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Emmit Stussy & Ray Stussy, Fargo S03E01 “The Law of Vacant Places”

The stamp shows Sisyphus rolling an immense boulder up a hill (only to watch it come back to hit him, repeating this action for eternity). The third episode in S2 Fargo was titled “The myth of Sisyphus” referencing a book by Albert Camus.

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v a u d e v i l l e

it’s about time i made a proper character poster eh? ahh uhhh, if you care in the slightest if you’re curious from left to right is Emmit, Merri, and Jasper. Welcome to Vaudeville


Fargo creator Noah Hawley prepared Ewan for the roles of the 2010-set Season 3′s warring siblings, the Stussy brothers. “I told him to eat ice cream at every meal for 3 months”, Hawley says. “He told me he’d been waiting 20 years for a director to tell him that”.

Most of all, though, Fargo’s creator concludes with a laugh, season 3 will take place “ in a universe in which Ewan McGregor isn’t as handsome as he thinks he is”. Nevertheless, we’re expecting him to steal the show. Twice.

by Phil De Semlyen for Empire 

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1. Cross My Mind - A R I Z O N A

2. Falling Faster - Andrew Ripp

3. French Class - BLAJK

4. Fall In Love - Barcelona

5. Six Feet Under - Billie Eilish

6. Closer - Cape Cub

7. Your Shirt - Chelsea Cutler

8. Young - Cosmos Creature

9. We’ve Been Dreaming - Echotape

10. Blinded - Emmit Fenn

11. Promises - Handsome Ghost

12. Be Yourself - Harrison Storm

13. Heartbreak - Jake Bossi

14. This Is Why I Need You - Jesse Ruben

15. Oh Lover - Joe Flowers

16. Cinnamon - Jome

17. Different Kind of Love - Kid Runner

18. Give Me Something To Love - Kid Runner

19. Hey Child - Korbee

20. Walk Away - Lany

21. Breathe - Lauv

22. The Story Never Ends - Lauv (Piano Ver.)

23. Gravity - Leo Stannard x Frances

24. I Just Wanna Love You - The Librarians

25. All Again - Marcus Alexander

26. Shadow Light - Martin Luke Brown

27. Bayou - Mountains By The Moon

28. Slow Down - New Coast

29. Young Blood - Noah Kahan

30. Better Days - Old Sea Brigade

31. One and Only - Royal Tongues

32. Where’s My Love - SYML

33. People I Love - Sick Individuals feat. Stevie Appleton

34. Crash - Trella

35.Other Side - VACAY

36. Drive (Oh Wonder Cover) - Valley

37. Swim- Valley

38. For You - WILD

39. Silver Gold - WILD

40. Bare - WILDES