you’re still here. i want you to find someone better, but you claim there is no one else you’d rather love. people just don’t want the things that we do. i tell you the truth and nothing but the truth. if i’m stripped of the poetry, would you still love my muteness? take away the art, could you still figure out the shapes of my thoughts? we count the i love you’s. maybe we’re both scared to get lost. you’re as weird as i am. they say that opposites attract– that’s a lie. we’re quite similar, you and i. my big brother says that money shouldn’t be the reason why someone loves you. so when you said that if we’re broke together, you’d still love me. i count my blessings, and you’re one of them. you weren’t crafted origamis and angel dust, but some days you feel like it to me. you’re still here even when i tell you to go. you still love even when i tell you no. what is it about me that keeps you around? modern day relationships are strange. texting have replaced writing love letters. we search for different versions of who we could be with lovers. you spend the whole day painting, i like that about you. i’m still learning about myself. i buy books, but i’ve only read a few. it’s better to have a library, i’ve learned to do things just to say that i’ve done it. if i speak this shit into existence, then it’ll be real some day. you’re still here. you’re still here. do you think that we’ll last? life is so short, what if your true love is just down the street? by choosing to love me, you’re missing opportunities to love that guy who’ll potentially change you forever. am i the person in your heart? when you use a paintbrush and your fingers can’t connect to your idea of a masterpiece, do i spark your creativity? forever is an idle metaphor nowadays. i can write myself to sleep, i can change tomorrow– how certain are you about me? i know that i’m not perfect, but you still look at me like i am. you know my flaws and my bad habits– why then do you choose to stay? is it like why i can’t explain my need to write? like a warm fireplace inside of my soul– is it your calling to believe in me? you’re still here. you’re still here and i don’t know why. i’m just glad that you are.