emmy for her please

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My gooosh Melissa and Norman KILLED it last night. And to know that they cried for real during their reunion gets me emotional. Melissa brings the best out of him, he's so good with stuff when he films with her. And last night proved again how close they are. If this did not make you emotional then I don't know. They are absolutely amazing together. Side note: even though it's a Norman blog can they please give Melissa her long deserved Emmy after tonight? They both acted the hell outta it!

I didn’t get emotional all, are you saying there is something wrong with me anon 😫😫😫😫 why are you so mean……kidding I thought it was nice not sure if that means emotional are not. I don’t have any control of Emmys and if I did it would be a whole different animal, think  Island of Dr.Moreau weird. 🤗🤗