Dean heard the door to his cell block being opened. Another prisoner moved into here. New company, a new victim that can be harassed. At leats it meant that he and his brother might be off their list. Maybe now they were left in peace, no more fights.

He closed his eyes, trying to tune out all the noise; the whistles, the calls, the the rattling against the barrs.

The sliding of his cell door made him look up. To say he was surprised at what he saw was an understatement.

A girl was pushed through by the guard that had been holding her at her arm. He roughly turned her, so that he could uncuff her.

„Easy there. I’m a laday after all,“ she said at little agravated, well, actually a lot.

„You’re anything but that,“ the guard sneered, which emmited a cocky smile from you.

After the cell door closed again and the guard told everyone to calm down, the girl turned around. Dean was still staring at her incredulously. She didn’t seem to find it odd, instead she took a step towards him, waving a warning finger in fornt of his face.

„Don’t you dare try and do anything or you will loose your most precious body part. I’m only warning you once.“

With that she climbed to the top bed and flung herself on it. But what shook Dean the most was the next thing she uttered.

„Here you are wanting to protect the people from being killed by their worst nightmares and how do they thank you? By throwing you into jail.“

„What did you just say?“

The Signs as Great Under-Rated Songs

Aries: Painting Greys-Emmit Fenn

Taurus: The Kid’s Aren’t Alright-Fall Out Boy

Gemini: Wild Horses- Bishop Briggs

Cancer: High by the Beach- Lana Del Rey

Leo: Pretty Hurts-Beyoncé

Virgo: Control- Halsey

Libra: House of Memories-Panic! at The Disco

Scorpio: Doubt-Twenty One Pilots

Aquarius: Ain’t No Use-Matt Woods

Sagittarius: Undercover- Selena Gomez

Capricorn: All Time Low-Jon Bellion

Pisces: Until the Last Falling Star-Matthew Perryman Jones

Even If He Did Do It: Emmit Till...Let’s Talk About It.

So the lady who Emmit Till reportedly whistled at finally admitted 96 years after the murder of Tilll that she lied about the situation. When the news came out folks rightfully expressed their anger on social media. All of that is fine and dandy, but it seemed like most people were more upset that she lied about the situation (which should have been obvious to everyone cause it was to me) than they are about the crime itself. Is it bad that she lied? Yes! But let’s not forget what crime took place. Last time I checked whistling at a woman of another race isn’t a crime. Not even in those days. Yes it was very frowned upon the mixing of two different races, but it wasn’t a written law that black people couldn’t flirt with white people. Just very dangerous to do so.With that being said IF Emmit Till did whistle at that white woman, would you still be mad at his murder or would you say “that’s what that color struck negro coon get for whistling at a white woman.” What “we” (we meaning you not me) need to be more mad at is the system that allowed these 5 grown men to walk away scott free for murdering a 14 year old boy because he reportedly whistling at a white woman who probably pointed him out cuz she had a hankering for some black dick. Upset with herself that she was not only lusting after some young dick, but some young BLACK dick. So I’m guessing she made up that story to project her anger on the innocent young man. Anyways, why she lied doesn’t matter to me. The simple fact that Emmit Till was MURDERED matters more to me. Not the fact that this lady lied. Even if he did whistle at her Emmit Till should STILL be alive today. 

What say you? 


Again the door was opened, sound of a bell ringed through the bar. It wasn’t as full as usually, a workday doesn’t bring it other than the usual drinkers. Even though the sight of the one to have opened this time the door was rather surprising.

“ Oho, look who the cat has dragged in. “ Her voice was quiet as she talked to her coworker. Blizzard was leaning against the counter, just like a guest she was enjoying a drink. A not so busy day didn’t exactly require her to work. And it’s not like a demon like her couldn’t hold her liqueur, so Snow had always been okay with serving her something. Putting her glass down, the red eyes studied the strangers at the door. 

And that was when Snows attention was drawn to the newcomers as well. Unlike the waitress he did not seem too happy about those. Not only because of the strong aura the taller one emmited. But also because of the small boy next to that man. 

“ Did someone get lost on their way, or why would I have the pleasure to have you enter this place? “

Need {Human!Castiel x Reader} oneshot

A/N: I have no clue where this came from.. Just total smut
Also since I typed this on my phone there’s probs tons of errors, so, sorry


His bare hips thrusted against the pillow mercilessly, low groans emmitting from deep in his throat.

 "Fuck, Y/N,“ he moaned, “feel so good,” he rasps, fists clenching the sheets. His hard cock slid against the material desperately, precum smearing across his throbbing length. His thighs were locked around the pillow, muscles straining to keep it from moving so he could easily rock his hips into it.

 He imagined that it was you underneath him, writhing and moaning his name as your breasts bounced with each thrust he gave. He craved to feel your soft, naked skin against his own, your fingers gripping his arms tightly to ground yourself as your eyes squeeze shut in ecstasy.

 Cas tipped his head back and growled out your name as he came against the pillow, hips quivering as his grinding lost its rhythm. He stayed like that for a while, eyes shut as he slowly caught his breath, sweat glistening against his tan skin. He let out a content sigh as he collapsed next to the pillow, heart pounding as he stared at the ceiling. One question clouding his mind:

 Just what the hell had he gotten himself into?


