were kids, it was one of my favorite places. Hiro was too young, I think to really… admire it. He’d always just run around, because to him it was just another place.”

“I stop by after school some times,” Tadashi gave you a charming grin, “If I have time. It’s really nice in March and April. That’s when the cherry blossoms start blooming. It’s beautiful.”

“I think it’s really beautiful right now.” You clasped your hands in front of you and looked around. “With the trees changing color and all…”

“I know something that’s prettier though.” Tadashi hummed, as if more to himself as another chill of cold air ran passed the two of you. You stared up at him, curious as to what he could be talking about, but the moment you opened your mouth to ask, he was twisting towards you and cupped your cheek with the hand that was once on your back. The sudden movement caught you off guard subsequently leaving you rather breathless as he looked into your eyes. The dim light of the park lights illuminated his face, striking off his high cheekbones, and tracing the outline of his lips which were now only a few inches away from making contact with your own. His eyebrows were arched upwards, as if he was surprised by his own sporadic movement, and his eyes were wide with curiosity and adoration. There was no doubt in your mind at this very moment, that Tadashi Hamada was one of the most beautiful people, inside and out, that you had the privilege to know. And though many people knew this about him, Tadashi had chosen you.

“What’s prettier?” Strange, you thought, you knew the answer to this but still found yourself lacking the courage to actually ask in a voice higher than a whisper. Your breath escalated onto his face, a for a brief second, Tadashi shut his eyes. You watched his eyelashes tickle his high cheekbones as he hauled you closer to him, this time, by wrapping both his arms around your waist.

His body heat was off the charts, lightly pressing against your skin through the fabric of the loose black dress you had chosen to wear that evening. His hands stayed chaste, resting above the small of your back and coaxing you to relax against him. You had no nerve, nor any want to do anything otherwise, and so, with a deep breath, you sank against him and bit your bottom lip, still awaiting an answer from the tall male.

“You.” Was his reply. It was simple, quiet, but the way he said it, leaning inwards for a kiss, made it seem like he was shouting it. Before your lips made contact with his, you raised your hands and cupped the sides of his face. It was warm under your fingertips as you trailed them upwards to cup around his ears. The dark hair there was tickling at your touch as he pressed his mouth against you, ever so gently. To say that it was a kiss wouldn’t be completely correct, as it was more of a graze. Tadashi did linger though, resting his forehead against yours as he bashfully admitted, “I’m not so good at the whole kissing thing. Last girl I kissed, I was 15, I ended up with a bloody nose and it was just a mess and I-”

“Shhh…” You laughed quietly, stepping onto your tippy toes and blessing Tadashi with a small kiss to his nose. He was blushing, but it was still hard to see in the lighting of the park. “It was really nice…”

“I should have asked you if you wanted to,” Tadashi murmured and held you close to him, “I’m sorry, I really should hav-”

“Do you always talk this much between kisses?” You teased and brushed back some of his hair.

“Only with the pretty girls…” He teased back, understanding what you wanted as he leaned back in for another kiss.

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Emmys: ‘Homeland’ Hero Rupert Friend Revisits Quinn’s Sacrifice
'Homeland' fan favorite Rupert Friend discusses Peter Quinn's full journey in our latest Emmy Talk.

Today marks the day we give RF an honorary HYH member hat. Because he, too, has been stirring the pot since 2013.

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impromptu tadashi headcanons gO