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So I know that Wilde Hopps is everyone’s new OTP and while I do ship it (a lot - A WHOLE LOT), I honestly think the realest OTP to come from Zootopia is these two. I mean, the Ottertons are so in love and so adorable and Mrs. Otterton’s desperation to find her husband is so real. I really love the Ottertons and I ship them so damn hard. So that’s my two cent on Zootopia and OTPs.

1 PERSON TAGGED ME: And it was the amazing @bjomolf

1. Last movie you watched:
Home. It was on netflix and I was super sick so I was like “Yeah I was interested in seeing this before” and so I watched it. Its pretty cute, got a pretty basic story line and some cute concepts, I laughed a few times, pretty predictable, but cute none the less.

2. Last song you listened to:  
Emmit Fenn - Painting Greys

3. Last book you read:
So I just picked up “The Southern Reach” trilogy in a nice big compact book.
I super fucking hate the protag so far and it sucks because she’s so god damn unlikeable, and it’s not even for reasons that I feel are justified.  Like she’s an exact replica of every single “Cold and analytical” male protag that you just wanna kick in the dick? Idk
BUT THE ACTUAL NARRATIVE AND WORLD BUILDING IS SO FUCKING RAD?? UGHI really hope things change for her a little bit, I want her to feel vulnerable, but like, she has just zero ‘real’ personality and its hard to empathize with her. I was legit feeling more empathy for her betrayer than her and I stopped for a moment like “Hmmm, that… does not bode well for be tryin to like you” but. We’ll see…
It’s a psychological horror so far and I’d super rec it but Im also only like 7 chapters in so??? More to come later??

4. The last thing you ate:
Taco Time’s Natural Soft Burrito. Im about to go eat cottage cheese and blueberries though :D

5. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be:
Idk actually.…Like I’d like to say I’d be in someplace impossible like Japan or India, but I think I’d just want to be on the beaches of Maine, at night under the stars and enjoy that nice warm Atlantic tide.
I’ve really been missing the beach lately…

6. Where would you time travel to:
100% wanna skip to like, 500 years into the future. See where we are as a species. Maybe that’s a little weird but I’d wanna just, like how are we advancing medically, socially, ecologically. Did we finally mend our differences, how are we doing in helping aid our fellow man? Are we worse off than ever, what have we accomplished.
Looking back is cool and all, and I know history would benefit from accurate accounts, but I think, I’d want to know if we ever changed. Even if I ended up disappointed, I’d still want to know. What is our legacy.

7. Fictional character you would hang out with for a day:
SUMMER. SUMMER SMITH. She’d be cool to just hang out and talk and maybe bus to the mall, but she’d have a lot of interesting shit to talk about. I think the best way someone put it was that she’s got the right amount of Rick, where she won’t take shit and goes with the flow, but enough of her parents to know when to draw the line and empathize with someone.
I’d say like there’s a bunch of characters that I would LOVE to chill with, but I think I’d either hate them IRL or they’d get pretty sick of my boring ass life if they met me and those expectations make me sad ;w;

8. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be:
Shit it’s one book.. I WAS GONNA SAY THE HARRY POTTER SERIES OR THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA (which I DO have in one solid book, so I COULD still use that >:3c)
I think Watership Down would be the on
House of Leaves would be the second choice though because there’s JUST SO MUCH to unpack that I think I’d get a lot more out of it so that would be the more logical choice. I want to say Watership down but I think if I could only read ONE over and over and over I’d want one that I could analyze to death and House of Leaves offers that…


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can i get a playlist for napstablook kin from undertale? i like really chill type music like troye sivan and the neighbourhood and just kind of indie/"hipster-y" i guess music,, thank you!!!

This Too Shall Pass by Danny Schmidt

Triangle Walks by Fever Ray

Afraid by The Neighbourhood

Ghost Tears by Unknown

Painting Greys by Emmit Fenn

Sad Machine by Porter Robinson

Miss You by Bo En

New Soul by Yael Naim

Ok by Madeon

Ghosting by Mother Mother

Spooky Kooky Night by Pile Of Napkins

Sleep Walk by Santo & Johnny Farina

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'Tump, tump, tump', Steven trotted down the stairs. Garnet just returned home from what looked like a really rough mission, based on how long she'd been gone and the sigh she emmitted when she laid on the couch. It was dark outside. Bringing a blanket, the boy crawled onto the her chest and snuggled up, covering the exhausted gem and himself. "Hey Garnet," he greeted cheerfully, yawning.

She was exhausted, honestly. Still, Garnet had done it. She’d beaten back a particularly nasty corrupted Gem, by herself she might add, and sent it back to the temple. Her body was scratched and bruised all over, but the wounds would heal. It was nothing she couldn’t handle.

When she made it over to the couch, Garnet sank down into the comfort it offered and heaved a sigh. Now it was time to relax. Steven probably wouldn’t be up for a while longer, so she had a chance to relax. That was what she thought, anyway. She heard his feet thumping against the wooden stairs, and soon he crawled onto her chest. The blanket he offered was covered over him and her, and a warm smile formed on her face.

“Howdy, Steven.”

“Sounds to me like you’re as tired as I am,” Garnet chuckled. She didn’t mind, though. He could sleep, and she could rest. That way, everything evened out.