  • Tadashi has the tendency of biting his nails when he’s nervous/stressed.
    • He’s been working on it, and doesn’t do it as much as he did when he was younger.
      • But still, occasionally will.
        • Hiro does the same thing and Tadashi gets on his case when he catches his younger brother biting them.
  • Always feels the pang of sadness hit his heart when Cass stares at him because he knows exactly what she’s thinking.
    • “You look so much like your father”.
  • Prefers the morning time, over any other time of the day.
    • Though, he does like to sleep in every once and a while, he’s most productive during the morning times.
      • While working on Baymax, and working through the night, he relied on coffee, caffeine and sugar to get him through productively.
  • Likes to sing.
    • A lot.
      • Usually in the shower, and though Hiro tells him to stop, Tadashi actually has a really nice voice.
        • Sings under his breath while at school.
          • Used to sing Hiro to sleep when he’d wake up from nightmares.
  • Sleeps on his tummy.
    • One arm tucked beside him and the other sprawled out.
      • Legs are either straight or sprawled out. Usually sprawled out and tangled in the blankets.
        • Snores sometimes, but not all the time. Depends how deep asleep he is.
  • Has been known to fall asleep in computer desk chairs.
    • Especially at school.
      • Head thrown back, mouth agape, arms either crossed on his chest or dangling.
        • Usually snoring in this position.
          • Fred has recorded him and is saving it as blackmail footage.
  • Is good at baking, but not so much at cooking.
    • He’s helped Cass and the Cafe for so long, and had gotten quite skilled at baking goods like cookies and muffins, but when it comes down to cooking an actual meal, he lacks experience.
      • can make really good Mac N’ Cheese though, as he used to make it for himself and Hiro when they were little, and while Cass was busy in the Cafe.

I’ll never get tired of saying it: there is nothing I love more than seeing the artists who inspire me be rewarded for their talents and hard work. As I’m sure most of you know by now, RuPaul Charles won the Emmy this weekend when the Academy of Television handed out the Creative Arts categories. What an incredible achievement! I not only applaud @rupaulofficial for his amazing work but also the Television Academy for finally honoring him and being open to recognizing a program like RuPaul’s Drag Race. In his over 35 year career, RuPaul has been a pioneer in TV along with being a supermodel, author, recording artist (if you are looking for the perfect workout music, I suggest RuPaul), actor, drag performer, comedian, producer, and motivational, mogul mama. I realize that some people do not understand or respect drag entertainment, in any of its forms; however, I hope that one day it will be universally recognized for its artistry and the irreplaceable role it has played in storytelling. While it requires certain senses of humor to enjoy, it’s not worthy of the ridicule it receives. Drag performers are incredibly talented artists who are keeping a tradition coined by Shakespeare himself alive. But there’s so much more to these performers than their aesthetics or sexual orientations. Not only has RuPaul worked his whole career to create opportunities for other drag artists but he is an inspiration to ALL people to be accepting of others AND theirselves. His beloved quote, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” has gotten me through many tough times. RuPaul inspires us to be compassionate, confident, and creative people. He has introduced me to so many amazing people who, along with himself, have shaped so much of who I am as a person and artist. Congragulations, Mama Ru on snatching that trophy! Thank you for all that you do to make the world a better place.

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Tadashi gets all dressed up in a suit and needs the your help with his tie, because his dad wasn't around to show him how and he left his phone (with his old friend Google) at home so he wouldn't get distracted. I'm glad you're feeling better btw! <3

hhhhnnnn this made me really giddy and idk why. uwu probably bc i miss writing for my cinnamon roll. 

Title: Knotted.
Pairing: Tadashi Hamada x reader.
Words: 589.
Rating: K.

Growling under his breath in a deep fashion, Tadashi looked up and let his brown eyes settle on the reflection of his hands bundled with the red fabric of his tie, hoping that using a mirror would be an easier way to tie the tie, rather than looking down awkwardly. He could feel the knots in his neck from at least 15 minutes straight looking down, trying desperately to tie the tie in the way that Cass told him it was done. But, he messed up. More than once as well, and he tried every combination of the steps that Cass had exclusively told him to remember, but still, couldn’t get it tied. He’d pat his pants and check on his phone, perhaps youtubing several videos, but he didn’t have his phone, as it was date night with you, and phones were off limits. He growled again, though this one was more frustration as he kicked his leg out. Letting his dominant left hand reach up, he grasped a handful of his hair and tugged softly. Out of all things you can do, you can’t freakin’ tie a tie. He snapped at himself.

Popping his mouth, Tadashi contemplated asking you to tie it for him, but he was worried that it would seem weird that he couldn’t do it himself, that he had Cass tie all of his ties since the day his parents passed away. Hiro constantly teased him about it, but even then, the youngest Hamada had difficulty tying them as well. With a small sigh of defeat, Tadashi hung the red fabric around his neck loosely, pressing his hands to the bathroom door and almost sulking back to your bedroom, “Hey, (Name).” He said, walking in and catching hold of your semi-nude back.

The dark ruby dress that was on your body was backless, but covered enough of you to tease Tadashi’s young mind. The front was a bit more modest, and he felt himself relax slightly as you turned to face him, “Hey, babe. Just gotta get my shoes on and then I’ll be… ready…. Are you okay?” Tilting your head to the side, you neared your lover and tugged the tie away from his neck. “Are you feeling okay?” You were genuinely concerned when he let his puppy dog eyes flicker to his shoes, admiring the darkness of them before shrugging his shoulders. “Tadashi, what is it?” You pressed on, feeling the silkiness of the tie slip between your fingers.

He hesitated as you began tying the fabric into place, a small lump forming in his throat, “I. Thanks… I don’t know how to tie… My dad was never around to show me.” He cleared his throat and looked to the side with sullen eyes, “Cass helped me with it for the longest time…”

Nodding in understanding, you raised your eyebrows as you tightened it around his thick, muscular neck, “You don’t need to be ashamed, ‘Dashi. It’s common, especially in younger men…” You weren’t sure what else to say, for the subject of his parents was hit and miss with Tadashi, and even more so with Hiro. Some days, it was okay, but some days were worse, and even speaking about it was painful like a burning sensation at the back of your throat. “I love you, Tadashi. Whether you can tie a tie, or not. It doesn’t make you any less of a man…”

“Thanks, (Name).” He picked his head up as you pecked his warm lips soothingly, “I love you too.”

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is that CHANDLER RIGGS? no, that’s JONATHAN 'JON' KENT. (he) used to be known as SUPERBOY but now (he) (is) just a STUDENT. if I’m not mistaken HE (is) SIXTEEN and (he) (was) AGAINST the hero ban. (emmie/she/her/18/utc+2)

❛WELCOME TO STAR CITY, EMMIE!! Remember to check out our RULES & CHECKLIST before sending in your account. You have TWENTY-FOUR HOURS or your role will be reopened. Feel free to let us know if you need an extension!!!❜ 

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Tadashi being super adorable and cute when you're taking care of your new born? Thank you :)

“Aaaa booboboboboooo.” Tadashi uttered and pressed a warm kiss to his newborn. She shrilled as her father’s face drew closer, kicking out her small legs as held her tightly. “Let’s go get you some milk, mmm?” He chuckled softly, holding her carefully as he stepped into the kitchen and flicked the light on slowly. He breathed in slowly, feeling the cool of the night hit his bare skin as the clock on the wall deemed a bright and early ‘4:25 AM”. “Right on time.” He said more to himself and cradled Hana in his arm. “It’s like you know I’m the one who’ll be getting up, so you intentionally get up half an hour earlier than you do with (Name).” He said to her, knowing fully well she couldn’t understand.

She whined and lifted her arms up, grasping Tadashi’s shirt. “oh, no, no…” He whispered, “Don’t cry… We don’t wanna wake mommy…” Tadashi bit his bottom lip hard and rocked her back and forth as a soft sob left her mouth. He readjusted Hana and held her against his warm body, cradling her head securely. “We don’t wanna wake mommy.” He repeated in a gentle voice, maneuvering around the kitchen with ease as he plucked one of her bottles from the fridge and sat it in the warm water on the stove to heat it up. “I bet she’s a lot faster at this than I am.” Tadashi laughed gently, noting how Hana fussed slightly in his arms, as if to tell him that he was right.

“You’re lucky I am a master at making bottles though,” Tadashi looked at the bottle and waited for it to warm up. “When I first met your mom, I tried to impress her by cooking her dinner. That didn’t end up so well, so we ended up having take out, and now, every year on our anniversary, that’s what we have. She loves Orange Chicken. Like, I’ve never seen a girl eat so much of that before but that’s one of the things that makes her… Perfect.” Tadashi’s voice drew to a slow close, “Maybe, you’ll inherit that from her… I mean, you’re already perfect but it’d be pretty cool to have a daughter who can slaughter down two pounds of Orange Chicken.” He laughed quietly, the sound echoing through the kitchen as Hana looked at Tadashi with large, brown eyes that almost mirrored his own dark orbs.

“Here,” he picked the bottle up and tested the temperature on his wrist. “Perfect.” He grinned to himself, unaware of your body leaning against the kitchen doorway. Sitting down carefully, Tadashi pressed the bottle to Hana’s mouth, who accepted the food without a second thought. Her left hand was snuggled in Tadashi’s shirt, the other cupped at the slightly exposed nipple of the bottle. She mewled, satisfaction running through Tadashi’s body. “That’s good, yeah?”

“Mornin’, love.” You managed to say, your heart beating wilding in your chest as you gazed upon the two most important things in your life. “I didn’t even hear her cry, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, (Name).” Tadashi smiled cutely at you, the smile that made you realized you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him. “I don’t mind getting up if it means you get to sleep in a bit. You deserve sleep.”

You sleepily made your way to the table and sat down next to Tadashi, Hana’s attention now on you as she disregarded the bottle in front of her face. Your eyes dropped to her as she looked at you, longingly. “Hi, sweetie.” Your voice was loving and light in the early morning air. She cooed at you for a few seconds, her brown eyes admiring your familiar features and her dark, near ebony hair framing her small face. Her eyes flickered up to Tadashi for a brief glance as her mouth attached onto the nipple of the bottle as Hana focused on getting some breakfast. “We did a good job, Tadashi.” You whispered, your love perking up and looked at you with adoring eyes.

He nodded in agreement and murmured almost flirtatiously, “You sure know how to cook, mama.”

“I sure do.” You said cockily, something that made Tadashi chuckle in amusement. “I can’t take all the credit, she looks an awful lot like you, Mr. Hamada.”

He looked down at her, the thought of resemblance never occurring to him, as she had your personality, something that drew him and everyone else in. “She does, huh…? She looks like you too, I mean, have you seen her smile? Stunning.”

You felt the heat of a small blush attack your face as you waved your hand dismissively, “We can agree that we both did an amazing job.”

That we did…” He whispered and bit his bottom lip. “We’ll do an amazing job on the next one too.”


“You didn’t think you’d get away with just one, did cha?” Tadashi looked at Hana, her eyes growing slightly heavy as she tried desperately to stay awake in his warm arms.

You threw your head back in a chuckle and shook your head no, “I want another too. Let’s just rest for a couple of years.”

“Imagine how excited Cass is going to be when we do have another.”

“She almost suffocated me in a death grip hug when we told her the news of Hana.” You teased and sat back in the chair. “I don’t want to imagine the next one just yet.”

“Wear like 6 layers, otherwise you may come out with a broken rib.”

“It was admittedly better than when I told you. I thought I turned you into a statue and I’d have to keep you out in the garden for the rest of my life.” You said with a cackle.

“You were leaning over the toilet, throwing up when you told me, ‘I’m pregnant.’. I was scared, I didn’t know what to do.” He defended himself, “But, c’mon. I’d look good in our garden. I  have the body for it.”

You rolled your eyes playfully and scooted closer, wrapping your fingers in your baby’s thick hair, something she had gotten from Tadashi. “That you do. I think Hiro’s reaction is still the best. He can’t even look at me straight in the face anymore.”

“You,” Tadashi imitated Hiro, “and (NAME)? TADASHI, DON’T YOU KNOW WHAT CAUSES BABIES?” Tadashi let a soft puff of a laugh leave his mouth.

“Can’t believe we got the talk from a 16 year old.”